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					Sponsorship skills
Sponsorship can be divided into four phases: planning, negotiation, implementation,
feedback. Each stage has a different focus and Methods.
First, the planning stage.
    ?First, the planning goals are clear: to convince the other party to make a
partnership with you.
    ?How to convince? This is the crux of the matter. I think the whole process of
persuasion is built on the basis of the feasibility of bilateral cooperation, namely in the
analysis of pros and cons of both sides to propose a program of cooperation for
mutual benefit.
    ?(A) the other party need? While the needs are very different, but in the final
analysis, there is also clear that co-produced by the other party wish to promote
efficiency, and thus bring economic benefits; would like to put a dollar to give him the
10 or more income ( part of a complex relationship of the other sponsorship.)
    ?(B) what our strengths and how to play? This is the answer to the previous
question, is to persuade each other and with him you are not a basis.
    ?(C) a combination of both, the basis of bilateral cooperation, put forward so that
the other publicity-effective security cooperation programs have a minimum, that
planning book. Of course, planning to do the book, first thought to be based on the
above investigation to find the feasibility of larger partners, targeted as possible. In
the process of finding a partner, take advantage of our special consideration and the
other meeting point. For example, school radio has the advantage of publicity;
associations also have different features, such as Computer Associates, to find the
computer business; Football Association to look for sports equipment and franchisees;
Fitness Association, the Fashion Association, for girls and more, go to beauty salons,
fashion make-up business, in theory, a higher success rate. In addition, the activities
themselves have their own characteristics, such as Putonghua Competition and
bookshops, than singing and dancing party to, will feel more
"counterpart." This is also an important condition to convince
each other. Planning to do the book, be sure to pay attention to self-positioning, which
is equal to emphasize partnership: you provide the financial, manpower me, we do a
good job with the event; I get your support to the activities carried out smoothly, you
in the course of by advertising, win-win situation. Therefore, self-positioning, of
course, can not be too much for the proud, but not too low and too
"cheap", because essentially a co-sponsorship. This requires us
to show the planning book to be objective and rigorous as possible, highlight methods
and implementation details. In addition, to be frank to be, can do, can not do, what
advantages and how it can play ... ... at a glance, no empty promises, so as to provide
business planning book you are reading this feeling: you are responsible , you are
experienced, you are considerate of him. Campus planning books generally have
several components: introduction, activity description, work plan, publicity, business
compensation plan, budget and so on. As for how to write a plan book, this is
something, but it is worth mentioning that the book written plan should think of it:
My goal is to convince the other side with me, so what material should be prepared,
should be how to organize material, and all around how to can most effectively to
persuade each other to start, because the ultimate measure of a planned book criteria:
whether to persuade the other's expectations. For the budget, we should
pay special attention. Clear and detailed as possible, how much cash and goods, cash
spent on where, what materials to use at a glance. Sought to leave the impression that
the other side: not on wild speculations, but to ensure the smooth conduct of the basic
requirements; every penny you have used something, you have cooperation in good

Second, negotiation phase.
   If the planning stage is the "love", then the negotiation phase
should "determine the relationship" was. Therefore, the phase
center of gravity is to resolve each other's doubts, detailed discussion, the
final identification of specific patterns of cooperation.
    ?First of all, it should be noted on some of the details of etiquette, such as (1)
clothing clean and more stable as far as possible, to each other hint: I respect you; I
was able, experienced; (2) not to be late, to the other party that: I am punctual, I am
trustworthy, and work with me right; (3) No bad habits, such as pull the nose, ears,
digging, toggle his legs, speak foul language ... ... must pay great attention to these
issues, especially the first time the two sides meet. Of course, this requires that we
normally would develop good habits.
   Second, we must make full use of voice, tone, tone, speed, gestures or facial
expressions infected each other. Notes: Only prior to convince ourselves it be possible
to convince others. Of course, it involves a "degree" of the
problem must be careful not to go overboard, or else too far, just the opposite. How to
grasp the "degree" of the problem, which requires you look
closely, flexibility, such as found in each other has been mobilized, you may be
appropriate to mention; if the other side showing a little hint of impatience, then you
have to sign up the pressure . In addition, the terms of cooperation for the planning
book, or brief list, or repeated stress, but also vary. So, how to observe? Observation
of facial expression, especially the observation of the eyes, is the most effective. I had
dinner with a friend, for a VCD, a friend glanced up, and this caught my eye was. I
will try to figure out: she is not like the star, at least like the song, or she and the song
has a "story." Later confirmed my guess. Some people say,
Look for all learning. If we as human communication is a science, then this field of
study's academic shortcut is: cautious. Of course, here also involves a
"degree"               of         the        problem,        which        is
"watching" instead of "watch intently," or
make other annoying, embarrassing both sides. How to make this
"degree" or the old method of observation of each
other's response, flexibility.
    ?Above are all talking about the process of interaction should be noted that, in fact
the important task of the stage to discuss details of cooperation with other issues, the
real goal is to establish relations of cooperation. Of course, that attitude should be
sincere. Can do to prepare how to do it, requires a clear and detailed, with particular
attention to is not sure the matter can not be freely agreed to down, as they bargain the
terms of the agreement will be based, once signed, in black and white, is to bear the
legal responsibility . Negotiation process, it should be emphasized that the form of
publicity that you can do, how they would benefit rather than to hype. Because
advertising is an investment, the investment is to take some risks. There are two
meanings: first, promoting efficiency is not equal to economic benefits, advantages
and disadvantages of the judge should be the other side to complete the work;
Secondly, the promotion effectiveness of the final acts to be achieved through
advocacy, publicity, therefore prepared in a manner which is what we all along to the
implementation highlighting, which is actually to eliminate each other's
worries, the other to help guide our judgments. Budget, the most important task of
negotiations. If you can make price adjustments, the concessions, or to make
concessions so runs the risk. If you can not compromise, then pay special attention to
speaking skills. There was an intention to co-operate business, just waiting for my
funds to make concessions, and I co-listed in the funding is very real, there is no room
for adjustment. Then I talked about three connotations: (1) our price is very real, and
largely spent on publicity, we are sincere; (2) the partners must cooperate sincerely, if
your prices also insisted otherwise requires, then, is your lack of sincerity in the
performance of co-operation (Note: this probably means, but it can not be said, or
change for you, will not stand for; but had to express the meaning clear, otherwise fail
to accurately target ideographic; but if you truly understand each other, after Italy, or
will feel uncomfortable, then we must add the third sentence); (3) do a good job with
the activities that we common goal, the necessary funds are not "cut
corners" of; our price is very realistic so we should not spend time on 12
pick up a bargain in the 200, but should discuss how to ensure that the activities done
best This is more favorable to both sides (in fact, has just discuss details of
cooperation. I only wish the crown to divert the topic). A result, other managers
agreed to cooperate on site closed. In fact, the whole process of negotiations is
actually a positive figured out each other's psychology, and 11 targeted the
process of resolving contradictions. Finally to emphasize that, in the whole process of
negotiations, to be sure to stand in each other's point of view of interest to
consider the issue, the reason is simple: the only other party to recognize your
accomplishments his sake, he benefited from the activities, he was willing to invest,
you to get funding. This is the key to the whole process.
Third, the implementation phase.
   ?In the imagination of many students, sponsorship is only limited in the former two
steps, that got the money over. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Contract, the money,
but the beginning of cooperation, the real work has just begun, but also the
implementation of such agreement, but also to provide feedback. For the
implementation of the terms of the problem, not just attitude, or the nature of the
problem, the decision is a partnership between the two sides or the relationship
between fraud and fraudulent. If the former, a win-win; If the latter, appears to be a
win lose, is actually a "lose-lose", often by fraudsters
"once bitten, twice shy." The fraudster " penny wise,
pound-foolish. "As an example, the Society gave me ticking site screws up
one thing, many of the other inputs, but the publicity is not good. It stands to reason,
no longer afraid to come to me the other co-operation, but subsequent talks activities
are still looking for us, and "funds controlled by us, items at our
disposal," The question is why continue to trust each other even more
confidence in us? The reason is simple: the activities are not successful, mainly
caused by a variety of objective factors (including bad weather), and in this whole
process, we are responsible, our performance is to make them satisfied, and therefore
does not affect the next cooperation. Bad things can do some good results, best
embodies a person's overall quality, which is critical not only to your
ability of doing things, but also because you have a sense of responsibility. How to
implement the work, I think the best way to communicate with each other regularly, to
discuss and put into practice. Here also involves positive feedback problems.
  Fourth, the feedback phase
   The answer to a question: Why feedback?
   ?First, the required feedback, which spur the commitment you put in place, work is
carried out. ;
   ?Second, from the perspective of learning and training, only feedback, and
businesses communicate to sum up experiences, lessons learned, and thus improved.
   ?Third, advertising is an investment, investments have risk, due to subjective
reasons, no one can do is let each each business fully satisfied (not to mention some
business expectations too high), then in the feedback process more and businesses to
discuss what the problem is, whether the remedy ... ... Generally speaking, as long as
you do the work place or even the basic place, businesses are generally not too
difficult for the students, businessmen hated the money before the Ruanmoyingpao,
take the money and then not see trace; businesses fear most is the feel cheated,
especially by "student frog" feeling cheated, feeling than losing
some money but also the uncomfortable.
   ?In addition, feedback is the "wages". First, the good service
can      only      say      "repeat",         the      second,      these
"repeat" go-between often happy to learn, to help introduce you
to others, we can imagine a very high success rate of such cooperation; Third, if you
are good at communication, You can explore some of the other topics of mutual
interest, often to establish a good relationship, while the other is often the elderly rich
life experience, you can learn many live by it than anything else. Moreover, if the
other party trust you, admire you, they will support you.

Finally, make a little summary. Sponsorship of the tips is "bold, but
cautious, thick-skinned."
  ?This is in fact the pursuit of girls "Seven Words payment by
the" I Jia received the communication in the field it is useful, you can see
is indeed the "Golden Classic."
  Bold - to deal with strangers beyond the psychological barriers.
  Cautious - Look for all learning.
  Thick-skinned - the nerve, such as hand cocoon, the more wear thicker. For
example, I have been able to'm presumptuous, expert, all attributed to
long-term outcome of temper - the nerve is thick enough.

Notes 1. How to get the company's Contact:
1.114 search company number.
2. Obtained through the association or the brothers and sisters have contacted the
company's contact information.
3. When shopping, take note of the various businesses of the contact telephone
number, they may become your next sponsor.
4. Through the network of the company contact.
5. Goods of the company through the contact.
6. Through friends, classmates, family members have the company contact.

Note 2. Contact the company noted a small problem.
1. Do not waste too much time there, the receptionist, she was not the right decision.
2. When companies ask you to fax in the past, do not ignore him, better to say to send
home or directly to meet and talk. Because you can fax the price is not affordable, and
most are inconclusive.
3. To a company, no matter how you fail, how the lack of sincerity and interest in each
other are good, you have to get one of the contact person (the card).
4. Sponsorship, apart from the introduction, then the less the other, let your sponsors
more than words, and carefully detailed reply to his question. And record his views
and opinions.
5. Sponsorship when the note referred to specific details of things. In this case the
company will think we are well prepared and seriously.

College Work-Study Program Information Center Department attendance

Sponsorship of the preparation

1, to find suitable sponsors, the general sponsor to consider sponsoring you, is to see
whether their products are causing in your consumption on campus, preferably on
campus wanted to open a great market for the product endorsement business, such as
Computer brand agents, supermarket (supermarket style best) ... ...
2, prior to the sponsorship must be clear to all relevant provisions of your school can
provide to each other what kind of supporting services. For example, in schools,
whether lying propaganda propaganda points your school does not violate the
provisions of Security Department, a banner out in schools where there are not
allowed, etc..
3, for what kind of activities, funding activities in advance of the budget, probably to
the need for what amounts to, then what kind of trade-offs made under the auspices of
the amount of (more or less than the budget of)
This is almost, if certain provisions of the school is not very familiar with the best
sponsors the first to write a simple report to your superiors look at the student union,
conservative leadership to sign an agreement so to avoid surprises after you made a

Sponsorship preparation
First, prepare a comprehensive and detailed customer list, including communication,
history of previous sponsors.
This is a list of aggressive development and collection, do a monthly survey,
resembles the go practice, collecting business cards, telephone, so you can eat
"back to grass."
Second, know your customer (sponsor)
Understanding of business conditions (with or without the necessary sponsorship,
financial strength that situation), you can see the unit's website, bulletin
boards, windows, wall version, presentations and so on. You can also learn a number
of relationships.
Third, warming-up program book (multiple copies), notebooks and pens (for new
customers to have business cards and work permits)
1, harmonious contact with customers
① Direct Go door to door; ② phone; ③ Fax; ④ E-mail; ⑤ joint use;
2, telephone interview
1) ① net: List of call control, providing information to each other, to relevant
information by fax or E-mail to the other party;
② follow-up: After reading the other information whether or not cooperation. To
leave room for a turn, always make allowances for an;
③ sure: If you are interested, you need further information, can further talk about a
time to meet.
2) It should be noted
① telephone interview if not targeted, high failure rate, then be prepared;
② appointment object is not found, number one, or at the wrong time, number one is
busy in no mood to talk to you;
③ Select the appropriate time should be called;
④ did not understand the business needs point;
⑤ talk bad attitude, the other one would not like you. Should pay attention to tone
and attitude;
⑥ each other really no demand for this
⑦ appetite to hang each other, the activities of right and mysterious thing, not the
phone, go into the details, because he could not.
Third, interview (continued)
① punctuality, respect for each other; ② conversation skills; ③ communication,
listening, asking, detailed answer;
4, modified plan, the company intends to do a more detailed letter of intent was.
5, contract: 1) to determine co-operation was the signal, to promote the single, it was
the opportunity the moment, opening signing (prepared in advance a copy of both
sides to see if that changed after the opposition, changed simply re-)
6, implementation: compliance, for the sake of sponsors, sincere, that we will do the
best to do, then the implementation process the public, we must detail the division of
labor and responsibility to the people, by the book. The public in the implementation
process will face many unexpected things, to communicate with sponsors in a timely
manner, if the interests of the tilt to them, not to be confrontational. No additional
amount of sponsorship, does not reduce the return earned from the sum of affordable
If you feel that good must be shared. . . Everyone is happy to celebrate together than
alone. . .