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									Shen Che: Folklore Photographic Association of China
Shen Che
?☆ 1947 Born in Shanghai.

☆ 1966 graduated from the Shanghai suburbs high school, students Propaganda
"suburb newspaper," managing editor, middle school, high
school volleyball coach, head coach of swimming teachers and students. During the
annual July 16, all with Chairman Mao swimming the Yangtze River Day activities
led them across the Yangtze River, is a National Class Swimmers Winter swimming
coach any of Hongkou District.

☆ 1968 年 -1,978 years assigned to the Shanghai Bureau of Transportation office,
also serves as the delivery of Council volleyball, volleyball, Hongkou District, main
setter, and Shanghai Youth Volleyball, Volleyball coach Zhabei and other social

☆ 1978 年 to 1980 Museum of Shanghai Institute of Education of any audio- visual
crew chief, deputy director, the film studio in Shanghai science training in
photography studied under Mr. Zhang Xiong, shot during the "second set
of teaching martial arts exercise," " flow can use,
"" probability "by the Ministry of Education Award.

☆ 1980 年 9 月 10-year period -1,982 Propaganda Department of CPC Shanghai
Municipal Committee formally approved resign, after the founding of the first case
the implementation of bicycle travel photography activities. Lasted more than two
years, travel three miles, guided by the Shanghai Photographers Association, the
Xinhua News Agency and Photographers to assist the provinces.

☆ 1983 年 3 month from the State Ethnic Affairs Commission's
"Southwest Style - Shen Che Tsai- feng, photo exhibition," held
in Beijing in the National Palace, served as Vice Premier, State Ethnic Affairs
Commission Director, United Front Department of the Yang Jingren comrades speech,
when he was State Councilor , Defense Minister Zhang Aiping comrades of the
ribbon-cutting for the exhibition. Later in Shanghai, Qingdao and Guangdong,
traveling exhibition.

☆ 1983 issued personally by Comrade Yang Jingren national Illustrated special press
card, started to plan the work of national interviews and has been filming an interview
with China's 51 ethnic minorities.

☆ 1983 年 -1 993 years, he became director of the National Customs Office of
China International Exhibition audio- visual Arts Minister nation.

☆ 1985 since the system started the folk theory of photography, and China began to
promote photography, 10 years as Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai
Fudan University and other tertiary institutions, units, factories, mines and other units
to the theme of patriotic education culture photography seminars.

☆ 1989 China Foreign Languages Publishing House in English, French, Spanish,
Japanese Shen Che photography and the author of "In the Valley of
northwest Yunnan," describes life of ethnic minorities in northwest Yunnan,

☆ 1990 onwards the main paper, "Time and Folk Photography Popular
Photography", "Folk Photography - human memory,"
"folk photography history," "organization, culture,
oriental photo mighty army of the world" and one after another in
photography magazines published in the press.

☆ 1991 年 People's Daily published record of their visit to Yunnan secret
territory alone the "End of the World solitary journey."

☆ 1993 Folklore Photographic Association of China founded and served as
Executive Chairman, legal representative, General Zhang Aiping as the post of

☆ 1994 was employed as researcher at the Central University for Nationalities.
China hosted the first of a series prepared by the folk photographic materials.

☆ 1997, published in "Ethnic" postcards set of four groups,
namely        "People",    "Architecture",
"Festival", "life", this is the first group
reflects the ethnic Chinese living postcard.

☆ 1998 in Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House photographer Series included Shen
Che's "End of the World Solitary Journey," a book,
and reprinted issue.

☆ 1998 年 12 月 first of the world's first theme of a folk culture of
international large-scale video game - International Folk Photography
"Human Contribution Award," the successful completion of
Year competition, hosted in Beijing Hotel, a grand prize at the awards evening and the
Museum of History Exhibition opening at the same time over the first World Folk
Photography Workshop.

☆ 1999 年 8 月 16, accepted by the Director-General of UNESCO, Mr. Mayor,
signed "on the use of UNESCO's logo and co-hosted the second
annual human contribution to the prize competition," the power of

☆ 1999 at UNESCO support, began to build the world's folk Photography
Association, and was recognized as a UNESCO World Folk Photography advocates
and organizers. Shen Che 1999, chaired by the China Association of Folk
Photography accepted by UNESCO as an official partner and become authorized to
use the United Nations "International Year" logo and the only

☆ 2000 年 6 month in Quanzhou, co-sponsored the auspices of UNESCO and the
Association of the Second World Folk Photography Workshop. From Britain, France,
the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Singapore and
other photographers in over 20 countries, diplomats attended the meeting.

☆ 2001 presided over the Third International Folk Photography &q uot;Human
Contribution Award," a comprehensive work on race, national cultural
heritage also embarked on the initial survey work on protected areas a nd cultural

☆ 2001 years as a photographer represented at the Seventh National Culture on
behalf of the Council.

Important to promote international exchange activities:

★ 1987 年 6 month from Hong Kong Commercial Press published a monograph,
"southwest of Mystery Miles", and translated into Braille,
recorded tapes with the issue. Also invited the Hong Kong Commercial Press, Hong
Kong to attend premiere events, and organized individual film festivals. Period, all
newspapers are published in the Hong Kong special report. TV stations in Hong Kong
"Hong Kong Morning" column to do, "Chinese
Ethnic Folk Culture" series of lectures, and invited to accept the
"Enjoy         Yourself       Tonight",       "Wonder
Women" and other sections of the interview.

★ 1988, the Taiwan version of "southwest of Mystery Miles"
was published.

★ 1989 年 2 月 应 French Embassy invited to do at the embassy,
"Chinese Folk Photography" exhibition, organized by three
consecutive special slide lectures.

★ 1989 年 7 月 Japanese version of "Miles Southwest of
Mystery," published by the Japan Society Hang Man. Invited to Japan to
attend the launching ceremony activities, personal film festival held.
★ 1989 年 9 after the Korean War, China's first month as a photographer,
went to South Korea exhibition, field trips, and Korean folk photography exchange.
Seoul, South Korea of Chinese Studies and Cultural Anthropology Department jointly
organized a large lecture, to do, "Overview of Chinese culture,"
the slide presentation. Receiving television interview in Seoul. After returning to the
national authorities should be invited several times to organize Korean society,
economy, culture, and life, slide lectures to introduce the overall situation in South

★ 1993 年 12 月 应 Ministry of Culture of India, "Indira International
Conference on the National Museum of Archaeology," the organizing
committee invited by China's Ministry o f Culture appointed as our
representatives to participate in India's Madhya Pradesh capital Bopple
International Conference papers published pictures - "China's
nomadic history of footprints," first image in the internatio nal cultural
academic papers in the form of greatly appreciated.

★ 1995 年 12 月 -1,996 led to Myanmar in January to hold two folk photography
seminar, while in Myanmar by Myanmar Minister of Culture Myant will be an

★ 1997 年 8 月 应 US-China Friendship Association invited, in the Capital
University of Economics, Ph.D., University of Delegation for the United States to do
"Chinese Ethnic Culture," slide lecture, focusing on Tibetan
folk culture in five provinces, causing great shock. Listeners have said: Our
government supports the independence of Tibet was so ridiculous.

★ 1997 年 10 月 应 France-China Friendship Association invited to introduce the
International Folk Photography in Paris, "Human Contribution
Award" in competition with the purposes and preparation for the first time
into the UNESCO's speech, are highly valued.

★ 1997 年 12 月 应 foreigners in Beijing, club president, invited by the
Australian Embassy ambassadress to more than 80 diploma ts who first introduced by
the Chinese Folk Photography Contest - "Human Contribution
Award" in competition, to show the world the China's
contribution to world culture.

★ 1998 年 4 月 应 organization World Press Photo Contest invitation to visit the
Netherlands, the Executive Chairman of the International Photographic Competition
listening experience, the establishment of World Press Photo Contest (Jose) and the
International Folk Photographer of the Year Competition (Chinese race) relations of
★ 1998 年 5 月 访问 founded in 1853, the Royal Photographic Society, the
establishment of the Royal Photographic Society Photographic Society and the Folk

★ 1999 年 9 月 invited by UNESCO to attend the State Council Information
Office in Paris, France organized by Chinese Cultural Week, exhibition of
"Chinese Minority Cultures" exhibition, a cultural week in
China only a display of ethnic culture exhibition.

★ 1999 年 9 month "China's Minority Cultures"
exhibition in the world's leading Eerbeiken Museum. Aerbeiken Museum
Since its opening the museum collection on display only a hundred years ago, the
French banker, Mr. 阿 尔 贝 肯 恩 give everything they shot around the world
sponsored by the cultural historical pictures, this exhibition as the first museum
exhibition non-collection of works, is now curator, Ms. bud Suolei selected, organized
by the UNESCO. Month, the two exhibitions in Paris by the French
public's great concern, many media evaluation: Shen Che is the
reincarnation of 阿尔贝肯恩 successor.

★ 2000 年 3 month "China's Minority Cultures,"
as the "international image Professional Salon" only a photo
exhibition organized by UNESCO in Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition Hall.

★ 2000 年 3 21 in China's Permanent Delegations to UNESCO and the
Chinese Embassy in France and co-sponsored by the Cultural Office of the slide
lecture, a talk on "China's Ethnic Folk Culture",
Permanent Mission, States Embassy in France, UNESCO officials, and hundreds of
French celebrities who attended the lecture slides.

★ 2000 Vancouver city council years should be invited to visit Canada to listen to Mr.
Councillor Daniel the city to apply to the Third International Folk Photography
"Human Contribution Award" in the idea of race.

★ 2000 年 9 月 Babiniya attending the 12th International Photography Festival in
France, is to participate in the photography section of the first Chinese photographers,
and participating in this photography section of the 50 countries of the well-known
photographer, a large photo agencies carried out and exchange ideas.

★ 2001 年 6 月 select "Chinese Minority Cultures," photo
Sharon independent artists on display in France. This is the main salon paintings on
display was first exhibited works of Chinese photographers.

★ 1987-present visit to India, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Korea, Japan,
Britain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Canada and nearly 20
countries, became the world's folk culture propagator.

★ 2002 年 5 28, UNESCO formally issued a document: will the third
"Human contribution to the Award" event included in the
international activities of the United Nations Year for Cultural Heritage project, and
grant use of Cultural Heritage emblem of power.

★ To commemorate the "World Heritage Convention," the
30th anniversary of the promulgation, to celebrate United Nations World Heritage, the
third term, "Human Contribution Award" competition will be
held in October this year in Beijing held a grand ceremony, winning the opening
ceremony and the third World Folk photography workshop.

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