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Since the last log to have more than 1 month.
Too lazy to clean, do not want to think of those days at home. Makes me miss.
A lot of anything to say, where to start.
Want to talk, talk a lot, do not know and who to talk.
To Melbourne appeared to be at one month's time, busy and monotonous
daily life. Turnover in the school, hs, train, tram, city. So a little time. So in the eyes
Would like to say well here. Would like to say, I do not want to home. Say, hs home
too expensive. Would like to say, I can stand. Want to say that parents should be very
happy that you live like. Say, all my feelings are buried forgotten. Want to say that I
really fear that insists on not going.
I would like to have support.
Want you, my dear friends.
More like family. Although I do not say. I want you to see me bent side.
Therefore, travel time from home, into the security, the two aunt cried, cried Grandma,
my brother cried, and even small uncle cried. Mom and Dad I can not see them,
I'm afraid I see them cry. In this way, I do not have tears come to Australia.
Days of calm, as always, was. But in 15, my mood suddenly panic.
Alumni jumping. Two classes of small classes. Man, I have increased over the school,
have a little chat a few.
Everyone says he is a very, very good people, so jump off, he forgotten all the
conventions, finding himself relieved.
In fact, I should not have to think about, he is not the people I know. However, I saw
him in the eyes closed when jumping from the 16th floor look.
He will calm it? He was thinking. He forgot all, forget the love of his people.
Do not blame him. It was his own choice.
Hope that his friends can go to his house to see his parents, instead of his filial piety.
Want their parents to calm as soon as possible.
On the same day, to see the Shanghai Business School, four girls have no other escape
a fire, jumped from the 6th floor of the message. Shocked.
This is how the.
College students who need to protect the safety in the end.
Patterns girl. Maybe they are still the previous day for the next day to worry about
what to eat breakfast.
Life is too fragile. How come we have to endure such incidents.
Too many unpredictable things, life may be vulnerable.