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Shanghai-known law firms: Aurora Law Offices


									Shanghai-known law firms: Aurora Law Offices
?Shanghai Aurora Law Offices (formerly Shanghai Second law firm) is
China's lawyer system was restored, the first comprehensive set of
powerful law firm.
   The professional division of labor practiced. Set in accordance with professional
services: foreign investment, finance and securities, maritime, real estate, economic,
legal and other professional Criminal and Civil Affairs.
   Aurora Law Offices in Shanghai has a total of nearly 100 lawyers. One partner of
11 lawyers, employment lawyers and more than 80. To 13 experienced and high brand
recognition and good business performance to lead a group of senior lawyers with
higher professional education law, proficient in foreign languages, business skills
deep in the middle-aged legal counsel. The Institute now has from the British,
American and Japanese lawyers and law training for home master 12.
First, foreign investment, the Ministry of Legal Affairs:
   Is engaged in foreign legal affairs professional organizations. Employed as
foreign-invested enterprises and foreign-perennial or special legal counsel, agents
involved in joint ventures, Sino-foreign cooperative, foreign-owned enterprises and
technology import project negotiations; drafting, review, testimony, or dealing with
legal instruments; agent of economic, trade, finance, tax, insurance, technology trade
and transfer, lease, mortgage, trust, enterprise liquidation of nuclear production, stock
change and transfer, tender and other legal matters; contractors overseas, Hong Kong
and Macao and the introduction of the legal affairs commission and commission on
behalf of a foreign link, Hong Kong and Macao counsel to handle the legal affairs;
agents to foreign affairs arbitration or litigation.
Second, financial and securities law Affairs:
   Aurora Law Offices in Shanghai is China's Ministry of Justice, the
CSRC has confirmed the first batch of qualified legal services in securities law firms.
This is from the mid-eighties has been involved in the Corporation's
preparation, has for the Highland Health Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tire Rubber (Group) Co.,
Ltd. and dozens of joint-stock companies and issue of restructuring, the listed A
shares, B shares, H shares as well as SW, Cathay Pacific, China and other securities
firms underwriting the stock offers a full range of legal services and legal opinion.
The dozens of securities which also served as the company's legal counsel,
has undertaken a large number of securities disputes. The number of foreign banks are
also providing legal services on many occasions, including the drafting, amending,
witness the international financing agreements, mortgage loan agreement, purchase
the mortgage loan agreement, the export agreement, financial lease agreement.
3, Maritime Legal Service Division:
   Its business scope is: to accept foreign legal persons, citizens of the commission,
agent maritime, maritime disputes in the transfer medium, arbitration and litigation.
At the same time as domestic and foreign trade, shipping companies and institutions,
social organizations, legal counsel. Deputy ship valuation, auction, agent maritime
declaration visas and other legal affairs.
Fourth, the Department of Real Estate Law:
   Accept the domestic and international legal commission, as a corporate legal
counsel and real estate consultant; participate in the UN building, and participation in
land tenure, land transfer, construction bidding, real estate sale, sales, real estate guide
development and operation of enterprises according to law activities; assisting in the
drafting, review, modify the relevant legal instruments; to provide legal testimony,
issued legal opinions; Dan Renfei defendants Huo Susongdaili, to participate in
mediation, arbitration or litigation, to help Gong Min, Farenchuli disputes, safeguard
the consigner legitimate rights and interests.
Fifth, economic and legal affairs department:
   Specializing in economic and legal affairs, was engaged as legal counsel.
Participation in various economic contract (agreement) negotiations, testimony,
drafting and revision of various legal instruments; agent all kinds of procedural law
matters, such as business registration, intellectual property, finance, insurance, tax,
property transfer; various economic agents contract (agreement) dispute negotiation,
mediation, arbitration and litigation, so that the legitimate rights and interests of
enterprises guaranteed by law.
6, Criminal and Civil Legal Services Division:
   Accept the legal, civil commission, for all kinds of civil litigation, and the parties to
accept private prosecution cases, public prosecution case the defendant employed as
an agent; subject to criminal defendants and their near relatives, or court appointed,
for defendants in criminal cases to advocate; and receive various types of
administrative cases, agents participate in arbitration, litigation and mediation for
non-defendant cases.
   This is Shanghai's first witness was granted qualified foreign law firms,
who have been entrusted to handle outside of Shanghai, the first to witness the
financing loan contract law. This is also the first batch of Shanghai was awarded the
securities eligible for legal services, law firm, was contracted to handle the city and
other ports of dozens of joint-stock enterprise restructuring, stock issuing and listing
of securities law.
   Since 1986, the Institute has been continuously awarded the Shanghai-level
authorities and the Shanghai Model Unit. 1995 was assessed as advanced firms. In
1996 it was named justice system advanced group. Justice Department civil service is
now one of the windows.
   The Institute and the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Singapore,
Malaysia, Hong Kong, more than twenty countries and regions, a partnership law firm,
for the overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions provide investors,
high-quality Youxiao legal services.

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