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Boys love girls girls love boys boys love her. The girl was innocent, very naive, but
she was very happy! Perhaps there is a saying very Well! First love are often the best.
With girls and boys really happy, very happy, but also a little bit happy now! Although
girls and boys are far apart, each time only through the Internet or the phone to talk
about each other's feelings. Girls began to think that arise from the United
States, and perhaps regarded each other like well, maybe the other party to each other
again poorly it! But one thing is not to use "may" to measure,
that means that girls love boys. Day day by day goes by, so they could durability of
each other's loneliness? At least now the girls Rennai Zhu, and now girls,
no boys change of heart, still so love him, love is so deep scratch, then the re-
  Boys to girls to spend a lot of money each month, the money is not spent on buying
gifts, phone calls are used. Girls and boys are each called for a minute more than one
of money, after all, long distance it! Each girl is actually very distressed, but not
willing to hang the boy. Like always listening to his voice as the sleeping, do not
always wake up. Once the boy told the girl he had a month's phone bills by
more than 600 pieces. After listening to more distressed girl, let him feel well worth,
especially the guilt. Because girls think of boys working out, and wages are not high,
in addition to their monthly phone calls, even his own life, may think he had very bad.
Girls began to worry about his body, every phone call, will remind him:
"eat their own point, do not be saving less, to go online, eat on time every
day, their good points it! ... If no money on the do not call to me, I know you?
"the boy answered sometimes it does not care the words" ah
"" know. " Sometimes provocative, saying:
"I think you will call you, fool!" The girl heard this heart,
particularly happy, then she should just appreciate the taste of the so-called love it!
  Boys know that girls stomach, know that it will relapse at any time. Every time he
called the girl will remind her to take care of yourself, do not eat spicy fishy, not to
drink, those are not good on the stomach. Girls try to listen to his words, to prohibit
the consumption of them. After all, girls think that they can be sick, afraid of the
future would trouble him, and became his burden, cumbersome, and sometimes feel
very inferior. But do not hold anything against girls, boys, girls also comforting:
"Do not think you are sick I will care very much, do not you, I will not, I
will wait for you graduate. Nothing to me though, can not you now, what no, we still
have to let you and I suffer. put to me after you take care of you? "the girl
heard only silence on the phone side of tears. She was the boy's heart
deepened, girls love boys deeper!
  Girls school soon, and in school she was so lively, and even more happy every day
with her boy to her happy, spent in school 24 hours a day. Girls are like the boy every
day, sometimes thought of the boy to her class about a certain sentence interesting, it
would suddenly could not help but giggle out. Once she suddenly thought of a second
boy asked her: "You're opening up, and your class will play
with male students, and particularly pleased with it! Happy now!" Girls
know that boys as jealous of their own hearts as eating honey as it is happy. Day will
be her roommate, said: "A long crazy, and does not light it!"
Girls did not care how they say, or so all day grinning. Boys, girls also like to call
every day, but because of his heavy work every day, time is not very well, so ... good
girls want to do with his own happy to share; of an unhappy incident would also like
to tell him wanted his comfort, but good boys do not like girls with him to discuss
these. Girls aware of this point, so very little longer after he filed. She was afraid the
boy will not be happy, because she wants the boy happy!
  Can not last long, once the girl has no intention boys QQ, the "wife
group" in seeing another woman, was a little afraid. The next night when
the girl asked him, but he did not answer, nor any explanation to the girls. Girl was so
worried, "he began to have lost lonely? He began to not love me? He
knows I have his password, and why should I see? Why?" Girls did not
sleep that night, she In the other boy's phone, even if only a message 也好.
She would like to know the why, so she has been waiting for! May have not to wait
until she began quietly tears. Also picked up the phone hands down, not daring to
fight. She was flustered, and thought the boy was drunk, said the last sentence:
"I just play it for you." "Is really just for fun? Why
should I play? That in the end Why ah? **, Hello stupid , silly! he just play it for you,
then you are still really, really deserve their own! "the girl cried side, side v.
the spit. "No, no! He would not do this to me, perhaps he was too tired,
sleep, and tomorrow he will tell me, is more than I thought, surely yes!"
Girls started calm down, sit In the bed, the leaning against the wall, hands holding
legs. She was afraid the boy would call us, they will fall asleep! So she has not slept,
so she sat all night. She has been afraid of the dark, but in the pitch-dark night sat
night! Boys, girls first, boys for his tears, girls love him really good, good love, good
  From the night after the boys never looked for girls. Girl on the phone all day
looking for him, each hit in the past, the boy said he went online a big brother, the
girl's heart began to cold. One night call girls to find him, his eldest brother
told the girl: "He is not and you go to the Internet yet? You find him
ah?" Desperate girl hung up the phone, "how could that be?
This how can ah? I School ah! how could deceive him ... he is such a big brother? He
really changed our hearts for it? this is true? "the girl cried again! Weeping
  Every day before the girl and her roommate about his good, to tell them what she
and the boy, and they share his own pleasure and to which trace of happiness. My
roommates will also cast envious eyes! Occasionally say something smug girl, but girl
is so cute grinning. But now girls do not, she would every day there staring blankly.
Do strange things all day, always take the god class, has no intention of lectures.
School teachers are often criticized, was also the class teacher looking to talk to the
students criticized for being "fat nerve." Encounter every day
many wretched, fool thing. She did not care about these, they just want to tell these
things boys want his love, but could not find him. Girls really want him, I miss! She
secretly cry every day, and sometimes school will not help the tears! To the boy she
completely collapsed!
  Roommate told the girls that night, try to call back, if it is not like that, you
misunderstood him not to do! Opened up, and listen to how to explain it! Girl was
refused, said he never played. Later, quietly played in the past, the girl so
disappointed, really good disappointed! Boy went to the Internet, the girl suddenly
crying, she did not cry out loud, but silent tears! She bought a lot of Shang
Wei's food, back to the dormitory on gobbled it up. She did not know what
these things taste, do not worry about the consequences of eating them, she would like
to use this method to paralyze themselves only! Her roommate saw her afraid to cry,
and went to face with cold water straining to break, but I do not know how the own,
but in this cold water washing under Kuchu the sound. Her roommate asked her how
she approached, and what girls not say anything, only the more severe the more
crying, and then out of the hostel girls, leaning on the railing, sad tears. housemates
told her to run out, one girl holding her roommate endless swore cry, tears up his
roommate's clothes wet. cries attracted many onlookers, the roommate out
loud: the luxury of tears this time you do not time not allowed to cry for him , in order
to torture him so yourself, not worth it, you fool! I do not know how to say to you.
"She's upset with the girl while the tears!
  The next day at noon, the girl hit the boy again quietly telephone, he went online a!
She did not obediently listen to the words of roommates to stop the boy's
love, in fear of boys, girls, the mobile phone network by the roommate, and she really
found the boy, the imbalance in my heart everywhere, in fact more of a joy! Can not
chat with a few girls and boys, boys say go, girls really anxious to find out, each
message is very long, long, each is issued with tears. Can a boy or a walk, girls heart
from top to bottom down to this for her is a little hit! But the girl was willing to
believe him, not to question him. Girls and boys will always believe that she loved a
boy! Love, love!
  That day finally called to the boy! Girl looking for a long time, he called it! But he
seems, like nothing happened, or did tease girls, but girls do not laugh, she cried! She
was disappointed, the boy did not understand her feelings now! And very grateful to
her, she knew the boy did not change of heart, before resentment was gone, she really
cares about the boy that every word, afraid of losing him! She really missed him!
  In fact, nobody in the world is worth your, who is worth your tears when people do
not make you cry forever. Distance in the world is not life and death, but I stand
before you I love you but I do not know, but more distant from the world, is not I
stand before you, but you know I love you, but just that phase Love it can not be
together! If she and he left the network and the telephone, but also their love for how
long? Sometimes just one person might be feeling something, nothing to do with
anyone. Love, or do not love, can only end their it!
  The boys love to take your girl Oh! Do not let them cry for you, because every girl
deserves to be treasured, not casually to play with their feelings!

Sunshine through the window early dawn clouds from rock West Bridge
Think you put clothing or jewelry, then Customs of Lotus micro-
Wood rippling golden years seven years ago, creating in effect
I brush with this life just for you
Reliance eyes wet with rain by mid hope go well together
Fear not feel the tears have been taken out two lines of
I am anxious Xun Budao your paradise earth
East Pingxijingfang wished he could have forgotten
Is the Ching Ming Ju sent off rain on your side
Your favorite song to sing softly
Yuan Fang Youqin Qiaoran ethereal sound of rain reminder
Tiny mind 说给自己听
Moon Shadow flickering candle smoke several important bonuses
Red Dust West Side have become empty dreams
Reliance eyes wet with rain by mid hope go well together
Fear not feel the tears have been taken out two lines of
I am anxious Xun Budao your paradise earth
East Pingxijingfang wished he could have forgotten
Is the Ching Ming Ju sent off rain on your side
Your favorite song to sing softly
I am anxious Xun Budao your paradise earth
East Pingxijingfang wished he could have forgotten
It is still clear send rain on your side off Ju
Your favorite song to sing softly

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