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Summer Liquor Sales


									Summer Liquor Sales
Summer wine sales (2009-06-14 21:00:38)

Summer, hot it intolerable heat, liquor consumption in low into the liquor sales
off-season, then the off-season, the liquor business in the busy to? How they carry out
marketing activities for? The end of the season ears are still ringing, a prelude to
season gradually into the ear, the problem with this type of liquor I visited a dozen
enterprises, is concisely summarized as follows:
1. Develop more favorable than in the past a more flexible promotion policies to
stimulate consumption in order to achieve the purpose of consolidating the sales.
Decrease in liquor consumption in the off-season, but that does not mean no one no
one drink consumption, liquor still was drinking, just drinking in terms of people and
always relatively small. Now, in large, medium and small cities, mostly
air-conditioned hotel, hotels throughout the year are spring and liquor consumption by
the end of this hotel and the climate is not obvious, reason that a number of liquor
manufacturers to stabilize and expand market share have vested start
"position to defend war": in Beijing, alcoholic liquor, Liuyang
River and other promotional activities vigorously; in Sichuan, Eguchi alcohol
purchase wine gifts for large-scale activities, wine gift, buy a special 500 ml 40
donated three, bought plenty of sending a 500 ml 5; in Hubei, rice flower group not to
be left to focus on the market in Yichang, a "parade floats," and
in various townships of hanging banners, bunting and other activities.
2. Training of marketing personnel, and comprehensively improve the overall quality
of marketing staff.
In the off-season, liquor companies are relatively free of marketing personnel,
uniform training together, to wash their brainwashing rechargeyour batteries, help
organize and open ideas, to combine theory and practice, to better serve the marketing.
Shuang'gou Group 100 in June to focus on marketing key elements for
closed-end Nanjing intensive training, and later, in July, Yangzhou University, School
of Business has invited professors, experts and scholars to group headquarters staff to
teach contract law, marketing, modern marketing knowledge; Anhui Gujing Group,
also in June for all marketing staff training.
3. Strengthen the market research activities.
In the off-season, you can extract sufficient staff, adequate time to conduct extensive,
thorough, and meticulous research, to better understand the market, know your
strengths, discover their own inadequacies, learn about the industry Jingzhengduishou
of Dongtai, Zuodao to know ourselves. In the "SARS" to obtain
initial victory, the presence of Shuang'gou Group flew over a large number
of marketing personnel to act as their own market information officer, with each
salesperson is a detailed questionnaire to survey the market, travel summary of the
questionnaire back, then submitted to the relevant departments of Statistics, sorting,
analysis, formation of research reports for top management decision-making. The
investigation has become the main assessment Shuang'gou Group clerk one
of the indicators.
4. Increase new product development and accelerate the pace of new listings.
Sales off-season, it is a golden opportunity to liquor manufacturers new product
development, introduction of new Distribution Issues is the best time to market, the
successful completion of the listing of New Distribution Issues for the coming season
are well prepared. Shuang'gou Group on 26 June in the ancient capital city
of Nanjing for a new product promotion and press conferences, grand launch of the
"Oriental Collection", "something presentable and
acceptable,"                                 "win-win",
"Shuang'gou Drunken Monkey" and other new new
brand products.
5. Playing the guitar, to seize market opportunities, business opportunities come and
Liquor companies to conduct trade promotion activities in the off-season, is
conducive to grab market intervention fighters, gain market initiative, through careful
planning and organization of scientific and strict management, standardized operation
of the market for the season to lay a solid foundation for sales. Jiannanchun Group
"Jinjian Nan" in Gansu, city, county market investment, while
another brand Jiannanchun Group "unity and happiness" gong
flag cloth tight round the country to conduct massive investment; Wuliangye Group
"Six        and      spring,"      Shuang'gou          Group
"peony", Sichuan Palace wine is also being vigorous investment
6. Held in various forms, a variety of manufacturers associations, manufacturers and
agents to enhance communication and feelings.
Various forms of associations, manufacturers and agents will not only enhance
communication and understanding, but also access to a wider range of market
information. Shuang'gou Group at the end of June early July held a
"customer forum", at which senior leaders and the general
Shuang'gou Group agents open, frank, so that the general agents to open up
and speak their minds, the development of ideas and suggestions for the
Shuang'gou Group ; the same period, the general agent
Shuang'gou Group also organized to "Singapore, Malaysia and
Thailand," play, so that manufacturers and dealers of feelings and soul.
There are four special winery Jiangxi also on the occasion of this year's
off-season, holding companies to get together and travel together hand the activities
of the Three Gorges Yong stroke torrents.
7. Current account of work carried out debts.
Current account is a headache for manufacturers to make white wine, this off-season,
some wineries held            a "debt settlement Week,"
"activities on debts," and other activities, inventory check
current account, the work carried out debts and accelerate recovery of its investment.
Marketing activities for more than seven liquor business in the sales season is the
main tactic used, I hope the general liquor business after the summer season all the
marketing tricks to make full pave the way for the post, there is a
"hot" in the harvest and sale of heat emerging .

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