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									Status quo
The Chinese nation is a hard-working people, to hard-working Chinese people known
to the world. However, China is still the least developed countries, people do not have
a rich and happy life, now there are 120 million Chinese people living difficult. To ask:
why the Chinese people and not wealthy industrious?
In history, the control reality, we can find, in fact, it's very hard to be a part
of the system cost and transaction costs consumed, and that is the Chinese people put
the years of wealth created by some innocent people misappropriated and wasted.
One is administrative costs. "Two sessions", the CPPCC
National Committee members, State Department counselor Ren Yuling proposals
announced in a group of research data: the Chinese administrative costs account for
the proportion of total expenditure, compared with 9.13 percentage points higher than
the United States. A lot of money lavish party and government organs and the
phenomenon of conspicuous consumption is very serious. Rapid growth of China
administrative expenses, high administrative costs, has reached the point where the
world's rare. And administrative costs in recent years and continues to
climb. From 1978 to 2003 25 years, China's administrative costs have
increased 87-fold higher than the revenue growth and GDP growth. Administrative
costs represent the proportion of total expenditure was only 4.71% in 1978 to 2003
rose to 19.03%. The administrative costs in 2003 compared to 2000, growth of 192.3
billion yuan within three years, the average annual growth of 23%. At the same time
information, bus 2004 is 408.5 billion yuan of financial resources consumption,
consumption in 1999 of rules on the financial costs of cadres reached 300 billion yuan,
the national year of using public funds in more than 200 billion yuan, the total number
of three add up to 900 billion yuan above, if the revenue of 3 trillion yuan by present
calculations, it is almost one-third of revenue. 900 billion financial black hole, is
worth the administrative costs of reasonable doubt.
In reality, extravagance, and mutual comparisons are quite common, with the country
that is taxpayer money, that does not hesitate, very generous. As-standard with cars,
Gongjusiyong; Wenshan and a sea, eating and drinking high consumption, public
funds pay for luxury hotels and entertainment expenses; a variety of images every day
staged works formalism farce. In order to meet the convening of a meeting or
celebration, to meet the leadership of the inspection, to put in a lot of human and
financial resources. Variety of non-performance of acts such as bureaucracy, red tape,
buck wrangling, corruption, waste of resources generated a lot of achievements
preferences. Subject holds the reins of governance of public resources, regardless of
cost, at all costs, costly formalism, put the image of showy projects, it is easy to
operate in a public "performance of the black hole." Wrong
decisions at all levels of leadership are racking our brains losses, including investment
decision-making errors resulted in the waste huge amounts of money to introduce the
equipment or idle, or as waste, we are generous to say "pay the school
fees." The World Bank estimates, "Plan" to the
"Ninth Five-Year" period, the investment decision-making
about 30% failure rate, financial waste and economic loss of about 4,000 billion to
500 billion yuan.
Expansion of agency personnel time and time again. As of 2003, China's
number of 6.54 million civil servants, institutions, establishment number 29.03
million, and now eat "Financial rice", the total number has
reached more than 4500 people, plus more than 500 million people rely on
government-given right to practice spending money themselves. Our Government and
the public than has reached 1:26, more than 306 times higher than the Western Han
Dynasty, 35 times higher than the late Qing Dynasty, even with the reform and
opening up of 67:1 and 40:1 than 10 years ago, feeding on royal provisions were the
proportion of the population and rising fast, is unprecedented, and much higher than
developed countries. Proportion of GDP from the civil service and the targets, our
country is 39 persons / one million U.S. dollars, the United States, 2.31 persons / one
million U.S. dollars, which indicates that the relative number of our civil servants do
more in terms of economic development.
Overcrowding is not only not promote economic and social development, but had
many negative effects. In many places is still a "fiscal eat", and
some few poor areas make ends meet, many years in arrears of teachers, staff wages.
Many organizations and institutions, in overstaffing, inadequate funding, give full
play to the "power" functions, through the fees, assessed a fine,
to obtain economic benefits to maintain their own operation and increased the burden
on the masses.
In short, in our country, high administrative costs can not cure a long-term chronic
Second, the loss of state assets. 20 years of state-owned enterprise reform has not
succeeded, but the price people pay is heavy and huge. Leadership playing a
significant number of state-owned enterprises, "the temple abbot poor
rich" game, a large number of state-owned assets flowing into state-owned
enterprises large and small cadres of the pocket, while millions of workers are living
on the streets to be a small business, low income, be expelled to rush. If the loss of
state assets to conduct a full and careful verification of statistics is certainly an
astronomical figure, will make people dumbfounded. Only the central SASAC in
2004 the audit of the assets of enterprises, 181 enterprises reported losses of up to
handle all types of assets of 317.78 billion yuan, in recent years the Ministry of
Finance has approved nearly 100 million yuan of state-owned asset losses. 40
companies lost more than 10% of total assets, total assets of 40 companies lost more
than 20%. SASAC official pointed out that the central business losses occurred
largely with the lack of internal control mechanisms, the lack of strict supervision and
Central Bank, "China's Financial Stability Report,"
nearly 10 years, the state with huge financial and human resources to resolve financial
risks and maintain financial system stability. Since 1998, China in order to maintain
financial stability, largely invested 3.24 trillion yuan of the cost. ("The
Economic Observer reported," Nov. 13) In 2004, China's fiscal
revenue was 2.63 trillion yuan. 3.24 trillion yuan of financial stability, cost is only
required to pay the costs of many of China's one. 10 years the stock market,
7,000 shares of public investment losses more than 1.5 trillion yuan, which is directly
from the people wallets to pay the cost of reform, and that such payments continue. To
share reform, for example, computing industry, has been implemented in the share
reform of 108 G shares, investors have lost more than 5 billion yuan. If the Shanghai
and Shenzhen stock markets more than 1,300 companies all share reform, the less
investors have lost more than 500 billion yuan. These losses add up to is by no means
a small sum. 1.3 billion Chinese people are hard all the wealth accumulated losses
offset by waste. In these huge loss, some that we have to pay the cost of reform. For
example, the placement staff and workers of SOEs. But more than that is corruption,
mismanagement, and inefficient administration and other human factors. To the four
major state-owned banks, for example, its up to the 1 trillion yuan of bad debts to a
large extent by the banks of the "executive" of corruption lead.
In recent years, the banks repeatedly made major cases, each loss is often more than
100 million yuan. Eight of the last century, and the bank lenders nineties collusion,
loans get rich, everywhere, easy.
Bring huge losses as a direct consequence of the country without too much money for
public projects to improve people's welfare, thus reducing the quality of
life. For example, up to 3.796 trillion yuan in 2003 actual expenditures of countries,
only 21.33% for the citizens most in need of social security, pension benefits,
education, health four projects. Over the years, despite repeated calls for increased
number of people into health and education, but adding that to the state finance is
always a little sheer and not want to, but there is no extra money. Where is the money
used? Fill holes go to the bank, to support enterprise restructuring, and the bus was
using public funds expenditure consumed. Here is a interesting comparison of the data:
First, the administrative costs from 1978 to 2003, 25 years, administrative costs
increased 87 times; second, reform of university tuition fees from the beginning to 20
years in 2005, up 25 times. Between these two sets of figures do with it? Simply put,
the former is the latter reason, it is to say, is the excessive growth of government
management costs, administrative costs account for the revenue of 1 / 4 or even 1 / 3,
which leads the government does not have enough money to invest education,
resulting in tuition increases.
Third, corruption and loss. Hu Angang, an estimate in accordance with national
experts, corruption caused economic losses to China, an average of 987.5 billion yuan
every year to 1.257 trillion yuan in between, representing 13.2% of GDP to 16.8%,
the growth rate of corruption than does the growth of Chinese economy speed.
According to economists, research, reform and opening up, the power of capital, and
money has gone through five stages:
The first stage is the implementation of rural land contract, 20 billion yuan of
collective property into the hands of the collective cadres.
The second stage is the stage of commercial capital, early 80's rich and
corrupt means, from domestic commerce, foreign trade and tourism. Roughly
estimated that up 20 years, China's domestic retail sales totaling nearly 20
trillion yuan in the wholesale and retail sectors, 10% of the commission into private
hands, there are two trillion yuan of wealth transfer. Total 18 trillion yuan of foreign
trade, there are 20 thousand yuan 100 million yuan of wealth transfer. Plus travel and
other parts of the business capital formation process, the formation of trade by the
state monopoly to a private channel into the hands, about a 5 trillion of wealth
The third stage is marked by means of two-tier stage of production capital, corruption
increases the power of approval to directly depend on the degree of access to personal
benefits; 90 full track early each year spread is 70 billion yuan; 5-year 350 billion
yuan. 10% of about 350 billion transfer of wealth.
The fourth stage is the financial capital in 1992 after the stage, from the original stock
of the loss, the allocation of the amount listed on the stock to manipulate the stock
market bubble economy, real estate, insurance, fund industry, property rights, and
re-define, plan rates and long-term coexistence of the black market rate, lending the
use of power, each accompanied by a financial innovation in the interests of a great
redistribution of several hundred million to several billion dollars of non-commodity
level comparable, or even to the local judicial protection of rights of local creditors. A
large number of borrowers is not yet to the national credit to guarantee the use of
financial means riches, is the power of capital to finance capital phase of the
development of a natural product of the estimated transfer of wealth no less than 10
trillion yuan. Other kinds of abuse of power, such as law enforcement and fines
arbitrary charges, leading circles relatives, secretaries, drivers, etc. are not included in
the statistics Sungongfeisi.
In short, China's reform and transition in 20 years, the power of capital
formation, the benefits to the minority, no less than 30 trillion yuan. These, there is no
extravagance to a lot of waste, dereliction of duty caused huge losses me another.
Within the authority of the department, according to a survey a few years ago, the
National 200 Wanxian, regiment, division level or above, the senior serving and
retired cadres and their families, with more than 70% of national wealth; in the
national stock market stock market in the 60000 billion, of which cadres and their
families accounted for 4.5 trillion yuan; in more than 50,000 holders of 20 million
yuan in equity securities of persons, cadres and their families accounted for more than
4,300, nearly one-tenth.
The fifth stage is the power of the internationalization of capital, that after accession
to WTO.
Here just a few: Qi Huogui, already executed Hainan arch corrupt official, the
situation the moment the East city party committee secretary, bribes 1.876 million,
also his wife, Fu Rong English common unknown property of more than 1100 million
of these illegal property actually equivalent to at Oriental City the city's
fiscal year, one-sixth of income! Cheng Zhang a mouth, to get tens of millions; Wang
Baosen corruption, squandering of public funds of several billion! The original town
of Sha Tau Kok Town, Shenzhen City CPC Committee Secretary Zhang Si no
uncertain victory and said: "do not get hold of some 35 million a year on
Baihun it!" Really pale into insignificance!
In recent years, corrupt officials Laozu foreign money began to shift, has formed a
considerable scale. From the second half of 1996 to 2000 four and a half, funds, asset
outflow reached 900 to 1200 billion yuan, of which 65-70% are based outside the
capital flows into high-level, overseas and domestic and foreign cadres, cadres and
family members of their families abroad, the foreign account. In Hong Kong and
Macao Special Administrative Region government, and military retirees more than
13,000 middle-level cadres above the mainland and their families in the local value of
600 billion Hong Kong dollar assets more than 90% or more of the assets from
non-legal or illegal transactions in the normal legal possession.
Recessive economic experts said Huang Wei-cho: Mainland China through
underground banks each year wash out the black money at least as high as 200 billion
yuan, of which the nature of triad 700 billion yuan corrupt flight 300 billion, while
another 100 000 000 000 is the nature of money laundering, but not all dirty money.
Economic experts believe that Fan Gang, China in 2000 reached 48 billion U.S.
dollars of capital flight, foreign investment in China over the year of 40.7 billion U.S.
dollars. Nevertheless, overseas still think that this number is conservative. Because
the money through Hong Kong into the United States, Canada and other countries
easy. "There is a Chinese Hainan Island, the six director ran out; three
mayors to sit behind bars, the Commissioner sold the two intelligence",
said all the things in recent years. Lai Changxing has been Needless to say,
China's third richest paragraph 1 billion big embrace Yang Rong fled, the
former vice mayor of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department
Deputy Director Yang Xiuzhu on various properties purchased in the United States
can get all the rent. China two years to gamble in casinos in Macau have dozens of
high-level officials or leaders of state enterprises, the amount they lose money as little
as a few million, as many millions, the former Shenyang Municipal Committee, vice
mayor Ma Xiangdong group is like that. Corrupt officials, foreign circles are forming
into a sore, many wealthy Chinese, overseas not only luxury villas, car is also about
style: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lincoln. Look at the beautiful mansion, some worth
millions, millions of dollars, many one-time shot, cash transactions, so only on the
30-year loan, even a lifetime effort of the United States to pay neighbors to see
blindsided. Extent that countries have to conduct pursuit, Gambling, confiscation of
their passports, control of leading cadres to go abroad for extraordinary measures.
Fourth, unreasonable system environment. Currently, China's numerous
and serious unfair tax. In recent years, state tax revenue every year to a new level,
from 2000 to 3000 billion only two years time, a mixed blessing? And the pace of tax
cuts without raising taxes is always big and fast pace. Countries to take a lot more
people naturally get less. Earn some money, not small business operators the burden
of this tax that charges can not tell, but really earned a lot of money is always tax
evasion, for example is very rich in this, the star, real estate agents are paid the How
much tax?
I do not know what the progress of a request the first economist that
"reform is reducing the burden", and then they were some of
those in charge in that ass for the horse among the "burden" was
enlarged to use. Education reform, the people s money; medical reform, the people s
money; housing reform, the people s money. Education, health care, housing, which
in the last century, was the UN General Assembly adopted the "Declaration
of Human Rights" in the provisions of basic human rights, were all
declared to be citizens themselves. In a society with Chinese characteristics, resulting
in a new three mountains, firmly press the head of the Chinese people, devouring
people's wealth. The results of ordinary people afford to go to school out of
coverage, can not afford housing, life was quite hard! Some should be
market-oriented industry has always maintained a monopoly position, against the
interests of the masses.
Buying and selling phenomenon despite repeated prohibitions. Cadres are promoted
above, want to be cadres should run "money" into! So every
year for running after the money is not insignificant. The money come from?
Consumption or plunder public money of course flesh and blood. A cadre promoted
and paid a very high cost, how do? Power loses, using power from the people who
quickly get back. More promotion of cadres, cadres for the more ground, the heavier
the burden on ordinary people. As long as things are now, you have to spend money,
treat or gift, so to constitute a corruption chain - the food chain, people send things to
give grass-roots cadres, cadres of grassroots work to give middle-level cadres to send,
mid-level promotion and promotion must be sent to the upper and send fewer or send
the wrong not achieve its proper role. Thus, wealth step by step, layers of
concentrated up. This is the "Official Standard", "All
right there," a vivid manifestation of day after day, year after year staged
the tragedy, comedy, farce. Those corrupt officials have all day life of debauchery, big
bucks, to the mistress, mistress of the money shot is the hundreds of thousands,
millions, villas, cars free to send the money come from?
After the founding of China's long-term implementation of agricultural
support industries, rural support for cities, industrial and agricultural product prices
resulting "scissors" up to several thousand billion. Land is the
lifeblood of farmers, but farmers can not own the land into market transactions, can he
give eminent domain, and then sold by the state, the state requisitioned a thousands of
acres of land, tens of thousands range, changing hands on to sell tens of thousands,
hundreds of million, ranging from a few million. According to "Financial
Times" reported in 2004, experts estimated that China over the past 10
years, up to 1 million mu of land transfer, land transfer, but the market and
government compensation to farmers the difference up to 2 trillion yuan. Where the
money in the end? This is what farmers are deprived of the crux of the problem!
Farmers raise funds to do the roads, bridges, irrigation facilities, etc., property rights
do not belong to farmers. If farmers invest in electricity, transport, energy,
communications, infrastructure, etc., all the farmers to share property and income,
farmers will not have to be so tough, so poor. The late 80s of last century, the state
encouraged farmers to run food processing plant, a processing plant to invest
hundreds of thousands, millions. To 90 years, the state of a file down, do not allow
farmers to grain, and farmers suffered heavy losses!
According to Lu Xueyi, Mr. Guo Shutian such calculations, each of migrant workers
in the city to create value is 25,000 yuan, but each received the average wages of
migrant workers is only 6000-8000 yuan. Cities and developed regions of migrant
workers each year who get more than the residual value of 16,000 yuan. If the city is
100 million migrant workers, then farmers have been denied every year more than
16,000 million.
Abuse of public power. Law enforcement officers to set up stalls hawking goods
thrown to the ground, even hawkers threw three scooters carried away on trucks;
urban construction, street construction of the road is torn down, built it demolished,
shabby, corruption projects abound is; proliferation of fake and shoddy products,
monopoly industries - water, electricity, post and telecommunications sector interests
at the expense of the interests of the people. State-owned assets was riddled with
corrupt elements decay, lack of private property obtained legally protected, social
inequities are increasing.
Although not comprehensive enough summarized above, but you can probably
understand that one: What makes us hard-working but not rich, not happy!
The problem is, if the Chinese people to pay such a high cost, to state-owned
enterprises and government organizations and in return the system to improve and
reduce the probability of occurrence of corruption, but also better. Afraid afraid of the
cost paid, status did not improve, have been restructured from a number of enterprises,
banks and administrative departments, the worries are not redundant. If we continue
to pay the high costs of reform, if the state-owned enterprises, bank governance and
administrative bodies

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