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					Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
?Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in April 22, 2002, and
has over a hundred years by the experience of overseas life insurance Sun Life
Financial of Canada and strong together form the China Everbright Group is
China's first joint venture life insurance company north.

?China Everbright Group since its inception in 1983, business has developed rapidly,
now operating as banking, securities, insurance, investment management and other
financial services mainly large state-owned enterprise groups. China Everbright
Group, through China Everbright (Group) Corporation (Beijing based) and China
Everbright Holdings Company Limited (Hong Kong headquarters) management
inside and outside the business. Group wholly-owned, holding absolute and relative
holding, joint ventures and other forms of management shares more than 60
enterprises directly under the full use of both domestic and foreign market expansion.
As of the end of 2006, the Group's total assets reached 620 billion yuan.
?Sun Life Financial of Canada is the world's largest insurance and asset
management companies, has been in the financial services leader. Since 1865, Sun
Life Financial and its partners in Canada, the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, the
Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, China, Bermuda and other major world markets
business, for individuals and corporate customers a wide range of savings, retirement,
pensions , life and health insurance products and wealth accumulation services. Since
1998, for 8 years, crowned the "Fortune Global 500." As of the
end of 2006, assets under management reached 436.5 billion Canadian dollars.

Core concept
 * Integrity
  High integrity business practices to operate
 * Customer-oriented
  Market-oriented, always bearing in mind the customers interest first
 * The pursuit of excellence
  People-oriented, strive for perfection
 Value *
  Accumulation of value, return customers, shareholders and employees

Professional Team
   Sun Life Everbright adhere to core values as the focus, with a fair and efficient
recruitment mechanism, a wide range of training channels, humane human resources
policy, to provide each employee to display their talent, the opportunity to realize
their own value. The company has set up a high-quality, professional, young team.
Companies adhering to good corporate culture and establish a harmonious working
environment, pay attention to communication and exchange within the company to
give employees ample room for development.

Systematic training
   Company house training and external seminars combining form, employees such as
management training, English training, soft skills training, professional seminars in
various forms, multi-level training, and with the American Management Association,
Singapore and many other skills development center well-known training institutes
established long-term partnership. Meanwhile, the full use of the joint
venture's Ziyuanyoushi, Gongzuo based on business need to deploy
personnel to the appropriate professional training for overseas participants to maintain
and synchronize the international advanced experience and technology advance.

Comprehensive protection
   Sun Life Everbright receives "to meet consumer demand and the
long-term goals, access to sales staff recognition and correct product information
delivery," the insurance design and development of life insurance products
to meet customer family risk prevention, child development programs, disease
medical assistance, pension security and investment in a full range of insurance,
financial planning needs, so that customers receive the most comprehensive

Meticulous service
   Sun Life Everbright go all out to let customers enjoy the convenience, high
efficiency, high quality, professional-star service.
   Issuance of the temporary policy - breaking with industry practice, to provide cover
for the customer free of charge prior to the temporary protection of customer care
from start to finish;
   Sunny VIP Club - VIP customers to provide on-site claims, free medical services, a
pay, considerate and concerned about the feelings of value;
   Mobile medical vehicles - for the suburban and high sum insured medical services
to provide on-site customers, allow customers to stay at home to feel the Sun Life
Everbright convenient services;
   SMS services - to provide coverage, payments, failure to inform policy and other
messaging services, customers of insurance status, anytime, anywhere is able to grasp;
   Call center - a 24-hour self-service policy inquiries, agent identification, claims
reporting services, only from customers to run around exhaustion.

Consultative Marketing
   Sun Life Everbright's sales are through the company's strict
control, multi-layer filter. In the "move with the times, life-long
learning" philosophy, the company Sun Life Everbright established a
unique "four Academy" - Marketing Institute, Leadership
Institute, College of self-management, finance college, training sales staff to
"financial consultant" , "financial expert"
forward to provide "tailored" and "consultant-type
sales" service. Meanwhile, the company started the "private
insurance money manager" program for high-end customers with
personalized private banking services.
   Marketing Institute - basic training, advanced training in professional training
courses and first-class combination of international marketing concepts, help students
master the most sophisticated sales techniques.
   Self-Management - Effective self-management, develop good work habits, rapidly
enhance the courage and ability to overcome the difficulties, the elite training program
for life insurance.
   Financial Services Institute - excellent point, unique management theory, offer the
most forward-looking strategic thinking, and enhance students the competitive edge to
win the future.
   Leadership Institute - to train future leaders in the insurance field personnel, from
planning to management and staff to choose from by only showing the latest
international management concepts and techniques to help students become the new
economic era of professional managers.

Qing Li's pay
   - Social contributions
   In 2002, Tianjin, hematopoietic stem cells to support creation of a database of
donors, in the "with love for life-saving" activities in the Red
Cross donated 200,000 yuan to Tianjin;
   May 2003, to in-depth "atypical pneumonia" first-line
interview "Tianjin Youth Daily" reporters covering multiple
gifts of life insurance protection;
   January 2005, to fly to the implementation of the Indian Ocean tsunami affected
areas of Tianjin Health rescue teams presented each insured up to 300,000 yuan,
"Brilliant Life" term insurance.
   Since 2005, investors held more than 60 million "future leaders
scholarship" program for 120 customers to provide high school children to
university or junior high school increased in grants
   January 2008, the Tianjin School for the Blind donated more than three thousand of
the old calendar, for the blind Braille paper shortage impaired children to solve
   February 2008, Sun Life Everbright join the increase Fanggu Dong Sun Life
Financial of Canada, through the Tianjin Bureau of Civil Affairs to the cold wind and
snow disaster in southern China region suffered more than 835,000 yuan donation
   - Develop the market
   November 2002, jointly organized with the evening newspaper
"Approaching fiscal 2002" a large seminar to Tianjin public the
financial literacy;
   May 2004, and Tianjin translation associations, Tianjin University of Technology
jointly organized "Sun Life Everbright Cup competition in Tianjin College
of interpretation";
   May 2004, jointly held with Beijing to buy McDonald's
"Happy Meal" free accident insurance activities by children,
creating a fast-food industry in Beijing and co-insurance industry, the first of its kind.
   - Academic Support
   In 2003, cooperation with Nankai University set up the "Nankai - Sun
Life Everbright Actuaries Examination Centre", and sponsored the
publication of professional books, Nankai University;
   November 2003, and Nankai University, the Actuarial Society of North America,
co-sponsored "insurance business and risk control,"
International Symposium;
   June 2004, and Peking University on "China Life Insurance Company of
assets and liabilities management and supervision" of projects in China.

Develop quickly
   Currently, Sun Life Everbright has established a risk, bank and insurance, group
insurance, telephone marketing, high-end financial management, and other sales
channels by the generation of, and have opened in Tianjin, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu,
Shanghai and other provinces and cities to operate. Sun Life Everbright aggressive
pace will continue to deepen in China in the strategic layout.

Exciting future
   Sun Life Everbright adhere to the "long-term development and
contribute to China's" ideas and "integrity, integrity,
customer-oriented, pursue excellence, create value," the core idea, and
gradually expand to other cities in China, to become a professional and successful, so
attention of the joint venture life insurance company of people, access to consumer
preferences, reached the forefront of life insurance industry.