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4. Ryeowook (Kim Ryeowook) After the discussion SM China, officially Kim
Ryeowook Chinese name to make the results: Gold Ryeowook
Name: Ryeowook (Li Xu)
Real name: Jinli Xu / Kim Ryeowook (official)
English name: Kim Ryeo Wook
Korean name; ?
Japanese Name: リ Newspaper ウ ク
Nickname: Xiao-meng (meng lovely meaning), small Xu, youngest, chocolate Prince
(Xiao-meng ultra-eat chocolate Oh ~ ~ ~)
Birthday: June 21, 1987
Blood type: O type
Interest & Hobbies: composing, playing computer
Specialty: singing, composing, piano playing
Fans Name: Asahi rice, Alice
KTV will sing the track: "tottering toddler" (high-Yu Zhen)
Charm indicators: talking eyes, cute smile
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite Food: kimchi fried rice, Kung Pao chicken
Favorite movie: action movie genre
Average daily sleep time: not more than 5 hours
Height & Weight: 173cm/58kg
Motto: to do everything
Advantages: careful, careful, kind, nice voice
Most want to do now: make super junior more love people
Has been carry around things: mobile phone, bag
What most want to have: free time. Recent events, especially busy practicing and
recording the reasons, little free time does not really like to have some free time
In the world on their most important: family, friends and members of super junior
Now write the best English is: My name is Li Xu
Chinese fans want to say: Hello, everybody! My name is Ryeowook!
Education: DeokWon Inha University Film School of Arts subjects
Debut experience: 2004 3rd ChinChin Songs Festival Silver Award
06 members of the calendar Xu, Yi Sheng, Kui-yin in the years to form Super Junior -
KRY combination, as "DW dogs" sing the theme song
"only one", succeed, and to "only one"
single series debut.
Li Xu, as a team total was the smallest, in fact, Motonori and Kui Yin young than him,
but because a very small sub-Li Xu, a radio program said they always do,
"youngest",           so    they     end     up    "youngest
Li Xu in life is full of good little, always restless to learn music, and Kui-yin is the
kiss songs as background section, a more remarkable ability to adapt, not how long it
will be able to enter SM debut.
Li Xu's father is also doing music, so he nurtured from childhood by the
music, from the beginning, intent on to do high school singers.
Reading time every day to go straight home and father learning music.
His character is very introverted, quiet and cheerful, but do require considerable
character artist.
His friends know he has this desire, every good time when we should take him out,
his ability to exercise.
4 years later, Li Xu attended the kiss song festival, won the silver.
Li Xu was also fat, he said he entered SM company, every day a lot of rope skipping,
upheld two years to reduce the results today.
2007 film "chain of terrorist attacks took men of beauty" Union
members (before the source of the pensioner)
SuperJunior 05
Release Date: 2005/12/5
Record Label: SM Entertainment
Distribution: SM
01) Miracle Miracle
02) Twins (Knock Out)
03) You Are The One
04) Rock This House
05) Way for love
06) So I
07) Over
08) Keep In Touch
09) L.O.V.E
10) Believe
11) Twins (Knock Out) Inst.
Super Junior - U [Single]
Release Date: 2006/6/7
Record Label: SM Entertainment
Distribution: SM
01 U
02 Endless Momet
03 Lovely Day
Smtown / chorus song
TVXQ & SuperJunior --- <Show Me Your Love>
01) Show Me Your Love - TVXQ & SuperJunior
03) I'm Your Man - SuperJunior
2006 Summer SMTOWN (2006/6/20)
01 Red Sun - SM TOWN
03 Dancing out (Super Junior)
11 Smile! (Super Junior)
K.R.Y. (Super Junior)
Release Date: 2006.11.10
Record Label: SM Entertainment
Only love one person (Super Junior-K.R.Y.)
The Night Chicago Died (Super Junior-KRY)
SMILE (Super Junior-Kui Yin)
Just You (Super Junior-K.R.Y.)
Stop (Super Junior-K.R.Y.)
Snow OST (2006.12.07)
03. Stop (SuperJunior-KRY)
H.I.T OST (2007.4.11)
01 Success - Super Junior
06 H.I.T - Super Junior
2007 Summer SMTOWN (2007 年 7 月 5)
02. To travel it (all)
03. Happiness (SuperJunior)
04. Eve's Warning (BoA Feat. Prodigy)
08. Tied shell (mixed voices) 09. Under The sea (Mixed)
10. To travel it (Instrumental Version)
Album Title: 2 series - Don't Don
Album Language: Korean
Label: SM Entertainment
Release Date: September 20, 2007
01. Don't Don
02. A wish you (Sapphire Blue)
03. You're My Endless Love (if not)
04. Hate (Hate U, Love U)
05. Disco Drive
06. Marry U
07. I Am
08. Follow love (She'S Gone)
09. Missin 'U
10. Mirror (Mirror)
11. Our love (Our Love)
12. Midnight Fantasy
13. Thank You
14. The distant past (Song For You) - [Bonus Track]
Second edition issued series B, C, D version
B version: retro cover, an increase of 4 tracks
Marry U (New Version) - new
A Man In Love (Original Ver.) (Thirsty)
The girl is mine (final outcome)
A Man In Love (Remix Ver.) (Thirsty)
C version: is the basis of the original 14 songs, plus a new version of marry u no that
three new songs, but there are members with a DVD video, gifts. Send. A poster
D version: Inline MP3, can not write can not be duplicated, all 17 songs
Kim Ryeowook reason behind the nickname】 【Xiao-meng
Meng 』 word meaning cute in Japanese in a 『』 mean
Xu is very cute as small, so call him Xiao-meng.
Another. 』 Meng on the specific meaning of the word
Those interested please see the following professional analysis. = 0 =
Meng originally refers to the vegetation of the primary bud, but later the Japanese
otaku's anime and other preferences are used to describe extreme
preferences of things, but usually right (especially the animation of) women, therefore,
Meng え now also be used to describe a lovely girl. However, the appearance of cute
and lovable of men (as is too) can also be used to describe.
Originally the term used should be fired え, but because of sprouting and fuel え え
homonyms, and Meng え better describe them (otaku) of things like the state, so
later with sprouting え the.
[Edit this paragraph] 5. Kyuhyun
English name: ChoGyuHyun
Chinese Name: Jo Kyuhyun
Japanese Name: キ ュ Hikaru Newspaper ン
Korean name; ?
Birthday: 1988.02.03
Constellation: Aquarius
Build: 180.5cm/63KG
Blood type: A type
Family members: father mother, sister (Jo Jarraud)
Charm indicators: smile look in his eyes, long fingers
Debut: in 2006 the first single, U SUPER JUNIOR
Kiss Songs Festival 2005 Bronze Award
2005 Buddy Star Gold
By the end of 2005 the company entered sm
May 27, 2006 Ment I concert on to super junior u debut as the first 13 members
November 5, 2006 super junior-kry group activities
Album works:
SuperJunior 1st Single 'U'
Hyena / watching my money Billy / Snow / HIT / Air city OST
A series of karaoke heaven Chi Hei
SuperJunior regular series Don't Don 2
SuperJunior M Series regular a 'ME' fans
MV works:
"Red sun"
"Dancing Out"
"Snow Dream"
"Only love a man"
"Just U"
"Don't don"
"Marry U"
"Only Love"
"Chinese U"
Participate in drama:
06 Ment Super Junior Home Theatre
07 - 08, SBS Super Junior human expedition
Education: Kyung Hee University's Department of Modern Water Campus
in Reading 2006
AKA: Little 13, Little Yin, Jin Kyu, Game Guyana, FH Prince, FH Yin, Yin leader,
king, black small abdominal attack, old and young, small turtles,
Fans Name: sunflower sunflower
Favorite type of girls: have nice legs, only care about my girls 『13 with his best
buddies said: to find a girlfriend after his legs to look good, even more important to
filial piety, but also smart, a little (too demanding high) 』
Favorite Artist: Brown Eyed Soul (brown eyes super man) into a poem Luo Jing Su
Favorite Female Artist: Kim Tae Hee
Favorite Movie: "Reconstruction of criminals"
Favorite episodes: <<Zhu Meng>>
Like to eat the food: pork chops seafood
Do not like the food: greasy food
Want the fans to say a word: I will be tireless Kyuhyun
Best at English: I do not speak Chinese (Oh lovely with almost 13 often heard him say
this Chinese standard, 13 standard Chinese pronunciation amazing!)
Popular mantra: NO.1 attendants children (laughs) NO.2: too Xianghua the
(laughter ...)
Most would like to recommend to the Chinese fans of Korean specialties:
The most powerful specialty skills: singing
Kyuhyun most intimate Jie Mi ~
1, high school for some time to eat a lot of fat, in band management to image hard to
lose weight, once and 250, like thin, accident incident, lost 20 kg ~ ~
2, the father is the president of the National Federation of review, Jo Ying, the mother
was known as the world's flighty sister, the first mother, youngest sister
and Kyuhyun's relationship is not generally good. The whole family is love
Kyuhyun, contrary to the sister was severely ~ ~ ~ ~
3, we all know, is the denomination of the students in the high-profile Catholics SJ,
more to the missionary development, youngest family is devoutly religious ~ ~ ~
4, Kyuhyun schools
Primary: Secondary Ping Elementary School
School Motto: honesty of children, intelligent children, healthy children = =! ! !
School beauty: winter jasmine School Tree: Pine
Junior: Xinchang secondary school
School Motto: to work hard to learn, correct words and deeds
School beauty: Chin-chu school grass trees: sandalwood tree
But Kyuhyun said that the school ethos in broadcasting is not good, not to mention the
name of the school
High School: Salt-ray Colleges
School beauty: Rose School Tree: Ginkgo biloba
Former female high was in 2003 when a coeducational, small-13 is the first
post-reform students. He loved this school, that as precious as oxygen is also a friend
from here.
University: Kyung Hee University
Needless to say the fame, Oh, but the 13 admitted to this university because of poor
play (words, youngest, if you play good, is not to be the Harvard of Cambridge ah ?)
13 is a small school in the music department, Kyuhyun no time to go to school, he felt
"like this when it is felt occasionally in a room" - a very weak
relationship, "do not like college life"
5, in the Middle School participated in Buddy Star qualifying time, won a gold medal,
award 1 million won.
6 members and he said, "You listen to a brother who's word for
it! ~ ~" Is the eggplant said Dad, he said 13 and the resistance of rebellious
phase ~ ~ ~
"You're playing the games put you into a game
character!!!" Do not know which members of the outbreak when he was ~
7, pneumothorax: When air or other gases into the pleural space surrounding the lungs
caused by the collapse of all or part of the lung disease. Kyuhyun not because of an
accident while pneumothorax, spontaneous pneumothorax in the high school senior
when looking from another, undergone surgery, surgery gave him great pain.
PS: vision, hearing, drinker I am sure you all know, a word is a hard child ~ ~ ~ 13
have to carry ah
8, claiming to be asleep snoring is severe, will drool (you hanging so honest mud
9, life events
①, because of a ramen families to give my brother to do, unfortunately put too much
water, so surface extremely light, hence the name Han Ramen ~ ~ ~
②, not good at cooking, dry fried ham, a reminder in the eggplant, the increase of it is
sesame oil ~ ~ ~ ~
③, said to himself, the children are always in the Christmas stockings hanging on the
bed so the Santa Claus gifts, but the bigger the gift you want, put pants hanging bed =
= +! ! ! ! (Oh OMG, the amount of land a tan hey ~ ~ ~ ~ Your talent ah ~ ~ ~)
④, old and young in the bed incident we all know, but this person is reflected in a bed,
said "bed asleep back pain" ~ ~ ~
⑤, like the game, a student, always and students to discuss, he said he did not pocket
money when playing games at home on the nest (MS money too ah ~~
⑥        ,      played       the      game,       "Millennium,"
"StarCraft," "Diablo," recently become
fascinated with the "raid"
⑦, small 13 particularly like ice cream, which Doublesice is his favorite.
⑧ , favorite movie is "re-constitute the crime" in like
"**" before like "Lovers in Paris"
⑨, is "**" rice fever for the ratings made little contribution to
the ,"**" total of 81 sets, 10 months after release, but no matter
where a person will Kuangzhui a look. After reading a lengthy costume epics like
"**" after the "Big Oak Wing", old and
young like Stairway to Heaven in the theme song, when the toilet in their own homes,
they love to sing the song
⑩, nicknames, there are many, many, DANCING Guyana, because he is one of the
black hole SJ Dance ~~~~~
Stingy: In order to recover the loan of 2,000 won (about 16 yuan RMB) and best
friend fight, a student never got any money out, so a friend of a fare ... ... ... ... ... sort
of thing more too numerous to mention even I admit he is a
"stingy" and Kyuhyun that this is a good "financial
management" approach = =! ! ! (ELF you learn to point, what is financial
management and what is saved, after all the table any money out ~ ~ ~)
10, an irresistible eloquence
Let eggplant are Zhaojiabuzhu Hercules team, and Xiao-meng students will be
distributed with double the power of the two youngest team with little devil on the
program when the eggplant is really painful ah ~~~~~
[Edit this paragraph] 6. Zhou seek
Real name: Zhou Mi
Korean Name:
Date of Birth: April 19, 1986
Birthplace: Wuhan, China
Constellation: Aries
Height: 185cm height
Weight: 64kg
Hobbies and specialty: singing, MC, lyricist, Korean
Education: Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus School of Arts and
Communication, Department of Medial arts undergraduate professional 2004
Lunch nickname: seasonings, Mimi, cabbage, Koala
Personal preferences ★ ★
Favorite drink beverage: Coke
Like to eat the fruit: watermelon
Favorite animal: puppy
Favorite color: black and white
Favorite cartoon character: Duola A Dream, Crayon Shinchan, Conan
Favorite movie: if only
Most want to go: the United States, Hong Kong
Favorite singer: Lee Hom, David Tao
In 2002, the second MTV-new singing contest and won the championship
2004 Shanghai Asian Music Festival New Artist Competition and was the first
country in northern coastal New Talent Award
2005 MTV-Musicnation idol engineering trials, the top winner
2005 Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus "Ten Campus People
MTV-2005, the third new Samsung air school singing contest, was second runner-up
in Guangdong and the National Campus Idol Final Artist
Converse Schools Music Festival in 2005, was vocal champion
Warner, 2005 Hit King singing contest winner,
MTV-New Talent in 2005 trials champion in Guangzhou area
CCTV Challenge 2006 host Guangzhou Division first place in the country of 16
<due to the Korean study music out of the race>
May 2007 SMUCC CONTEST Star Challenge "Explosion! Most
recommended sector," the first prize, award
Individual original works:
SJ-M debut album <love you love you LOVE SONG>
<MARRY U> <long>. The word of
2003 "Wenquxing" electronic dictionary product spokesperson
Wang Lee Hom Beijing Fan Meeting 2005
2005 Warner satellite television awards ceremony, won the rookie award
Repeatedly participate in television programs and guest performers
February 27, 2008 Zhang Li Yin new album release, the first time China's
new status appeared to play SM conference chair
April 8, 2008 to SJ-M combination of members in China debut
Official debut: SJ - M
SM Entertainment on April 8 officially open the new combination of SJ-M. SJ-M
even before his debut in China and throughout Asia within the broad range of cause
for concern, they are the first team formed by the South Korean and mainland Chinese
man combination, by the Korean CT (Culture Technology) for the whole building,
entered the present-day Chinese music industry, to the full realization of the Chinese
localization, Chinese music as the best star for the goal.
The meaning of M
SJ-M of M is the Mandarin Chinese mandarin acronym, it also said that the SJ-M
Chinese music for the stage will be flying wings of the great aspirations of its
members is to get the most popular in China, Chinese Super Junior members Han
Geng-based Cui origin, the East China Sea, Li Xu, Gui Yin but also the new members
joined Henry and Zhou Mi of China constitutes a total of 7 groups, thus further
enhancing their degree of intimacy between the Chinese people.
SJ-M will work with local Chinese singers who compete, actively launched various
publicity and promotion activities, aimed to become a star of mass music market,
while leading the new epidemic of mass culture.
The first album "fan (Me)"
Mid-April, the Chinese mainland for the first station, also in South Korea, Taiwan,
Thailand and other Asian regions be issued by SJ-M's first album
"fan (Me)", which includes much loved in Korea and Asia The
Super Junior's song 'U', 'Don't
Don', 'Marry U', 'happiness' and
other songs of the Chinese version, also includes a pledge of the 2008 Beijing
Olympic Games held in the song' The One 'and' fans
(Me) ',' love you, love you (Love Song) 'the five new
songs, there is a cover of Sandy Lam's' at least you'
and so a total of 12 songs, to attract the public expectations of fans and attention to
this album .
[Edit this paragraph] 7. Henry (Henry)
? 2006 年 S.M. global trials Casting
English Name: Henry Lau
Korean Name: ?
Name: Xianhua
Date of birth: October 11, 1989
Height / Weight: 176cm/63kg
Institutions: AY Jackson Secondary School (early graduation)
Constellation: Libra
Zodiac Year: Snake
Blood type: AB type
Family members: parents (Hong Kong & China Taiwan people, I was born
in Canada), a brother, a sister
Language: English, Chinese (would say will not write, but write alphabet) Cantonese,
Japanese, French, Korean. Korean is his first in 6 languages, is learning ...
Features: violin, piano, hip-hop, drums, ballet, Latin dance, singing
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Food: litchi (in Thailand when he was the ~), a small snack (in a outdoor
program, the photo in her hand, holding snacks)
Do not like the food: spicy
Favorite sports: tennis
Personality: modest, polite, very quiet
Features: I am white, skin very good, very cute, precious boys
Like girls: small eyes, a dimple cute mature MM
Results: He studied violin for 11 years, 6 years of ballet, will be Latin dance school
for a year breaking the race up. Won 10 silver violin, Ontario, Canada, champion, also
specializes in street dance and piano. The school of arts activists, as their school
principal violin, piano champion, he still has a band, (drums) and hip-hop is also the
title ~. Said that math sucks, originally known as the Wang Lee Hom in schools from
an early age the first 2.Henry received a variety of training, not only have outstanding
violin playing strength, but in both singing and dancing with extraordinary
Experience: In 2006, Henry organized by SM company stand out worldwide draft,
after signing a SM's artists, and SM has been signed, made films in two
years. Through their tireless efforts and perseverance we finally received the
recognition in the September 21, 2007 as a special guest Super Junior two series the
first time in the formal arena, then plan and Super Junior members Han Geng and
other people started the composition of Super Junior-China activities. Now as Super
Junior-Mandarin (sj-m) a member of the official debut. SJM released album,
"fans (Me)". SJM on April 8, 2008 Music Billboard awards
ceremony debut!
16-year-old Toronto-Chinese Junior Xianhua, at the Royal Schools of Music 10 exams
to get good results and won the silver medal recognition.
Xianhua is the North York AY Jackson Secondary School Grade 11 students, Xianhua
mother Mrs Liu yesterday introduced his own three children piano, Xianhua is her
second child, he began to study violin at age 6,7, in January of this year Violin
examination at the results achieved in 95 minutes, get 10 silver medal in the violin
category. Love the violin's Xianhua also studied piano, he studied piano
exam, 10, loving performances Xianhua now to start learning dance. Public-spirited,
he also had a local charitable organizations such as her current campus and the Yee
Hong Centre for seniors playing, he was the Chinese community's
"1000 Marceau Feast" performed.
Mrs Lau that Xianhua violin to get good grades, talent, interest and guidance of the
teachers are very important, especially to a high ranking, the teacher's level
more important. Xianhua education teachers from Russians benefited greatly.
Related Websites
Xianhua Chinese Web:
Baidu Henry Bar:
Constitution ? Mu-HenryLau (Xianhua) Fans Club:
HenRyLau'S .. Chinese CyWorld:
Henry's most afraid of small animals
One day a certain period.
SJ-M interview is host asked Henry: henry you hate animals what?
Henry mouth of a deflated, did not hesitate to say: I hate dogs.
Moderator curious: Why?
Henry look of innocent: Because every time I call it when it did not respond to
me. . . .
Moderator laughed: Henry ah ~ it's because you#¥%%¥# ... ... why he
ignored you, ah!
Henry look of black line | | |
You know the host to say is?
Because you are bun ah! Goubuli buns (Tianjin famous restaurant) granted another!
Hey ~ ~ someone suddenly thought of ventilation. . . Was cold to the. . . I is not
responsible for ~!
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080 418 080 425 Jiangsu Arts Channel "very big star" (SJ-M)
080 419 080 426 Hunan Economic TV, "I most up people"
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(lower) (SJ-M)
080829 Hunan Golden Eagle Film Festival guests
080 919 Eighteenth Qingdao International Beer Festival guest performer
080 926 Seventh China Huaiyang Food Culture Festival "at least
you", "fan (Me)", "love you, love
you" (SJ-M)
081 024 3 sets of the same song sang Central "at least you",
"fan (Me)" (SJ-M)
081 025 Angie beautiful rural section of the opening "fan (Me)",
"love you love you"
081231 Hunan TV New Year's Eve concert guests
090 202 090 203 Hunan Satellite TV to "tell the story"
090 208, Guangdong TV, "rising star" guest performers
090219 Anhui Satellite TV Sohu Entertainment Festival
2008.11.15 sixth Southeast Best Music Festival "the most popular
combinations Award"
2008.11.16 ninth CCTV-MTV Music Awards and "Best Portfolio Award
for the Mainland"
2008.12.15 Tencent Star ceremony, "the most popular combination of the
Super Junior-Mandarin Concert
2008.12.06 Beijing fan club
2009.02.13 Wuhan fan club
2009.02.14 Shanghai Minhang Stadium FM

2009.04.26MR access "Campus Choice Award"
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