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									Teaching Reflection
Reflections on teaching
   English learning, English teaching more and more people are paid attention to.
With the development and progress of society, English has become a tool of a
thinking, a knowledge base. Not master the English language as if the lack of a
thought, the lack of an important source of knowledge. It can be said to learn English,
not only of eyes, a pair of ears, and a tongue, and even more of a mind! Because
language is a tool for human thinking, a tool for understanding the world, master a
language that is a master of observation and understanding of the world's
ways and habits.
  ?Primary schools, English courses in contemporary social development, can improve
my English. Students imitate the power, memory, plasticity, with many adults and
even middle school students do not have the favorable conditions of primary schools
can play their English language learning potential. Primary schools, English classes
can make students learn about other countries and nations of the fine cultural
traditions, broaden their horizons, expand their knowledge and improve their thinking
and knowledge, foster international awareness.
First, in China, English is the language, not a second language, not acquisition.
   In China, many people ignored the English is a foreign language, not a second
language, English language learning efficiency is low because a major objective.
   Then, a second language and foreign language what the difference? They are
different styles of language the same concept, or two different concepts? It will have
the effect of English teaching, what role?
   In fact, we know, second 1anguage and first language relative, while the foreign
1anguage and non-native language is mother tongue and native 1anguage relative.
   first language and mother tongue and native 1anguage common characteristics: (1)
first language acquisition, often in the home environment study; (2) a high degree of
proficiency. Strong language intuition.
   second language, foreign language and non-native language of the common
features are: (1) is a bilingual phenomenon; (2) time in order to grasp the last in the
first language; (3) proficiency in general not as good as the first language; (4)
acquisition are normally in school education, family education or self-study.
   First, in the language environment, second language and foreign language have a
fundamental difference. Second language learners generally have a more natural
language environment. Surrounded by many native speakers of the language. For
various reasons, among them there may be a variety of links. Also, because the
language may be "an official language (such as English, French in Canada,
English in India), the media, official documents, advertising and so on providing
learners with a more genuine and natural language environment, The
"foreign language" learners in general it is difficult to have such
language environments.
   Secondly, from the language input point of view, second language learners on the
one hand there is the natural language environment, on the other hand, if he is
learning the language through classroom teaching, teachers, language proficiency,
language degree students gave him a more ideal "comprehensible
input" (comprehensible input), which includes "talk against
foreigners" (foreigner talk), "English teacher"
(teacher talk), "companion language" (peer talk), etc.;
   The foreign language learner is different, he usually can not be imported like
foreigner talk, because the general level of English language teachers can not be
compared to the second language teachers, teacher ta1k not as good as the quality and
quantity of second language classrooms, peer talk to a large extent was limited.
  ?English in a country or region is a second language teaching or foreign language
teaching, there is an important sign that read the local school curriculum is not in
English. If in addition to English classes, other courses or the majority of speaking the
mother tongue mother tongue speaking, English is the English Language Teaching
(TEFL). Clearly in China, English is the language, not a second language, the Chinese
lack the English as a second language teaching environment. Language can be learned,
have to learn a second language, but English is not learned.
   In our primary school English class, too much emphasis on the creation of
scenarios, even for scenes and scenarios, so that created a false scenario. Many
teachers hold in such a scenario to the natural acquisition of English
children's expectations, was originally a forest without trees, without a
source of water is obviously not realistic. 35-minute English class, the teacher
teaching a foreign language in the end of time how many students speak a foreign
language and how much time? How many students have foreign language the family
environment, parents know how many foreign language students, students in active or
passive leisure time opportunities for contact with foreign languages and how much?
We do see some very successful primary school English teaching demonstration
lessons, observe classes in the English language teachers and students with a seamless,
speaking and writing drills like taste, with readings, short plays, multimedia
presentations, teaching by the The excitement, the classes to whom emotion. However,
365 days a year of foreign language teaching, this course and how many? This
account, in the hearts of English teachers in the first line should be obvious.
?Second, primary school English teaching should be more use of the cognitive
method, rather than the direct method.
   Direct contact with the large number of authentic language, for real communication,
by a large number of duplicate copy, enhanced memory, habit. Audio-visual law,
heard of law, are a direct communicative method. Mainly by direct method of
teaching, there must be language environment, there must be a high level of teachers,
smaller class sizes, opportunities to learn and use English to be more. Cognitive
approach does not exclude imitation, but the lack of language environment, learning
mainly by means of rational thinking, learning pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary
knowledge, master the language rules, speaking and writing guide, giving top priority
to create sustainable development in language ability. English in China, yes foreign
language, Chinese Learners of English are small, medium and universities, can not
Caiyong two types of language teaching We should take a language Zhi Shi as a
walking stick, in Yunyongjingyan 学习's Also, be aware rational cognition;
Dui Yu Xiao Xuesheng particularly important to foster sustainable development of
their language learning ability, language knowledge can not be excluded.
   In our primary school English teaching in reality, limited faculty, teachers,
relatively low levels, the lack of language environment, large class teaching, all tell us
that the direct method of teaching methods are not suitable for the current practice of
teaching English in primary schools.
?Third, rely on continuous knowledge of the language, rather than
"play" to train students interested in sustainable
   Emphasis on primary school English teaching is to cultivate an interest, but can not
sing alone to learn the game because of interest primarily to learn English. Students
learn English than British immigrants to learn English, learn a language only the
knowledge, improve their language skills, to meet their sense of achievement, can
cultivate a lasting interest. At present, only more than 100 minutes per week students
in English class, students can not rely solely on the game singing lasting interest.
Fresh trial of strength over, the children become bored. Therefore, the game should be
a primary school singing English language knowledge, skills, some of the means, not
the means to cultivate an interest. We can use various means to help students in
memory over a period of strong words in mind, multi-language learning rules, and
imitate as much as possible the opportunity to create, improve their pronunciation and
intonation. In English learning, listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating
five abilities can complement each other. First really heard, read and write to keep up.
Light told not to read and write, can hardly be efficient. Imitation alone does not learn
how to learn, it is difficult to reduce study load. Therefore, students should be
carefully carried out language learning.
   Primary English Teaching is a long and arduous process and requires constant
inquiry, which we need English education and continued learning, reflection,
self-improvement, to the common objectives.

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