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Strong supply chain management school - the University of Arkansas Sam - Wharton


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									Strong supply chain management school - the University of Arkansas Sam - Wharton
Strong supply chain management school - the University of Arkansas Sam - Wharton
 ?Because they are engaged in supply chain management, it has been further study
the idea, so the industry is willing to learn more about some of the information. I first
heard that the school was in 2008, Shanghai's international supply chain
management summit, was with a professor at the University of Missouri, to chat, I
gave you my desire to go abroad to study MBA, spoke of the strong supply chain
management school I was aware that some such as Penn State, Michigan State,
Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio State, etc., but this school is basically unheard of. The
professor then told me about it, and to evaluate its supply chain management is very
strong. No less favorable than I previously mentioned a few schools. Only because the
school's ranking in the United States as a whole is not high, and therefore
has little influence in the country. I went home and access the relevant information
and found that if what he said, the school does have some attractions. Then apply.
First, the ranking, we first take a look at the business school's ranking on
the United States this year, its overall business school ranking is 50. His
undergraduate supply chain management are ranked 15th, and his supply chain
management MBA programs are ranked top 20. This ranking is the professional in the
industry reflect the overall strength. In fact, it's retail supply chain
management is to lead the world, which is that it can squeeze into the list TOP20, and
many of the important reasons for par elite.
Second, scholarships, scholarships for this school is more abundant this year, 36
students in 15 places in the whole prize, which in the business college is very rare, or
even the only, which is to win an important measure to outstanding students. Also
reflect the purpose of this curriculum is not a profit-making, but for the sponsor
company personnel training. A lot of corporate sponsorship and government support
make the University of Arkansas Business School to become the most liberal college
in finance. In these 15 scholarships, the Chinese applicants can get about 5 places to
think about big business money to the United States to complete their MBA studies,
still very cost-effective.
Third, the teaching facilities, MBA program in new Walker Hall, the facilities are
advanced, in full accordance with the standards of Harvard Business School to design,
construction. Building this memorial straight line distance from Clinton's
former residence in the 200 meters, Clinton is the fortune in here, see Feng Shui
extraordinary. Of course Americans are not quite believe this.
Fourth, teachers, supply chain management, the school brings together a group of
teacher, there are many famous professionals in the industry, and the United States,
some of the major logistics company VP. In the past the year 2010 the first 4 months,
there is president of Wal-Mart's global supply chain, global M &
CEO, FedEx's vice president of entrepreneurial start-up seminars.
Particularly worth mentioning that in the first semester of MBA, students can hear the
Christian Hofer professor of supply chain management courses taught, who was born
in Germany, very friendly and talented, but still with a touch of German pride, he
Although young, but teaching is extremely full, clear and rigorous thinking,
eye-opener. Although I have accumulated 10 years of industry experience, but still
think that benefited from him. I think he met in college in one of the best teachers.
However, you can see a small part of the American and international students can not
keep up his train of thought, indeed I think his class requires a high degree of focus,
listening to one of his classes to listen to others than the two classes are tired, but a lot.
The next semester, so you can hear Matthew Waller's teacher enjoys the
reputation of the world supply chain management courses. They are a lot of large
companies, senior consultant for the company to do a lot of research projects. Also at
the annual International Case Competition in which supply chain management,
Walton School of Business team is always achieved very good results, it is his
teaching and research level of expression.
Fifth, the life of Arkansas's price level is relatively low regional, economic
pressure is small, but the local Chinese goods in short supply, not big city
convenience. Community is safe, the people are very honest. Curiously, although the
central and southern part of Arkansas City, but blacks are few. Very busy learning
MBA for international student concerned, in addition to the time in sports, other
leisure time is relatively small. School sports facilities, services to a longer period.
Sixth, employment, before the financial crisis, supply chain management MBA jobs
are 100% post-crisis to the present, employment, subject to certain attacks, but the
situation is still good. Personally, I think employment is mainly associated with the
personal qualities and efforts, and this profession in the United States are in great
demand. The school's supply chain management is also very good job Dr.,
without going through post-doctoral, can be directly found in other good university
teaching and direct salary is higher. But Dr. candidates, their longer relevant work
Seventh, the relationship between schools and enterprises, to hear the
college's name, we can guess his relationship with Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart's system of family and people who donated substantial funds to
support this school, This large number of school graduates have contributed to the
success of Wal-Mart. This school is near the headquarters of Wal-Mart. Now, we
casually opened a book on supply chain management, Wal-Mart can be found on the
case description, because it is leading the industry, because of Wal-Mart's
support, this college in this area guarantee there will be a great success. In addition to
Wal-Mart, there are a lot of the Wal-Mart suppliers, they all like to use
Wal-Mart's case out students, many of which are world-class supplier of
large companies. More than ten kilometers away from the school where there Tyson
Foods headquarters, the company is the world's largest meat company, is a
Fortune Global 500 in which the second largest food company in the United States
account for a large market share , the company directly manage their own team,
he's cold chain logistics very well, cold-chain logistics in China there is
still great room for development, those interested in this area friends can have access
to the relevant advanced experience and theory. The third is JBHunt large transport
companies, he is one of America's largest transportation company. There
are a large company was driven out, two months ago, FedEx's vice
president gave us a lecture, I asked the question is why Federal Express to move its
headquarters on the Tennessee, site of the reason? I asked like that remind me of the
patriarch of a sad thing, to him, they at first site in Arkansas, as measured from a
distance, Arkansas to the United States from most other points of the economy, but
rejected by democratic means Arkansas their suggestions, so they had to go to
Tennessee, Arkansas will be the world's largest express delivery company
driven out, can not but say that is a big regret. Even so, between schools and
enterprises is to maintain good relations of cooperation, Federal Express sponsored
many activities here.
Eighth, admission criteria,
l GMAT score above 680 is better, because the current average score had reached 640.
l multinational companies for more than 3 years relevant work experience.
l clear career planning
l If it is the domestic first-class schools can get bonus points

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