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					She lives in poetry reading Jiaying Introduction --- Thoughts

    Today, the "Writers Digest" article, see the description Ye
Jiaying, to realize that in the past and uncle always talked with me about the aunt is so
well-known figure.
    Jiaying is my fourth uncle's sister, I have seen her a few face, she had me
face to face English exam.
    I remember when aunt wrote that "Jialing on the word", it is
dumped, those ancient poems in her characters are so beautiful! Because I like it, also
got an aunt signed a "Jialing on words." At that time my aunt
was looking for someone to help her organize lecture recordings over the years, uncle,
aunt asked me want to help. I listened to several dishes, put it very well but finishing
up a very time-consuming, but I was busy work had declined. Now my aunt has been
sorting out the recording of lectures the book, called "Jialing that
poem," I bought the 7's intention to learn.
    In the past have often heard her aunt's story: her frustrations, her
struggle, but did not think she is now a celebrity, but much of the celebrity!
    This is be found online on the aunt's description:
    【Information】 Jiaying, Nankai University, Institute of Chinese classical culture,
doctoral tutor, Canadian, Chinese classical literature expert, Fellow of the Royal
Society of Canada, a former professor of National Taiwan University, Harvard
University, visiting professor at the University of Michigan and Columbia University,
Canada University of British Columbia professor, and employed in domestic
universities as a visiting professor and Honorary Research Fellow, Chinese Academy
of Social Sciences Literature.
Jiaying, No. Jialing. 7, was born in Beijing in 1924 as a scholarly family, ancestors of
the Manchu Yehenala Department of Mongolia. Father Ye Ting Yuan, Yong Shun
words, young Cheng family learning, familiar with the classics, works in calligraphy,
graduated from Peking University Department of English, first working in the
aviation department, in translations of Western aviation publications, entered the
Chinese airlines, any of the Personnel Section long post. Mother and Geography,
word cube, his childhood home by a good education, taught at a women's
vocational school, marriage, resigned his teaching position, serve Ungku, with
husband homemaker. Parental education has a female 2 children, was the eldest
daughter of Ye Jiaying.

Jiaying 3,4 age parents start to teach her to recite poetry, recognizing Chinese
characters. 6-year-old tutors to read with the "Analects of
Confucius", 9-year-old admitted to focusing primary school, a year later,
he was admitted with equivalent legislation Peiping two Girls. In 1941, only
17-year-old Mr. Ye Jiaying with honors admitted to the Chinese Department of Fu Jen
Catholic University, specializing in Classical Literature. College, Jiaying studied
under the famous Professor Gu Sui classical poetry, and won the Professor Gu Sui
appreciated. Between teachers and students often joined in the chorus, leaving Sylvia
masterpiece. Jiaying University, graduating in 1945, began her teaching career.
Jiaying to her outstanding talent, while employed by three Chinese secondary school
teacher, deeply loved by the students.

Jiaying married in 1948 moved to Taiwan with her husband. Beginning from the
50's full-time professor of National Taiwan University, which later was
Tamkang University, Fu Jen Catholic University, employed as part-time professor.
Trained a large number of Chinese traditional culture and classical literature
professionals, has now grown all over Europe and the United States mainland and
Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions famous experts and professors. Here, there
are a number of European and American students learn from a teacher in Jiaying, has
now grown to sinologists. 60's, Jiaying invited as Harvard University,
Visiting Professor, Michigan State University. In 1966, Ye Jiaying was sent to the
United States went to National Taiwan University, lectures, served as the U.S.
University of Michigan, Visiting Professor at Harvard University. This makes
teaching and research Ye Jiaying won more room, she was one of the few English
teaching in China Chinese scholars of classical poetry, and she conceived while
peaches and plums, while Hai Tao Wei of Harvard University Asia Head Mr.
cooperation in research, attended a number of important international conferences,
and now these results have been published at Harvard University. During this period,
mainland China and the Western world as the long-term isolation, Jiaying of teaching
and research activities, the spread of Chinese culture in the West has made important
contributions, the impact is immeasurable.

In 1969, Ye Jiaying settled in Vancouver, Canada, he was tenured professor University
of British Columbia, Canada. In 1978, Ye Jiaying apply to return to teach the Chinese
government in 1979 approved. Began the annual leave for home use to teach busy
career. 20 years, she was invited to Peking University, Nankai University, Tianjin
University, Nanjing University, Fudan University, Sichuan University, Yunnan
University, Hubei University, Xiangtan University, Wuhan University, Liaoning
University, Liaoning Normal University, Heilongjiang University, Lanzhou
University , Xinjiang University, and dozens of university lectures and she should be
invited to all social groups, held several influential classical poetry a presentation.
Jiaying's lecture, by seven or 80-year-old scholar to 17, eight young
students widely welcomed and praised. After retirement in 1989, Mr. Ye Jiaying
annually a full term in the country lecturing. The rest are active in Canada, the United
States and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other places of classical poetry forum. In
the same year, Jiaying was elected Fellow of Royal Society of Canada.

In 1991, the request should Nankai University, Nankai University was founded in Ye
Jiaying, "Comparative Literature", 1996, Jiaying abroad by Mr.
Cai Zhangge which raised donor funds, the construction of the Institute office, and the
Institute changed its name to "Chinese Classical Institute of Culture.
" Today, the Institute of Building has been completed, Jiaying Institute also
donated half of the pension (million dollars), the establishment of a "camel
Temple Scholarship" and "never made" academic
activities fund. "Camel Om" is the teacher Mr. Gu Sui Ye
Jiaying alias, use the "camel Om" named scholarships in honor
of teacher Mr. Gu Sui, but also to enable students to appreciate the alumni of Chinese
classical culture for the significance and keep the responsibility.

Ye Jiaying She created classical Chinese poetry, teaching, the Institute has made
outstanding contributions to receive the highest honor. Jiaying was elected in 1990
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Nankai University, Teng Wei-Zao, the home
country of light two principals personally presided over the General Assembly,
congratulated Jiaying won this honor. In 1999 during the National Day, Ye Jiaying
was also honored by the State Department invited to attend, held at the Great Hall of
the 50th National Day and National Day celebration dinner.


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