Step-down substation electrical design by fdjerue7eeu


									Step-down substation electrical design
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Step-down substation electrical design
29 000 words 76
Including the main electrical wiring diagram wiring diagram + mine + in English
The design is entitled "step-down substation electrical design",
whose main task is to 220kV step-down substation electrical part of the preliminary
design. Including the determination of the main electric connection, the choice of the
main electrical equipment, including circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, current
transformer, voltage transformer, busbar, transformer stations, etc..
All papers in addition to a summary of the book graduation in addition to detailed
descriptions of the various equipment options based on the most basic requirements
and principles. Transformers The options include: the number of main transformer
station, capacity, type of technical data to determine major; introduces the main
electrical wiring electrical main connection the importance of design basis, the basic
requirements, advantages and disadvantages of different connection forms the main
connection more choice, and to develop suitable requirements of the main terminal;
short-circuit current calculation is the most important aspects, this paper describes in
detail the purpose of short-circuit current calculation, the assumptions underlying a
general rule, calculate the device parameters, network transformation, as well as
Duanlu the calculation point of knowledge; high voltage electrical equipment options
include bus, high voltage circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, current transformer,
voltage transformer selection principles and requirements, and validation of these
devices and products introduced. Described in this paper under high-voltage power
distribution equipment design principles, requirements, and 60kV power distribution
unit, decided to adopt the design of factory layout phase separation medium. Relay
protection and automatic devices of planning, including general principles, automatic
device, the general provisions of the main transformer, bus and other equipment,
protection, and substation lightning protection is primarily aimed at the design of
lightning and the lightning arrester. In addition, the appropriate location in the paper is
also attached drawing (main wiring, lightning protection, etc.) and forms to facilitate
reading, understanding and application. Through this design to understand the present
220kV substation configuration, lightning protection and grounding the actual layout,
but also on the knowledge learned in the past to deepen the understanding.
Keywords: substation; load calculation; connection options; distribution system;
Lightning Protection
The topic that I design is that a topic designed this time is that "electric a
part of He Dong transformer substation is designed", its main task is a
preliminary design of a part to the transformer substation of He Dong.Including to the
electric sureness that mainly wire, the choice of the main electric equipment,
including circuit breaker, isolate the switch, the mutual inductor of electric current,
voltage mutual inductor, bus bar, stand with the voltage transformer and wait.
Whole thesis besides summary graduate to design the book outside, returned the
expatiation every kind of most basic request that equipments choose with principle
according to. The choice of the transformer includes: Main transformer use the main
technique in number, capacity, model number .. . etc. in set data of the transformer to
really settle; The electricity lord connected the line to introduce primarily the
electricity lord connects the linear importance, design according to, the basic request,
every kind of ......
Key words: Transformer substation; Power system; Mainly wire; power transmission

Chapter 1 of a thread
1.1 Electric Power Industry Modernization 1
1.2 The main elements of the design 2
Chapter 2 3 substation load calculation
2.1 The purpose of load calculation 3
2.2 Load 3
2.3 Reactive Power Compensation Scheme 4
2.3.1 the type of reactive compensation devices 5
6 2.3.2 Calculation of reactive power compensation
Chapter 3, the number of transformers and capacity choices 8
3.1 The choice of 8 main transformer
3.2 Determination of Main Transformer 8
3.2.1 Determination of the number of main transformer station 8
3.2.2 choose the type of main transformer 8
3.2.3 Determination of the main transformer capacity 9
Chapter 4 Determination of Main Electrical Wiring 11
4.1 Overview of main power line 11
4.2 The basic requirements of the main electric connection 11
4.2.1 Design Principle 11 main connection
4.2.2 Electrical wiring design of the basic requirements of the main 12
4.3 The choice of 12 main connection substation
4.3.1 220kV side of the choice of connection modes and Demonstration 12
4.3.2 60kV side of the choice of connection modes and Demonstration 15
Chapter 5 of 16 short-circuit current calculation
5.1 The purpose of short-circuit current calculation 16
5.2 Short circuit calculation the choice of 16 points
5.3 The impact of three-phase short-circuit current calculation 17
5.3.1 Calculation of three-phase symmetrical short-circuit the initial 18
5.3.2 Calculation of short circuit current of 21 specific
Chapter 6 high voltage electrical equipment and select 26 current carrying conductors
6.1 The selection principle of electrical equipment 26
6.1.1 General requirements for electrical equipment selection 26
6.1.2 The general principles of electrical equipment selection 26
27 6.2 Circuit Breaker Selection
6.2.1 220 kV circuit breaker side of the selected 28
6.2.2 60kV side of the circuit breaker selection 30
6.3 The choice of isolation switch 32
6.3.1 220kV side of the isolating switch selection 33
6.3.2 60kV side of the isolating switch selection 34
35 6.4 Selection of Current Transformer
6.4.1 220 kV side of the current transformer selection 37
6.4.2 60kV side of the current transformer selection 38
6.5 voltage transformer of 40
6.6 The choice of bus 42
6.6.1 Hard choices bus 42
6.6.2 choice of 43 bus
6.7 arrester 46
6.7.1 arrester parameters 46
6.7.2 arrester configuration 47
6.7.3 220kV side of the arrester selection 48
6.7.4 60kV side of the arrester selection 48
6.7.5 transformer arrester selection 48
Lightning protection of Chapter 7 and Configuration 50
7.1 Lightning and its protection 50
7.1.1 Calculation of lightning protection 50
7.1.2 The main requirements of 51 grounded lightning rod
7.1.3 Lightning Protection of the relevant provisions of the 52
7.2 Thunderstorm for over-voltage protection device 52
7.3 invasive spread to 54 of Over voltage protection
7.4 lightning positioning and needle from the 54
7.5 radius of a single calculation of lightning protection 55
More than 7.6 root calculation of high lightning rod protection 56
Chapter 8 Conclusion 58
References 59
Acknowledgements 60
Main Electrical wiring diagram in Appendix I 61
Wiring diagram in Appendix 62 Lightning II
English Literature 63 Appendix III

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