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The day before yesterday is really stimulating to their own.
Is simply melancholy.
But do not know when life began from always like to send my dramatic change.
Concluded that depression is urgent from the discontent and frustration generated,
Good way to change is to find the most appropriate in their own way,
Certainly under their own.
So now I have a lot of friends.
At this moment, I just get up.
Whenever he woke up in bed,
Then pick up the novels read almost two hours.
Never felt holiday break
For I can have such a sense of meaning.
Because tomorrow I will get up at five thirty consecutive days,
Down the third bus, two subway transfer,
Bumps more than two hours to do my first job.
So today the greatest extent possible recharge your batteries.
Strictly speaking, not the first job,
English has also been done to promote the day, and even been a half-day tutoring,
But not until the end of a no, a beginning not the end,
Encountered no difficulties
Did not pay the end of which one can experience.
The final substantive lack of excitement and positive incentives,
Incomplete ah ~ ~ ~
This should adhere to in the end.
Not that there is power there salary Rights,
Take the money and make the experience just another thing
Well to do Well to do.
And it really can be an indirect proof,
I can survive on their own.
Although the three days down to a pair of shoes is not necessarily earned,
But I do not have a penny earned can not,
When parents grow old also threatened to completely rely on my megalomaniac.
I came out saying the interview site,
The excitement of the children to the mother bought the old Yin Zhuo,
It was her favorite things.
Although still not been paid,
But the thought that I earned money to the,
Like fun.
Some people do not understand the matter,
How such a big pressure on ah?
Because, ah, ah I was born alone.

At this stage, my parents used to enjoy the taste and out.
In the future, their enjoyment and love, on me to pay.
Self-reliance, not an easy thing.
To say, exaggerate it,
Do a do, have confidence.
Oh ~ ~
Yesterday's twists and turns through really do not know what to say.
TIPS are:
An interview early to no harm.
  ?I start early in the morning till more than an hour (which is also a coincidence that
the car than I had expected a half hour early to ... ...),
  ?But before I start the crossroads Simon lingered for half an hour before the three
  ?971 Road, the same name, actually express and ordinary cars opposite
direction? ? ?
  ?The decision to find a long express train, so earlier than I expected a lot.
  ?Strange place, or need time to explore, and
  ?Chat also met a lot of people,
  ?Also helped a lot of people
  ?This time looks like a lot more sense of security.
  ?Although we are competitive in the companion
  ?But that had to rely on strange feeling.
  ?We are all good,
  ?Encourage each other, even happy for each other's success.
  ?Still do not know the name of the lovely girl to work invited me to her home is,
  ?Seemingly quickly adapt to new environments is the best way to adapt to people
  ?Perhaps, I have this feeling.
2, no experience is not afraid to show your courage and enthusiasm!
  ?That night company Young Xiongshen cadence loud mother told us
  ?"I said HP needs is people who have relevant work experience, you
  ?I was implying is not the first to reflect the best experience we are talking
nonsense? ? ?
  ?Or forget it, Tanya said the most right, to the last to die is the most embarrassing
myself. . .
  ?HP sent to chair of the interview.
  ?Waiting to be particularly true sense of choice long abnormal rotten.
  ?So listen to your heartbeat sound crazy,
  ?I output the most powerful for their own self-introduction.
  ?15 seconds, I was determined this afternoon efforts are valuable,
  ?Speed of a nervous actually amazing that the following long list:
  ?"Last year 51 I did ABC building in Gongzhufen Cuiwei promotion of
English, - (time, place, item)
  ?At that time (task) is interested in distributing leaflets and guide young people and
parents to lead children to do our field of English for free testing and counseling.
  ?I do not have experience in electronic product promotion, but I think they all have
in common the.
  ?My personal computer is HPCQ, I had my laptop re-install system and dismantle
the turbine (the words are forced to because they were books ... ... sad), I think I on
the HP computer or have a deep level of understanding.
  ?I believe that with courage and enthusiasm of a new apprentice is able to do the job.
  ?Then miraculously named in the final time, 100 were selected No. 24, I was left,
and not C + equipment complement.
  ?Courage, our challenge is not someone else, just yourself.
3, to adjust themselves, and not because of one thing to lose more.
  ?Occurred in one episode.
  ?Just fill out basic information before the interview card number to pay a time
  ?I found my card lost ... ...
  ?Looking back in the morning and leave in a hurry fell ATM.
  ?Sweat is lost ... ... does not matter, actually is lost in the ATM inside ... ah ... how
come so talented? ? ?
  ?Call to Rena, damage to her panting in school I ran a half circle, but the last write to
I did not find ... ...
  ?Fortunately my card and my phone has connectivity business, no information
display was moving over its content.
  ?Withdraw money when the row behind me think about that guy, actually I have not
stopped my card? ! Not to the sun Lost? ! How to think ah? ! Heart heart! ! !
  ?Oh ~ ~ no utopian him, so I went back to say it ~ ~
  ?But they lamented how his mountain artillery, and I do not know the postal savings
customer service number for directory assistance for numbers I do not even know. . .
  ?Go ahead.
  ?Then call the postal savings, many questions answered N, interim report the loss to
the card.
  ?All this happened in a few minutes before the upcoming ... ...
  ?Rena, where the sun made me register, I receive the card will be notified. To this
day I can not receive the message.
  ?If I do the interview because of the card before the rapid return, and now does not
find the card does not work, and perhaps be called the true worth the candle.
  ?Remove all difficulties, to concentrate on doing things to prepare, will not lose
~ Yesterday, good weather left, probably because it feel better.
But at night, not good.
Went back to school clothes billow up again upstairs, downstairs, or no trace of the
More like that kid more angry
Do keep my card used to split computer? ? ?
I would like to find property notices affixed to find cards
Rena advised me to run a bar.
Can I just want to find a guy look at it
A simple thank you would say,
It would be more offensive!

Search card ... ...
Not sit back in the car on the road already, and Tanya and Rena through the phone to
fully express my nervous excitement!
Loudly in the street to tell them I pass up ~ ~
And then listening to them, like me happy excited voice came from the school and
train station ~ ~
There can be a sincere friend to share everything in my life,
203 people ~ ~ my home
(But also a bit of sadness. I can finely began operating life, and more than happy for
my friends also give me encouragement or even give me that the person in which to
embrace it? Emotional, always challenging the limits of their own, So more and more
of my ultimate hope that one day ... ... ... ...)
I want to come back to tell the older generation Teana short, and
Get a lot of help and encouragement ~ ~ warm, thanks ~ ~
Then he told me to picture taken as souvenirs.
Cushions ~ ~ (╯ ﹏ ╰) b, I heard a blue vest yeah,
Must be large for me to be fat in width,
According to the I wish I could see ~ ~
ps: Tanya should be invited, will be described in detail above this experience we hope
to see the happy ~ ~
五一节快乐 ~

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