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Simon Fraser University Simon Fraser University
Simon Fraser University Entrance requirements:
1, high school graduation. Entrance door to every single subject achievement score of
2, TOEFL iBT of not less than 88 minutes, no less than 230 test machine, or machine
test of not less than 250; IELTS 6.5
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Simon Fraser University Introduction:
Simon Fraser University (Simon Fraser University, referred to as SFU), located in
British Columbia, Canada Burnaby City (Burnaby), was established in 1965, is a
medium-sized university. SFU of the three campuses, its main campus in Burnaby
(Burnaby) on a hill 1200 ft. above sea level, covers an area of 430 acres, about half an
hour's drive from the city center, known for its distinctive architecture in
the world, beautiful campus environment, From the hilltop overlooking the entire
Lower Mainland, Garden City, panoramic view of the Gulf and the island's
beauty, its main institutions and administrative departments are located here. Harbour
Centre Campus (Harbour Centre Campus) is located in downtown Vancouver, and
only 8 miles away from the main campus, has a unique style of the old mast elegant
architecture, the main campus, Harbour Centre, is half-day (Part Time), and evening
classes. Another SFU campus in the Greater Vancouver area of Surrey (Surrey).
Between the three campuses in Vancouver, the world famous "air
train" connection, the traffic is very convenient.
Simon Fraser University (Simon Fraser University) has been founded for 40 years,
since founding, the liberal arts and science school has written the most important
academic research, and later as society changes, SFU on towards a more diversified
teaching women's studies from the application of mathematics to the
curriculum are presented in different styles of knowledge. SFU in the humanities and
natural sciences are very strong in all disciplines cooperation between the innovative,
professional high level of cooperation projects even better.
Over the years, SFU, Canada Jenny Macklin magazines (Maclean's
magazine) of the Comprehensive University (medium-sized university) has been
among the best appraisal, has been rated the best in Canada Comprehensive
University, and University of Waterloo in Ontario, Maguire Cardiff University and the
University of Victoria, British Columbia to compete. SFU in scientific research,
academic, and educational fields is still very good, she's in Computer
Science, Communication Engineering, Business Management, Biochemistry,
education, linguistics, psychology and other departments are very good, has been
named Canada's best University with development potential
Free University of Alberta, the Advisory Tel :4006-170-158
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