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Shanghai Jiaotong University postgraduate ChurchmanUniversity: Netbook


									Shanghai Jiaotong University postgraduate ChurchmanUniversity: Netbook
Churchman University: NETBOOK time has come
Churchman, Shanghai Jiaotong University postgraduate; University's head
of Internet technology, said recently: a range of mobile phones and notebook
computers products will eventually become a favorite of young people. North
American market, fashionable NETBOOK (small laptop), will evolve into a more
compact while excellent support wireless laptop.
The Leader also predicted that:
NETBOOK development, will further promote the development of distance education,
in fact, in North America, this moment has come. But only a few hundred dollars from
the current NETBOOK price point of view, its enormous potential for development.

Churchman University campus located in Pennsylvania, California, Texas and other
places, one of the earliest established campus Churchman Business School was
established in 1911, nearly a hundred years and is the oldest business schools
specifically for the U.S. financial sector and train high-end talent in the U.S. MBA
Ranking, this elite was the century number 17. Churchman University awarded
undergraduate, graduate and doctorate.

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