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					Seven Fatal Mistakes market B2C website inventory
Introduction: Digital, which type of health care products such as B2C, are around the
whole of the Internet users, goods, services, these three elements make efforts to
ensure the sound development of the site, in the occupation of a high power business
market. The marketing then is the users registration, transformation, active, loyal
impact of the first part, if the marketing orientation of a problem, the site will delay
the progress of development, if the same mistake again will sites demise.
Here the author focuses on Zhiguo, in B2C marketing, some common and because
fatal errors:
First, sit back and wait
1, form: the absolute majority of the market may reflect the aspirations of small and
medium B2C website owner, such owners or investors, mostly from traditional
industries, in their view: business development for the site, personnel, hardware ,
office have spent a lot of cost, the site has been completed and the goods are rich
enough. Money to do marketing is completely "outrageous
waste", only full staff are soldiers, in the case of no cost to website launch,
and bring water up to do.
2, Results: The results of this approach can imagine, no matter how much you change
the market team, come what senior professional managers of e-commerce, the site
will always be water               in the "0           sales" and
"breakthroughs 0 sales" between wandering, not a big
improvement and transit, and even the boss will break the 0 for sale complacent. Of
course a few months will be unable to pay wages to be worried about.
3 Comments: today's society, people are already living in the endless array
of H-crazy advertising, Internet users access to various Web site every day, no less
than 1,000 links. Moreover, just on a line, even the new employee could not
remember the name of the website? You let users go where the road site to do? Even
want to sit back and wait, you have deep-rooted trees, lush, tall thick bar.
Second, narrow view
1, Type: Mall regardless of electrical products and other B2C companies how
homogeneous, regardless of whether the price of products an advantage, regardless of
whether the high cost of logistics, the site of decision- making are so few friends and
relatives compliment his absolutely Navigate to the Web site of China's
leading e-commerce ranks. Discourse discourse, are conveyed to the staff after the
listing plan. Because of extreme self-confidence, so frankly I believe only a small
move, users will flock to buy rushed.
Desperate efforts to command staff in the size of the forum, free posting, free of bulk
junk e- mail software, and other famous sites in Taobao shop. Market assessment team
made a number of criteria are usually posted, made a number of messages, whether in
Taobao sold out of merchandise.
2, the result: the market posting the team through the night, usually all forums ads
posted automatically to the ground shield, and even direct sealing of IP. In C2C online
shop to sell their products in the B2C mall, which itself is a extremely dangerous.
Taobao shop because the sales of certain goods, when their own will find that many
shop owners even more than their purchase of goods but also much lower price,
product quality can not be resolved when the team are usually the product of the mall
lost confidence.
Decision- makers in the mall to see the end of the income statement when the staff will
always complain about not posting in the forum for accurate, mass mailings, and so
less intensive. Leaders are not satisfied, unhappy employees, low flow sites.
3 Comments: This marketing tool for B2C websites in terms of, can only be
"icing on the cake" and have never possible to achieve
"timely help." Even ignored, the market team continued to do
when no employment, wage costs in a quiet appearance. If this part of the cost on
direct investment in marketing would be more effective. Improper use of a number of
vice-business promotion methods, often brought negative impact.
Third, blinders
1, forms: the strategic direction in marketing, the focus assessment is site traffic,
membership registrations, clicks. That the flow reflects the mall's value,
the advantages of membership reflects the mall, click the embodiment of the viscous
mall. So, in a variety of marketing methods also CPC, CPA, CPM-based, but chooses
to ignore the importance of CPS.
2, Results: The payment of the appropriate market rate, so the target assessment, the
marketing department can usually feel proud and elated. However, in the members,
traffic, hits are rising rapidly, the mall's water has not been accompanied by
a steady increase, but remained unchanged or even decline.
3 Comments: The registered users of course, is the mall's foundation, but
also the soul of mall. But note here is that users can not simply be registered to do the
market direction for the entire site and will appear in order to improve registration and
"Find Registration" phenomenon. Even some advertisers
"falsification" of the situation, not highlighted in the overall
promotion of the mall's features, advantages, core products, but to register
to send gifts, unique forms of advertising, force bombs windows, brush Jia flow and
other means to cheat the users clicks and landing. How users will be willing to be
your darling loyal buyers do.
The main B2C sales profit is divided, not the site's advertising sales. PV
value is higher, but only so little each month, running water, the site of the future look
4, Mingzhuantou
1, form: The Hui Yuan's Laiyuan, site Shouru Du hopes and Qita site
Hulian, ad exchange, Zhannei e- mail, Shangpintuijian on. Still based on the premise
of non-payment of fees, using their own web site advertising, or exchange links with
other websites. Insisted that the site has more import, users will come to their own
websites endless shopping. Each chain and the more exchange sites, the greater the
effectiveness of marketing, this volume for target assessment.
2, the result: the bottom of this type of mall usually has links to hundreds of websites,
but links from other websites of Internet users to shop, hard to break two digits every
3 Comments: resource exchange and the websites of the chain can not call it an
absolute void, but the site also stresses cooperation perfect match. Based on PR value,
ALEXA ranking, traffic, independent IP and ranking ahead of the industry, a little
traffic sites, but also a large site which will advertising with exchange? Similarly, only
a day or even hundreds of thousands of PV website resource exchange, how can we
help tens of millions of websites to achieve the sales goal?
5, whimsical
1, Type: attaches great importance to the keyword search engine ranking, but only on
certain rare Baidu words in the auction and never pay for SEO, SEM costs, always
stressed the words and pictures to edit the optimization hope that the search engines
automatically crawl.
2, Results: The key words in the search for many rare, the site most of the top three or
the first page, the site decision- makers will do this room for complacency. In fact, no
users will be by searching the key words to the website. Although the site and related
text in the image has been optimized, but hundreds of thousands of sites doing the
same thing, the result is self-evident.
3 Comments: Never expect some of the popular vocabulary, because of the beauty
page, a simple self-optimization, search engines automatically crawl on the first page
appears. The market value generated by these words is simply the survival of search
engines. Otherwise, the SEM and SEO companies how to survive it, and the world
will not fall pie. Those rare words, even if the first page of the first row will not have
any meaning.
6, perpetrating a fraud
1, form: a larger campaign, but in marketing, promotion, events, promotions, often
tamper with the concept. For example: a 3 fold promotional merchandise. When
Internet users are attracted to the site only to find, to 3 fold purchase of a commodity
on the premise that first purchase at least a few thousand dollars worth of other
products with similar situations.
2, Results: This false propaganda or excessive moisture marketing, at some stage
Shide traffic surge, but will Xunsu down, and the mall will not have any running
water are increasing and seriously damaged the reputation of the site.
3 Comments: In the marketing gimmicks in manufacturing is only natural, but it is too
exaggerated and false propaganda, users will have a serious sense of being deceived.
Although often only a well- meaning exaggeration, but still will have a direct impact
on the trust users on the site.
7, halfway
1, Type: willing to try a variety of effective ways to promote, but not willing to risk all
to taste the basis of each approach. Regardless of what kind of marketing approach,
after the application if they can not produce tangible results in the short term, then
immediately quit, and back the other way.
2, Results: spend a lot of cost, energy, manpower, material resources, due to the short
time, the audience did not complete the process of brand awareness. Makes the
site's brand, membership, revenue has not significantly changed. And that
bear the blame, doomed by the marketing department to carry.
3 Comments: any one has its pros and cons of market-based instruments and
effectiveness, especially in today's information explosion era, any web site
marketing tools are in use. In the choice of means for promoting their own
development, we must consider the cumulative and progressive nature, not days or
weeks according to deny the validity of a market approach. 3 months -6 months, is a
standard time period.
Not too extreme to marketing that is burn behavior. "Do not vote the
money to promote" and "burn the promotion" is a
world of difference between the two concepts. Of course, can not be burned as long as
the money is to do the marketing.
B2C Shopping Mall in the cultivation stage of essential survival needs, business line
of the first six months, like a baby is a toddler, this time not properly care for, full
protection. Is likely to affect the time the child will walk, or even mistaken for a
lifetime. A further expensive goods, no matter how good the quality, logistics and then
quickly B2C mall, Internet users are unaware of its existence, how can we come to
mall shopping? Marketing must be the combination of enterprise power, phase
objectives, core competencies, market resources, the development of direction into
account, not quick success, not timid, not to pick up lost sesame watermelon. (Text /
by Zhiguo compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Centre)
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