Strange that by fdjerue7eeu


									Strange that

   Gardenia inadvertently found opened a terrace, scented! Intended to dispose of it
this year, the bloom is much less and the worms, now smell the refreshing scent, then
changed his mind.
   29 Federation of Trade Unions issued a "Circular on Further Improving
the workforce and the views of social stability," which states that the
change in the way of speeding up economic development and further increase the
Safeguarding and Development of harmonious labor relations, to strengthen youth
workers new generation of migrant workers in particular, psychological counseling,
so that the majority of workers live with dignity, to achieve decent work.
   Foxconn case estimate is more garish, the starting point file for the occasion it! I do
not buy it for! See this report in to this thing before, although most of the business
trade union is deaf ears - furnishings, but Foxconn is not such a long time in China to
establish trade unions do not even have engaged in occasional furnishings, trade
unions What? "Labor Law" for so many years, according to the
law for workers to seek union in the end, what interest? Including the negative wage
growth, have not all workers share the benefits of economic growth, trade unions
inescapable responsibility!
   Of course, responsibility can not buck to the union, in our workers jieji
"body" of the country, the role of trade unions is not obvious,
not like European countries, trade unions the strike, as workers made their own
anti-jieji it! But in the economic powerhouse of thought, Foxconn benefits for the
local economy over the damage the interests of workers of the drawbacks, in turn,
become a shield on the local ZF! Until the world's largest OEM factory
date, Foxconn has been the blood of workers marching forward! In such a social
system of the country, is really strange that!

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