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					Tan Jin: Singing is part of my life (I)
July 30, 1998, I received a charge of cultural work of the General Political
Propaganda Department of the leadership of the phone, said the young actor Tan Jin
Song and Dance Troupe General Political Department to participate in the ninth,
"Voice of Asia" International Pop Music Festival was the grand
prize, asked me to report about. I immediately gave an interview to the authorities,
and soon the Liberation Army Daily published Tan Jin award-winning news, and since
then has nearly 10 years, Tan Jin in art came step by step to complete the leap again
and again. I am happy for her, but also for military training such a fine artists proud.
The following is my interview with her dialogue.
            On the ninth, "Voice of Asia" international pop
music contest
Reporter: I remember I'll show you the teachers learned to race, the ninth
"Voice of Asia" international pop music competition is a high
level of pop music events, participating countries have a high level player, then how
do you deal with all the pressure?
Tan Jin: Yes, that was my first visit to Kazakhstan to participate in international
competitions. From France, Germany, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey, the
United States, South Korea, Bulgaria, Albania and other countries of the players have
very good performance. However, I think I on behalf of the motherland, and on behalf
of troops participating in the competition behind me, 15 million people support me, so
I do not stage fright, play well.
Reporter: I remember you were singing was "Tanggula," the
difficulty of the song is very high.
Tan Jin: This song is the lyrics by the teacher Chen Hong, Yang Ming composition
teacher, the words and melodies are very beautiful: "Tanggula,
Tanggula ... ..., oh, and the mountains above the world you are windy, the number of
heroes for you to tears shed, how many Heroes for the tears you shed. Tanggula,
Tanggula ... ..., oh, you heard the clarion call was setting Han, Tang and Song
you've seen the burning sunset, you read the History of the Spring and
Autumn lost, you remember the final collapse of the Yuanmingyuan, oh old The
Tanggula, your feelings filled with future generations of Chinese, the number of man
named for you Hengdaozongma, the number of fully armed military uniform for your
daughter, oh, how many man named Hengdaozongma for you, how much her
daughter wrapped in military uniform for you ... ... "
This song sonorous, passionate, lyrical, and I stood on the stage, give full play to their
strengths, and the songs in healthy, cheerful strong, clear sense of rhythm behave
more in place, and songs produced by special artistic charm, beyond language, the
boundaries of nationality, in a foreign country among the audience had a good artistic
Reporter: I heard that when your national experts gave high marks to give you silver,
what is your experience?
Tan Jin: When I carried the award certificate, indeed filled with emotion ... ... One can
use power for their own gain honor for the motherland proud; second is that no matter
what awards were able to exchange with national artists to find their own gap, and
growth in many informative, learned many new things even more pleased.
                      ?On military service
   ?Reporter: I heard you when the Chinese Conservatory of Music, there are many of
the central cultural groups to "dig" you go to an actor, and
promised to give you the advantages that will force you why is chosen?
   ?Tan Jin: I grew up yearning force a child to see aunts and uncles in uniform, on
envy, dreaming that one day go to the troops, as a soldier. So when the leadership of
General Political Department Song and Dance Troupe to solicit my opinion, I did not
hesitate to choose military service.
   ?Reporter: You to the troops, the troops sang many songs, I remember in September
1999, my show is on in seventh army, see you singing the song "Who is
ahead of the curve" and won the first prize. Year, you also participated in
the CCTV of the fourth cup of the Red Eagle Military Songs MTV Competition and
was awarded "Ten Best New Artist."
   ?Tan Jin: I am a military singer, first for military service, singing military songs. In
addition to these songs, I in 2003 CCTV Spring Festival Gala concert of the singing
families of military personnel on the song "wife" has touched
the hearts of many soldiers; the same year in October, I took off for the Shenzhou V
manned filmed MTV " dream come true "; in July 2004 I
released his first album, Military Songs," in times of peace ", in
addition, I took out two-thirds of the time each year to the troops, border, island
barracks for Military Forces officers and men singing songs, often with the
"Heart to Heart" Art Troupe to perform all over, has participated
in celebration, "August 1" theatrical show, Celebration Gala.
Reporter: As a 10-year military service has been a singer, you have a military career
of this particular kind of views and feelings?
   Tan Jin: Time flies, joined the army for 10 years has gone by. In this decade every
concert for the soldiers when they are left to me a lot of moving, they are so young
stationed at the border post, when the Chinese Lunar New Year also has stood at their
posts so that I admire. Experience distress in the motherland and the people can see
them everywhere when the figure. To give is a member of them proud! I will sing
more good songs dedicated to his comrades, but also hope to have more new songs to
showcase our new era of military presence. One other thing, but with "the
history of military service" in the lyrics is that "the history of
life is with a soldier, you will never regret."
Vienna's Golden Hall on individual concerts
Reporter: I heard you use vocal in the Golden Hall, national and popular Three
Singing of "cross-border" style, sang 16 different songs.
Tan Jin: I was at university and national singing school, when they graduate study is
popular singing. In fact, the singing is simply do not have to stick to a certain kind of
singing, mainly to reflect the heart to sing an emotional song, and think this is the
most important. In the Golden Hall performance, I sang the track as much as possible
to style diversification, multi-faceted to display their artistic style.
Reporter: Vienna is a musical kingdom, the Golden Hall is the crown of world music.
Where you show what do you think?
Tan Jin: The Song and Dance Ensemble concert by the General Political Department,
Shanxi Province, China Record Corporation and the Foreign Cultural Exchange
Association, is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic
relations between China and Austria, and Mozart's 250th birthday
commemoration of an important cultural activities. Concert theme "Voice
of Harmony" in "harmony" in the word, in Austria
just a "symphony" was intended. Golden Hall when I was
standing when I feel very proud. I represent my country and the army, I have
hundreds of millions of viewers in support behind me, I use my voice to convey the
friendship and peace, to introduce our Chinese culture and folk music.
Singing, I can see the audience's face, when I saw a man frown, I will sing
against him, a man singing to his hearing, his face slowly until the emergence of a
stretch smile. Although they may not understand, but music is borderless, and slowly
make you feel your cheerful, happy, or sad.
Reporter: Do you sing in the concert's 16 songs represent a variety of
different styles, you can introduce these songs to reflect the local characteristics of it?
 ?Tan Jin: concert songs were selected to include representatives of national style
"butterfly", "to kiss", "Red
feather leg legs public," "Dance of Youth",
"Drinking Song", "Dongshan in that top"
"Qinghai-Tibet Plateau," "far love" and
friendship between China and Austria praising the "harmonious
world", "Don Juan" excerpts, "Vienna,
city of my dreams" and so on. Since then, I also sang with local singer
cheerful humor of Shanxi folk song "Nostalgia", and music
from the University of Vienna, Professor Peter Hart, a common German boy sang
Mozart opera "Don Juan" fragments "where you will
stretch out your hand." Finally, I also sang musicals such as
"mad snow" in excerpts from "love me standing
 ?Concert attracted many local dignitaries and celebrities. Purcell's wife
Xu, Austria, the Austrian Federal Parliament Deputy Speaker, and Vienna are all to
some government officials who watched the concert scene, the Chinese Ambassador
Tang Guoqiang UN mission in Vienna, and his wife, the Chinese Ambassador to
Austria Lu Yonghua, the Ministry of Culture bureau level researcher Zeng Huai and
other leaders also attended the concert. Austria's wife Xu Purcell in the
process of watching performances have been praised as "very good, very
great, magical." Austrian Foreign Minister Plassnik at the concert, Ms.
inscription invoking the poet Schiller turned Phrases: "Let soothing
encouraging people to continue forward!"
Reporter: After the concert, Li Shuangjiang teacher to give you high marks, he told
reporters, "Tan Jin has a good national language training, but also a solid
foundation of Bel Canto, embodied in the: first-hand toward the West, first-hand Shen
to the public, enthusiastically plunge into the pop music world, with the fashion sense
of the table to strengthen their vocal music sound. So, Tan Jin's singing is
scientific, ethnic, fashion, and her own sincere and beautiful songs to different
brought the crowd to enjoy beautiful art. Tan Jin solo concert in Vienna, China should
pay more attention to vocal music industry 'Tan Jin
phenomenon'. "
Tan Jin: Li Shuangjiang my evaluation of teachers is to encourage me, in the arts on
the road, I'll always be a student, in my long road still ahead, I want to
explore step by step, never be content.
                       About NPC
   Reporter: Some people have compared the star when the deputies as
"vase" as the new deputies to the NPC, how do you think?
   Tan Jin: The election that moment, fear than surprise. Responsibility can not afford
to be afraid of people's deputies, then continued to participate in learning,
learning materials of light filled up two bags a day, very nervous. Hope that greater
efforts to transfer more people out of public sentiment. I published my blog,
"to the nation two friends collected the motion and the
proposed" blog post, I said: "Welcome friends frequently visited
the country a guest, if you have any suggestions, and most want to say, welcome in
my blog message, or direct mail to the mailbox, I will bring to everyone's
views and recommendations of the two sessions. "I will prove through
their own efforts, they are not an NPC" vase. "
   ?I will be more cultural, literary point of research questions, collect suggestions, do
their best to promote cultural development and prosperity made valuable suggestions.
Reporter: What is the elected deputies of mind ah? Other representatives of your
election surprises?
Tan Jin: PLA representatives in the 268, I is not only a new representative, but also a
drop on your foot "soldier." But I am glad that I not only met
with other representatives of government, but also for them to sing, this is my very
willing to do. I am a military representative is the representative literary and art
circles. I am from the cultural, multi-cultural perspective of the problem, many
proposals to collect the best of my ability, some of the great cultural development and
prosperity for valuable suggestions.
About the Olympic Games
Reporter: June 26 this year, I saw you on TV as the torch passed in Taiyuan, the news,
when your mood?
   Tan Jin: As a native of Shanxi, I could pass the Olympic torch in their home it is a
great honor, pass, I had several times passed the torch in a dream. Taiyuan, the first
stick to pass, and I also thank the people for their trust in his hometown, while more
great pride in their home.
   Reporter: Back in March, you will apply when the Olympic Games and Paralympic
Games volunteers, to do something tangible for the Olympic thing. Your actions were
all well received.
Tan Jin: We call our star volunteers, so volunteers, in fact, it does not matter how
called, the most important thing is to volunteer to become outstanding general
welcomed by the community volunteers star, volunteers set up a real star, I would like
to This model and inspiration to the thousands and thousands of volunteers, more
persuasive and appealing. At 3:00 p.m. on the August 19, weather is hot, I braved the
hot sun port security in the nest on the 8th volunteer site next to the city for the
tourists and visitors to do voluntary service. My post is for information. Olympic
cities, including information, advice and information consultation, information
consultation, including the Olympic Games Knowledge, "Smile
Beijing" theme events, Olympic volunteer service publicity related
information and advice, city information consultation, including domestic and foreign
tourists and the general public to provide transportation, shopping, catering,
accommodation, tourism and other urban information consulting services.
I finally realized their Olympic volunteers do wish, though hard, but my face was full
of happy smiles. Volunteers are the cornerstone of the Olympic Movement is the real
image       ambassador      of   Olympics.     With     the   Olympics,      let   the
"volunteer" as a way of life, this will be the largest voluntary
service in the Olympic Games results.
Reporter: You sang the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics the
"sky"; in the Paralympic Games opening ceremony, you and the
Fan Jing Ma sang with touching sincerity, "I have you." Some
people say that you are the only two "Olympics" has the singer
singing, this, how would you feel?
Tan Jin: I can sing the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, "the
sky" and the concert at the Paralympic Games opening ceremony,
"I have you," the glory of my life, to board the two stage of my
life memorable and beautiful memories, because this is not an ordinary stage. I am
singing "Let me have you", is the Paralympic Games opening
ceremony director Zhang Gang, Executive Director and composer for the Paralympic
Games Ming Fang creation, consider the singer the first time they thought of me, by
audition, after they also very much. Paralympic Games and the Olympic Games
different is that better reflect the nature of love. "Let me have
you" on a good expression of this love, give people a strong spiritual

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