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					seo-seo optimization web site optimization process steps
Website Optimization Process
1, to determine optimal sites to determine the site's domain name, ip, space,
the main key words, etc.
      First of all we have to understand the site should be optimized to understand the
changes the industry, the site subject content, the site base case. Domain analysis of
the situation, whether the penalty by search engines too, is multi-domain case, domain
age, PR and so on. Determine the IP address is punished by search engines too, to
determine the site with the IP under the circumstances, the main, analysis speed,
stability and so on. Most important is to identify key words and identify the keywords
to be optimized and ranking. Of difficulty in order to optimize the work of the late
reasonable arrangements.
2, a clear customer requirements, understanding the purpose of optimizing client sites
Customers to key words rank, brand value, or to increase traffic. General business
website need is keywords rankings and brand value. The industry needs is traffic stops
and brand value, there may be some people would ask, what is the difference?
General keyword ranking does not mean that there is traffic, does not mean that a
large flow is more likely to proxy brand value and potential customers. The industry
points generally is needed is traffic, keywords need to optimize the industry under site,
services, content targeting keywords, secondary keywords, expand keyword, long tail
keywords to do a large flow. The company usually only need the main key words
stand in the rankings. According to the requirements of specific customers to analyze.
3, analysis, adjust the site structure to be more suitable for search engine optimization
General customers need to optimize the site is already building a good site, many
relatively poor siting seo company Jianzhan had not considered the content of poor
quality even more Internet companies deliberately do not consider seo, seo is the
customer needs to do later revised charges. These are revealed when we are doing site
planning should take full account of the late site promotion and optimization. Seo
work will be done in front. According to search engine algorithms to determine the
site's structure is reasonable, and further make a reasonable adjustment
programs, keywords layout work.
4, modify, add Web page code, such as static, code weight, the connection layout,
keyword layout, text layout, etc. Forum
Modify the site redundant code, unreasonable code settings, such as framework
design, flash, js of applications. Link code analysis, many people will write js call
such links is unreasonable. Keyword page layout, text setting, set the hyperlink within
the optimization, etc. Web site content.
5, the source added, and within the site updated with building
   Website search engine optimization work do need to have a reasonable source of
support for the late update work to maintain position, so optimization steps we must
consider the factors set the update source. Internal link building is the top priority site
optimization is the main work site within the optimization.
6, even outside the building
Specific reference to external link building part of the business school we seo seo
training course free of charge part of the eighth open public course, by the great
madman Vs speaker of the "External basic methods and skills"
lesson. Details of the external links within the classification, even outside the practice,
even outside the building of practical skills, enrich the content.
7, view traffic, keyword rankings, statistical analysis. Determine the long tail
keywords set to generate more revenue.
    ?Long Tail Keywords ways to access and analyze business school seo tips seo
training course in the open class Forum on March 29 Free Open Course Lesson 15:
seo keywords strategy in detail and elaborated, often long tail keywords is that we
Web site traffic and bring real benefits keywords.