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									Talk about Kang
Talk about Kang

Cheng Ji less
    ?1700 years ago, the Wei and Jin Dynasties, Zhengzhou Songshan in the west of
the northern foot of lush green bamboo (Gongyi City, Henan province Jhulin Village),
then retreat with seven great scholars known, they phase and friendly, talk about
poetry drinking moon thesis, Fu Qu Fuqin, shouts and singing. They are cynical,
against the elite, advocating Lao, contempt of decency and propriety. The seven
people are Ji Kang and Ruan Ji, Shan Tao, Xiang Xiu, Ruan Xian, Wang Rong and
Liu Ling, the Bank said, "Bamboo Grove." "Bamboo
Forest" on behalf of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and therefore become an
important concept in Chinese cultural history, on a profound influence on later
generations.        In       the       "Three         Kingdoms",
"Shi", "Book of Jin", "Wei
Spring" and other books, all recorded in detail his life story, admired by
later generations.
   Bamboo Forest, led by Kang. Ji Kang (223-262 AD), the word Shu Ye, origin
County Zhi Qiao County (now Suzhou, Anhui). Have Ren Weiguo Zhongsandafu, and
was recruited for the consort prince Caowei Huang room. He is the Wei and Jin
Dynasties influential thinkers, writers and philosophers. Thinking, good science of
Lao, human relations in the community to look beyond the natural universe, far more,
a permanent spiritual sustenance. Things are certainly intrinsic philosophical
generated by the strength, stand back to nature. 1957 Harvard University published a
study of Ji Kang Zhe Thought monograph. He often taken way health practitioners,
the "health of." His poems are preserved nearly 40, most
notably the "scholar brother into the military donated 18",
"quiet anger poem", "Zhi Shi 2 above,"
"A 2 the Cao Guo "and so on. Kang prose masterpiece is
"hard on the natural studious," "private interpretation
of", "Ming guts on" and so on. Lu Xun's
appreciation of their culture, "four new, often against the ancient old
said," and with the Republic of China 10 years editing and publishing the
"Ji Kang", namely 143. A person's work centuries
later in 1700 also retained nearly 100 000 words, non-sage can not.

  ?Ji Kang's poetry and prose had a profound impact on future generations.
For example, the Northern Song Dynasty poet Zeng Gong (1019-1083) in the
"multi-King" wrote: "purple cloud floating random
Shuiguang Tsui, Tin Hanshan gas into the green and red." Modern
commentators Zhangmeng Lin said Zeng Gong of this used in conjunction Lines of Ji
Kang "gift scholar into the Army," "watched Gui
Hong, waved Wu Xian. Pitch complacent, Yu Shin Tai Xuan" in Italy, it
expresses itself Zeng Gong Although middle-aged life experience on one's
luck, but there are CASTLE looking, Looking at the world of the mind and ambitions.
Have experts that led to the Wei Kang have shown "no thought without
consideration, its Joy," "remains abandoned tired, Happy
Wo" and "put up" the spirit of the Li Bai, Su and
other romantic poets affect future generations great.

   ?Kang wallow indifferent, not official, preferring to retreat up, wrought iron garden
irrigation. Kang has a famous "Dear John letter and the mountain giant
sources," the source that Shan Tao Shan Kui (AD 205-283), one of the
Bamboo Grove. Before he was four years old, very open-mindedness, good reading,
advocating Lao, as Ji Kang's friends. After four years old, and all powers to
himself by Sima's group house on fire, and a meteoric rise, the Department
served Shangshu Li Lang, Prince Edward Shao Fu, servers and other staff often add
San Qi. Sima Zhao was great generals to make the world want to embrace the Son of
Heaven, the world need the network for its own personnel to use, as long heard of Ji
Compro school Wizards, Seigo well know, is forced to make Shan Tao Kang urged to
Sima's government official. Kang gave Shan Tao wrote a letter, that rather
old college try and not to Sima's vassal. Seven Second letter is not
unbearable, that never interested officialdom, not with the secular evil deeds. Sima
Zhao smell of rage, kill him, when he was just four years old. Era can be seen in the
Sima power, talented people do not want an official will not work, that is, you do not
help Sima would killed. Therefore not an official of the literati have to helplessly as
the government office, even to eat well no matter things can save lives. Kang do not
want to become an official live to 40, while eager officialdom Shan Tao was able to
live to 79 before they come to an end.

   ?Kang was a famous musician at that time. He was accompanied by piano, always
focussed and Jensen to Qin Yan Zhi, carefully playing piano, reveling in the realm of
melodies. He made the "Guanglingsan" become eternal
Masterpiece, "long clear" and other songs by the Chinese music
history known as the "four-Ji's Alley." He is the
author of "Qin Fu" and "Sound Without
Sorrows" important music in ancient China monographs (University of
Montreal's Department of Libraries are collections). In his
"sound without Sorrows", strongly deny the rulers at that time
thought the implementation of music education. In the "Qin Fu",
he was playing piano and detailed description of method and expression. He was so
praised music: "Things wax and wane, and this without change; taste with
disgust, and this tirelessly. Can lead to support air, sun and emotions, but not stuffy
office    alone      were      poor,    MO     close      to    voice    it."
"Guanglingsan" into a song in Guangling (now Yangzhou).
Yangzhou is the county at that time, its capital, in Guangling. Until now, the old city
of Yangzhou City, also called Guangling. Ji Ji Kang Gege hi when he was provincial
governor of Yangzhou. Music according to music historian, "Qin
Fu" in the "emblem to Zhongshan of Yu" sentence,
argued at the Kum Kang is seven strings 13 emblem shape.
Kang execution ground on the victim, who took over from his brother Qin Ji-hi,
calmly playing against the setting sun "Guanglingsan", poised
for heroic martyrdom. He attached great importance to the qin, not easily pass.
Previous years a man named YUAN Xiao Nepalese people want him to study the
"Guanglingsan," he did not agree. So when he finished in the
execution ground on the missile "Guanglingsan" after a sigh,
said: "Guanglingsan from die with him." In fact, YUAN Xiao
Kang Nepal has not agreed to teach him not to call a halt, he Ji Kang play the song, he
had many times the then quietly hiding next to the sign and fingering qin terms of
phonemes,       the     music       written     down,         This      makes       the
"Guanglingsan" retained.

    Finally, I would like to quote the Southern Song Dynasty writer Yan Yan Zhi (AD
384-456) of a poem to end this article.
Not even the world in bulk, this is Canxia people.
Forms and experience silent cents, spit on the know your breath.
Popular Wu flow proposed legislation, contact the implicit occupied by the enemy to
find Shan.
Luan-he sometimes spear, the dragon of his spot?
Praise the first sentence of the poem Kang (Zhongsandafu) does not in cahoots with
the secular spirit of style, saying he is the god to eat Yunxia. The second sentence first
quoted Jin Shu, "Kang Biography" legend recorded: Kang
dissolve the body after death became immortal; after speculation from his book
"On health", you can see his spirit has reached the apotheosis
Jing Ning level. The third sentence said: Kang not only into the mountains to do a
hermit, and living in secular society, independent of Custornary outside. Shi Yan said
the last sentence, though Kang persecution, but his cynical character is not against the

(Written in 1996, has been published in the Canadian Chinese Daily News)

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