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									Supermarket business plan, business plan hotel Pham Van
1, first out of work after graduation to earn money, at least 5 years.
Only one near the supermarket are not really
2, Industry Type: Retail
1, a large category of classification principles:
In the warehouse-style supermarket site, in addition to large projects over the
investigation, the specific location site must also be details on the following
corporations are but a few very important factors to investigate.
In business strategy, sometimes want to be prominent features of certain commodities,
it must be managed in particular, led to the development to the origin of goods as a
basis for classification. For example: Some stores attach great importance to foreign
customers within the business district, and thus special attention to the management of
imported goods, while out of the "imported biscuits" is in the
category, to the cookies belonging to foreign countries are gathered in this one in the
category, facilitate the purchase or sales statistics, but also conducive to store
6, single out those.
Annual profit: 7000 × 12 = 84000 元
a, is the proximity to major highways, transport network can easily accessible, goods
from the railway station, quay to store whether the Fang Bian, whether during the day
by large trucks, as major cities in general pairs of large trucks implementation of
transport control of the central area Xuduo street not allowed to pass trucks, and some
only allow the opening night.
3, Goods ability to investigate. Shops on the competition level of a full range of goods,
prices of commodities with, the quality of goods, supply of goods, such as survey
Fourth quarter
1, brand preference clear by the cultural needs of the temptation is greater than price.
High-income groups, mostly highly educated, high-quality, high consumer demand,
"three high" consumer groups, easy to accept new things and
the big brands, and will thus produce the corresponding brand preference.
Investment recovery period: 550000/7000 = 78.57 months ≈ 6.5 years
People's living standards improve, the material needs of the increase in
lifestyle changes, most of the enhanced concept of consumption, consumption
structure is reasonable
Life business yuzhen
12, location:
3, all items are complete products or, in some categories of items are especially
1, Enterprise Name: Department Stores supermarket
(B), a small category of classification principles:
Sub-total monthly cost of about: 10,000 yuan.
Age: 21
3, forms of organization: individual business
11, providing the convenience of shopping time, such as the early work or extended
4, supermarkets emphasized service, in addition to providing easy, comfortable
shopping environment, the supermarket will also provide product information,
cooking methods for cooking or food will not have enough time housewives
Second, project overview:
9, employees and job settings:
Sometimes the use of certain commodities is not exactly the same, if the insist to use
functions is slightly difficult to divide, then we can approximate the methods of
manufacture of goods to be recruiting division. For example: a large category in
livestock, there is a known as the "meat processing" of the
classification, the middle category, which involves ham, sausage, hot dogs, fried
chicken, smoked meat, bacon and other products, their functionality and use not the
the same, but the manufacturing is similar, so "the system of processed
meat again" becomes a middle category.
5 logistics capabilities.
(C), the components of commodity classification principles:
5, more females than males, and age, mostly between the ages of 18 -55.
The main business scope: his home town, where the center is a collection of office
3, sales forecast
To taste to do the classification of goods, such as "beef noodle"
can also be used as a small category, where the taste of beef noodles, it will return to
this classification.
Since few local supermarkets, not much to rely on well-known market barriers. On
the contrary, as close to customers and guide customers to enjoy the green product,
enjoy superior service and affordable prices are the most urgent task of the
supermarket, so take the following measures do a good job advertising:
2, supermarket stress at reasonable prices, in order to provide popular, rich
Visibility. Visibility is the store is between those who can see the pedestrian or vehicle
level. Places the higher visibility, more prone to store passenger's attention,
they are the greater the possibility to store shopping. Therefore, when the warehouse
supermarket sites to choose high visibility locations, such as the sides of the street
intersection or fork in the road.
6, which provides special financial services such as prepaid cash cards, membership
cards, VIP cards, coupons, delivery coupons.
Education: college
2, the potential demand for services can translate into real consumer demand.
According to an authoritative body for the domestic consumer buying behavior in
Shenzhen research report, to supermarket consumers, only 40% of customers are
purchasing plans in advance, while the other 60% of customers did not plan ahead.
Thus, the hotel business plan Pham Van, full of potential to stimulate consumer desire
to buy, to a significant increase in supermarket sales, the role of services must not be
Related work experience: has anything sold at the store, know a little how to run, but
the days in the future I will increase the social practice, learning and knowledge in
this area.
High spending
A good market research can enhance their competitiveness, to control their own
development, to understand the dynamic competitors, do Zhiyizhibi, know yourself.
Business district area
(A) Product Category:
3, finished goods market research to do after finishing products, to sales of goods.
Margin products. Sensitive goods. Seasonal goods. Image of the product difference,
do a consolidation. Including the exclusive surface and prices.
7, stress, atmosphere and the activity of promotion.
2, focus on quality. Currently, low-income groups in the town. In the survey, I found
that their spending habits are far different from the rural consumers. They already
have a consumer in the process of self-protection awareness and healthy living, diet
pursuit. Even if they buy meat dishes away to thrift markets low-cost meat dishes, but
they still worry about the quality of meat dishes, and sometimes call "safe
meat dishes" to come. Because the quality is really, something cheap while
also using, in the eating.
Consumer goods used by the function or purpose to classify, for instance, the big
candy biscuit category, divided into a "Breakfast connected" in
both categories. Breakfast is a feature related to the concept and purpose, to provide
consumers with these products is to address the meal "rich
breakfast" and therefore can be set in the classification in toast, bread, jam,
peanut butter, cereals and other commodities to form this in the category.
1 business philosophy.
4, place of business: Yangshan County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province town of
seven arch
3, shopping, high expectations. The social status of high-income consumers under its
influence, in the shop also expected to give their business to special care, for example,
such as pre-service and after-sales services and so on. I have visited many consumers,
they agreed that shopping is their most important business of the service attitude.
Supermarket services:
(D), their conditions:
If the supermarket industry, industry position is not clear, or failed to find a real niche,
will be easily replaced by other new industry; the same operating supermarket
industry, if there is no clear position, can easily be eliminated with the trade, hotel
business plan. Supermarket business and must be able to make it stand out among the
many competitors, and in the hearts of consumers who place in Zambia. In general,
location can be "industry characteristics", "target
market characteristics", "competitor characteristics",
and "their condition" in four areas to measure, in order to
determine the most suitable for the development of niche companies itself.
1, the basic situation:
The establishment of two cashiers (familiar with computer-related operations), more
than waiters, porters a few more.
1, housewives goods, the price of this commodity, if minor changes in some
customers that have considerable concern. Customers that the price of the top. While
sales of such goods should pay attention to the quality. Example: fresh goods should
pay attention to freshness and display of feeling in her mother vegetable basket with
fresh goods every store mainly are used to attract customers, lower prices and strong
market fresh products, such commodity market research paid great attention to when
the price increases.
2, financial capacity and the use of state funds.
4, more comfort-oriented shopping environment for consumers.
The relationship between demand and supply the following types: ① strong demand,
low supply type; ② demand, supply, strong type; ③ is hard to supply not busy type;
④ is hard to supply strong type. View from the warehouse supermarket site, the site
demand and supply relationships within the business circle shows the best first type,
the second the second, third, fourth type to try to avoid. Demand and supply surveys,
should pay attention to the potential demand and supply surveys, pay special attention
to changes may cause some of the factors of supply and demand trends.
(B), target market characteristics:
4, corporate reputation and image.
3, professional management techniques.
8, the official opening, the opening day of engaging in an on-site promotions.
3, to carry out special offers on holidays, and the cast award activities.
6, warehouse supermarket survey:
17000-10000 = 7,000
1, service sales of existing products play a strong role in promoting. Supermarkets
selling goods, the need to provide a wide range of services to consumers, such as
answering consumer questions about the commodity for the consumer production, use
or maintenance of knowledge, etc., these services will help achieve the sales to some
extent .
Fourth, on the other large supermarket survey:
2, cost control (per month):
11, how to cut into the market:
2, Red products: customer price sensitivity of such goods the second, this type of food
product sales in general than the mother, the type of merchandise sold Big Blue, the
price generally better than her mother vegetable basket of goods higher. Such
products generally meet the middle-class consumers. Therefore, attention should be
paid for such goods brand and quality, also known as the price of this commodity
goods, selling goods on the list of such products often. Green goods: the price of
green customers the lowest sensitivity.
  ?Supermarket services in the market economy, indicating strong vitality:, business
plan templates;
9, stressed that knowledge can provide new products and new methods of cooking.
7, Category:
10, Economic Analysis:
5, investment recovery period:
Spending power
1, focus on price. Many people have had the experience of the pinch, money day, they
always forced to count on fingers with a dime of spending. In terms of low-income
consumers, in this regard are particularly conspicuous. With the least expenditure of
as much as possible to meet consumer demand is their most
"luxury" of a desire. In the survey, I found Special Branch
shopping center, most of the low-income group. Because, for them, low-cost is
affordable. Many major cities outside the supermarket on such a low price attracted a
lot of people.
10, stressed the chain, from close to home.
B, according to the manufacture of goods to partition:
   With the continuous improvement of living standards, the pursuit of environmental
protection, health spending has become a lifestyle business plan college students to
download it I intend to sell green products to ensure the people's physical
and mental health, customer first, this is our purpose.
(D) the classification of goods taste as a principle:
Third quarter
2, in the work process, to continue learning for the operation of supermarkets
knowledge, to better understand market trends.
First quarter
Rent of 2,000 yuan, workers pay about 7,000 yuan, according to different levels of
different wages, unforeseen costs 1,000 yuan.
1, according to market forecast, make every effort to complete the day after opening a
net profit of around 400 yuan monthly profit of 12,000, the annual profit of 13 million.
Began in 2012 to stabilize the market, playing reputation and credit, stable steady
turnover of clients, stability, mechanism of enterprises.
5, entrepreneur personal circumstances:
The principle of classification is to provide the basis for making these categories,
which originated from the concept of goods. And how to utilize classification
principles, compile a set of good classification system, are the real focus of this
A perfect market research you will notice that many of our products are selling goods
or merchandise belonging to poor sales business plan case can in the shortest time you
adjust your product.
4, borrow money, primarily to bank loans and borrowed from friends (no interest).
Near a secondary school
8, stressed that the overall image of high style.
Do market research, to enhance competitiveness -
5, grain and oil business plan; visit the community contact the customer, understand
customer needs.
5, pre-opening market research:
(A) of the high-income consumers and mental characteristics of consumer behavior:
(A), industry characteristics:
2, shop display layout of the investigation. Include: competition shop floor structure,
layout, area segmentation, merchandise display and entrance hall to create an
atmosphere of such a survey.
Some products can be to classify the composition of goods, such as 100% fruit juice,
"Where the composition of 100% fruit juice" on the classified in
this category.
Quarterly Turnover (Yuan)
Market potential
There are several villages near
1, according to functional uses:
?Business plan concept of consumption increased consumption level of case
Area: an area of about 150 square meters
Such classification and the classification of the same principle is used to make a more
functional sub-classification.
Foot circle (within a radius of 200-500 meters)
4, profitability (months)
Classification, specifications, packaging type can be used as principles of
classification. For example: aluminum foil packet drinks, bowl instant noodles, are a
product of the principle of this classification.
2, stress itself has a raw processing technology and management techniques fresh
business plan format to maintain the fresh produce

Convenient transportation. Mainly about two aspects:
2, buy a larger quantity, purchase frequency and low frequency. High-income groups
are busy working, so they showed great in life is not regular. In addition to the
weekend other than shopping for them can only be a "luxury."
But if into a shopping mall to buy the quantity they range from food, drink, to use, a
consumer is a few hundred dollars. It is understood that business plan, this
"focus on shopping" for consumers and many business plans
Pham Van, weekend shopping in the group accounts for a large proportion.
4, the customer-level investigation. Mainly from the age groups and income levels of
7, like the wandering more consumers.
1, opening early, made through the postal agency into a lot of publicity color pages,
circular community residents, business plan format to make each district of elevator
advertising, to public places and post an ad.
13, business objectives:
Turnover - Cost = Operating profit
b, is whether there is any more of the city's bus routes after intensive,
various bus routes stop point can even fully cover the entire urban area, the current
popularity of private cars in China is not extensive, this is particularly important.
Because it is directly related to customer shopping convenience.
1 Estimated investment: rental shop invest 10 million yuan, 40,000 yuan interior
decoration, shelves and other facilities for 60,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan into the goods,
hiring staff about 5 million in working capital 100 000. Total investment of 55
3, a small number of shopping, shopping frequency and more. Laid-off workers,
especially among housewives, living very regular, every day is basically on schedule,
the time to sleep, time to buy things on time watching TV ... ... their one-time
purchase amount is small, but a lot of shopping frequency, and sometimes the day
buying behavior occurs several times.
6, the purpose and content of the supermarket market research:
5 store operations management survey. On the promotion, replenishment, display and
sanitation for the investigation.
1, knowledge or cooking methods on the goods do not understand consumers.
Second quarter
1, the emphasis on price-oriented business plan Pham Van cheap sales.
13, an active part in public welfare activities.
Average monthly turnover (USD)
2, opening a number of purchase vouchers, and some membership cards, will gain
Before the opening I had to visit a number of supermarkets, supermarkets and
businesses, consumers shopping carefully observed the situation and asked for some
consumers, such as: age, occupation, income levels of different consumers have
different shopping habits and consumption demand, I think smart businesses in the
course of business to constantly try to figure out all kinds of consumers of
psychological changes and changes in demand.
Name: ZHANG Wen-jian
1, the hardware store survey. Include: competition, location of store, shop appearance
image, building construction, parking lot design, configuration management facilities
for the investigation.
In the supermarket, the largest category of classification is best not over 10, relatively
easy to manage. However, this is still depending on the operator's business
philosophy may be that, if the amplification of the cause to a wide range of areas, may
have to use more of the major categories. Major principle of classification is usually
classified according to the characteristics of goods, such as the production source,
production, handling, preservation methods, similar to a large group together as a
large commodity classification, for example, fish is a large category that is because
the classification of goods originating from the water, the sea or river, preservation
methods and treatments are also similar, so you can go into a category. 2, in the
classification in principle:
2, the pursuit of fresh, health, good quality and less price-sensitive consumers.
C, according to the origin of goods classified in:
(B) low-income consumers in the consumer behavior and psychological
5, may provide additional services such as delivery service, free parking, valet as
Gender: Male
I plan a short period of turnover (see table below)
Spending power of middle-
Potential consumer groups
(500-1000 m radius)
12, stressed the variety of gifts to offer optional.
2, according to specifications of packaging types to Category:
Do sell the business service is a long-term service, the key is not to deceive
consumers, can not Duanjinqueliang, and to deceive the consumer business is not
doing long; The key is to get consumers rely on .
7, the purchase ready to open, to enhance the effective pre-opening publicity.
3, a higher income level or education level, prefer to try new things or the pursuit of
fashionable person.
More shops, selling things, but relatively few
Reasons for choosing the location: the center for the town not a large supermarket, the
site is a concentrated area traffic flow business plan templates and convenient, the
market prospect.
6, rental shop, indoor decoration.
Average monthly turnover: 17,000 yuan.
1, supermarket items and complete focus, can provide consumers with daily needs of
food, daily necessities business plan download students to meet the needs of their time
A, according to the functions of goods, by type:
Subtotal: an annual turnover of 2.04 million yuan.
Third, market research (see table)
   Market research shows that: customers attach great importance to the quality
products, emphasis on product prices, clothing business plan, I personally think that
the market potential Still, if intensify our propaganda, to change people's
concept of consumption - consumption is equivalent to let the community Fa Zhan,
moderate consumption can contribute to social and economic development so that
social progress; So by various means and advertising, let people change the previous
feudal thinking, it is very important, also an urgent task. Supermarket sales of
products to rich.
2, four to five years to develop mainly in three areas to development: the development
of retail; the development of corporate clients; development membership card
customers; then strive to reach 18,000 yuan on profit, the annual profit of 20 million
or more. In less than three years after the investment recoverable 55 million, the cost
can be recovered.
3, from the convenience of the supermarket stressed, is to provide a good shopping
nearby residents.
Applicability. If you want to requisition land for the house to consider the shape of the
land area is consistent with the type of store, if the existing house will have to
consider renting the building construction, materials, and its plasticity in surface
design, warehouse supermarket shelves higher than the average mall, the
corresponding to require the building of the story is relatively high. But also to learn
about the development of urban construction planning requirements, details about the
location of the traffic, municipal, green, public facilities, residential construction or
renovation projects recently, the long-term planning.
3, try to find partners, because this project is relatively large, and there is a risk.
(C), competitor characteristics:
4, emphasizing the characteristics of certain types of goods, such as: fresh, producing
direct marketing, direct import from abroad, new, rare, special flavors, special uses.
14, opening the Action Plan:
Retail, a product can not be extraordinary ordinary commodity trading places, the
people she brought some hope, not lost to other industries. How to play this piece of
new product potential of the Holy Land, how to manage the success of merchandise
fan? It must learn how to do the right market research products.
8, products and services:
I am a college student, majored in computer science, interested in small areas of the
business. Now going to college, and his or her own love and longing on the run,
always wanted in his own town to open a supermarket, food business plan Pham Van,
use this to develop their own town's economy is the number of
supermarkets in Guangzhou to attract the I, I go to the supermarket shopping
inspiration, so I have generated great interest. According to my experience, funding
and understanding of today's society, decided to be careful, think twice
about how to write business plan because it has a very big risk, coupled with his lack
of experience.

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