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					Secret War in Shanghai, foreigners
The following is reprinted, I suspect that this is because I had poor English
proficiency can not read the "Secret War in Shanghai" in
Chinese summary.
Secret War of Shanghai does not seem short of this part, that of foreigners in Shanghai
The situation of foreigners in Shanghai, you can refer to "foreigners in
Shanghai," a book.
?Thirty or forty years of the 20th century, Shanghai was knocking on the door, and a
hodgepodge of alien societies quickly rushed into this so-called "Paris of
the Orient," the city, from the exiled aristocrats and politicians, to the
middle and lower classes of refugees, from a clean record scholars, businessmen, to
the scurrilous dregs of society, colorful character after another.
   July 1940, a special female guests into sections Bund Peace Hotel
(today's Jin Jiang Hotel) in the lobby, who claim to Indian Princess
Shuyuan in (Sumaire) Deal or No Deal, the most expensive hotel on the beach long
rental suite under a question. Christina 22-year-old beauty Shuyuan, the claims to the
Indian Princess, true identity has always been a mystery. Her graceful, graceful
transcendence, social life is full of scandals, all that she immediately became the
focus of the beach.
   Shuyuan enjoying the great nightlife of Shanghai busy and enjoyable experience
with a transfer from the Western high society of leisure. However, under the neon
lights of Shanghai there is the other side of it - as the biggest, most international and
most dangerous cities on earth there is no better place than Shanghai to become a
secret spy for the occurrence of the earth. Shanghai's rich and ichthyosaurs?
Queensland to become brutal Miscellaneous
Struggle between economic interests, ideological struggle and political intrigue,
assassination of the battlefield.
20 four-hell
   Was caught in Shanghai is like a microcosm of the war in the Western world, while
the Far East has become a haven for European refugees. Gathered here as a complex
variety of people, so together into a unique scene - "White"
Russia and "Red" Russia will their hatred of each other into
Shanghai from the mother country, far away in a foreign country is still killing one
another endlessly; Federation of German businessmen in the garden of Germany
(GermanGarden Club) faithfully celebrate Hitler's birthday, was dismayed
to find that the number of people in Shanghai who have been fleeing the Nazi
persecution of thousands of German-speaking "non-Aryan"
refugees over; high above The British "Shanghai Residence"
(Shanghailander) and the wealthy Jewish tycoons pass; Korean mafia, the Philippines,
musicians, old and thousands of casinos, pickpockets and con artists in Shanghai, also
fits in all. Prostitutes of various nationalities in the International Hotel, Metro Hotel,
Peace Hotel and other places to seduce visitors, or other private or public off to mess
around national seamen and soldiers.
   Strongly maintain the elegant posture of the upper class social circle and the lower
the working class, luxury and extreme poverty, vanity and soil contamination in
Shanghai symbiosis. In Ciro nightclub (Giro's night-dub), the city first
air-conditioned senior social assembly places, the United Kingdom large class, green
and red to help big brothers with their wives or lovers dancing in the midnight.
Outside the door, uniformed guards of Russia, who wore on the play from the
Hongkou market bought fake badges, self-styled former tsarist general, from time to
time driving lingering disability beggars. In other lower-middle of the dance halls,
bars and "clubs", White Russian "dancers"
and China "singing girl" who stood in front of rows to solicit
business. According to statistics, Shanghai mid-thirties, every one in 13 women turned
to prostitution.
   The violence spread to the whole city has become a chronic illness. Political
assassinations, gang warfare, rival duel filled every corner of the French concession of
a tunnel (now Xikou Road) because of frequent foreign military officers and sailors to
fight, cobblestone roads become bloody, the whole alley is called " Blood
Lane. " "God, Who made Shanghai into a Sin City?"
Says an American missionary. A Chinese journalist once wrote:
"Forty-eight-story skyscrapers of Shanghai, the building is 20 the
following four to hell."
Shuyuan in "Princess"
   Let us now go back to look at exile Shuyuan in "Princess."
Who is she? She is the Indian Princess? Why she came to Shanghai?
   Shuyuan in Princess reminds us of Zhang Ai-ling Ni Sa black weed princess, in the
"Fallen" in Eileen Chang wrote: "A group of foreign
gentleman, Zhongxingpengyue generally surround a woman ... ... dark hair, knot pairs
share a large braid, high plate in his head. that the Indian woman, this time though
Western-style dress, still with a strong oriental flavor. color was xuan veil mantle
beneath, she wore tight-fitting gown yellow goldfish, covered up hand, only shows
bright nails. neckline dug into a very narrow V-shaped, directly open to the waist ... ...
her face was yellow and oily, like flying the Golden Goddess of Mercy, but her large
eyes, dark shadow avoided demons. classical straight nose, but too sharp, thin point.
pink heavy small lips, as if swollen like. "
   And "Fallen" in the "Princess" as
Shuyuan quickly gathered around inside a large number of people of different
backgrounds, in addition to social networking site where most haunted soldiers
stationed in Italy, Miss American exile, legitimate theater red dancer, a group of
different kinds of people from non-upper class joined in the circle Shuyuan. Among
these are abortion doctors, brothel owners, extortion veteran Albert - Feng? Miorini
"doctor" (Dr Mbert yon Miotini), fraud experts, dealers, quack
Herman? Keith (Hermann Erben ), there are insidious French American journalist,
no-name pilot Hilaire? Debeiliai (Hilaire de Berrier). According to the Shanghai
police records, in addition to regular employment, these people are still low-level
agents, usually offer high service patrons.
   "Fallen" in the black weed Ni Sa Princess "Do not
look at the shelf was full ride. Outside swagger, said CHRIS hina? Kelanmupa princes
of natural women ... ... in fact, can not return is true, the rest can be no one can
confirm. " Shuyuan in "Princess" was able to
confirm the identity of Dao Shi, Shanghai International Settlement at police stations
still under British control, they certainly will not be any sudden socialite turned a
blind eye, was deployed to the detective Maicon (McKeown) where a full
investigation Shuyuan the bottom line. According to the report of Maicon, Shuyuan in
India 帕蒂亚拉邦 indeed the last maharaja (Maharajah 0f Patiala) family members,
according to 帕 蒂 亚 拉 邦 maharaja answer, she is a member of the family
"She may be my daughter, because I am the daughter of a total of
23." Thus, Maicon concluded: "She is 帕 蒂 亚 拉 邦 last
maharaja's daughter, of course, may be his mistress . "Shuyuan
in" Princess "has been married to the National Railways of
India, senior officials, but soon divorced. There are rumors that she was a lesbian,
which is completely deviated from the Indian tradition, the family was expelled native
states. Maicon made a top-secret report would be sealed, a copy of the British
intelligence agencies on behalf of Shanghai Harry? Steptoe (Harry Steptoe), while
Shuyuan in and around her continue to monitoring by the British intelligence
   Shuyuan in the age of 20, had worked in Paris Ai Ersha? Schiaparelli (Elsa
Schiaparelli) of fashion models, as with cocoa? Chanel eponymous master of style,
Schiaparelli used her influence into the West to help Shuyuan in high society. In fact,
Shuyuan in appearance and body fashion models generally do not meet
people's aesthetic - not small and delicate face, nose, some collapsed,
height, and other models also have a gap, but her temperament and full of oriental
mystery, manner
Elegant, she struggled in the social field in the invincible, the men saw her as long as
one side, rarely not who threw himself at her good graces, even the hotel lobby of the
male waiters are also not forget the female guests to look over.
   Of course, Shuyuan Li was aroused the attention of British intelligence agencies,
not just because of her questionable identity and endless gossip, surrounded by her
characters, is the key to the problem. Because her friends - Miorini doctors, Urban,
both doctors and Debeiliai all the Axis spies.
   Shuyuan Li and her circle of many of the pro-Japanese faction of a political
conspiracy groups. Another important figure is the multi-faceted people,
"Eugene? Peak master", who have multiple identities, acts of
perverse and unpredictable. "Pick Captain" is only one of his
many names first, and "Europe, Mr. Vance," "Colin
government doctor" title of this substance is not very different.
Master of multi-faceted person Peak
   "Pick the captain" of the original Ming Yifu Eugenius? Keye
Fu Melnikov, 1899 (some say 1900) was born in Latvia's capital Riga, a
Cossack Colonel Family. World War I, he served in the Russian army, he later claimed
to have captured 11 times by the Germans but escaped every time. From 1919 to 1922,
he asked Moscow Military Academy and the Academy of Music and Drama, after
graduation worked at the Soviet Embassy in Afghanistan and Turkey, Marshall
became military attache. In 1925, Peake with the Russian military delegation arrived
in China in the next two years, working for the Comintern in China. In 1927, the
Comintern's confidential information he sold to the British intelligence
organization, is said to act directly led to the failure of the Communist
International's operations in China. British minister Myers? Lampson will
provide information Peak in the form of a memorandum submitted to the British
Foreign Office, while additional comments: "Although this information
can not guarantee 100% accurate, but very close to the truth, credibility is relatively
high. "
So the intelligence of the British Government attaches great importance to, and was
issued to the British colonies and dominions to.
   The Peak is definitely not one loyal to the British royal agents of the State. The
spies selling multi-faceted information collected by the Government to the British
after the huge rewards, but also aimed at Uncle Sam's pockets, with the
U.S. Treasury's first trading post of intelligence, he easily earned the 2000
U.S. dollars.
   Thirties on the beach, Pick definitely can be considered a character. He is the boss
of the Far East theater is theater, opera and ballet dancers. During that glorious time,
his most familiar name comes as Eugene? Fok Vince, this is his stage name, but also
his numerous names prominent among the 1. His friends described him as:
"(He) long with a typical Mengguliya face, shaved head, wearing a black
hat on his head with burn scars, love vodka drinker amazing focus on dress, often
carry an 1 Xiang pearl revolver. "There are rumors that the scar on his head
was beating his betrayal of the Communist International after the Communists left, in
any case, he and the Soviet Union and international communism, the Communist
Party have been break open, which makes days later, he completely divorced from the
political front first.
   After World War II, U.S. intelligence agencies report, described him as the one
hand, a "well-educated people, good linguist, a great actor, writes fluent
writer", on the other hand is a "strong capacity to murder
committed, agents, traitors, and arms smugglers. "
   In Shanghai, this city of opportunity, Pick clearly both ways. Intelligence work has
become his special skill, in a sense, he inquire into the ability of the blade used in a
profit on the sale of information through various channels and extortion, Pick
ultimately be very rich. Has always been rampant rumors that year a U.S. judge first
to be gay, "Pick the captain," blackmailed, soon after lying dead
in the Huangpu River. System and of the KMT in fact not so arrogant on the Peak
This is the role of turning a blind eye, Du Yuesheng and Huang Chin-jung, and also
those of foreign big brother blonde contradiction with disarray, the police stations in
the British concession can not be repeatedly put up, So to forgery, extortion, forced
prostitution and other crimes Ming Pike crime was sent to prison again and again.
"Unjust is doomed to destruction" - when the Pick, who was
convicted in court, the presence of people think is the phrase ancient Chinese proverb.
However, God delayed the trial did not come, because the cunning Liumangdaheng
they seize new opportunities - the Japanese.
   The fall of 1937, "Eight? 13" Incident, Britain, France, the
United States, Italy and Japan agreement divided the garrison troops in the Shanghai
area. Peak began in Shanghai Japanese naval intelligence office, he gathered a group
of foreigners, specializing in Anglo-American and other countries to ask for spy
action, collecting a large number of Western intelligence available to the Japanese.
   In 1940, Peake met while on holiday in Japan, Otani Japanese rice in the junior
officers, who later became the Office of Naval Intelligence in Japan's
overall responsibility in Shanghai, but also behind the boss pg. After
Japan's surrender, Otani rice in his account of the Nuremberg trials and the
Pick of espionage action, saying: "He (pg) did so (as spies), because a
strong hatred of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union." According to
He described the Soviet Communist Party brought each Peak, two on showing
unspeakable hatred, facial distortion, agitation, like a stage play into the role
completely. Of course, no one knows betrayal of the Soviet Communist Party and the
Communist International Peak what the fuse, but not all hatred is no apparent cause,
and every defection is not the whim overnight. Maybe Peak is a person destined to
face with countless actors, fell to the west line of Russian soldiers on the battlefield,
he will be sent to Japan and France the Soviet Communist Party was his claws; in
Shanghai on stage "The Nutcracker" It is him, underworld thugs
control arms smuggling, kidnapping of innocent civilians is his.
   Let us look at his men to win over is what people - trombonist Nathan? Rabbi (the
true identity of the Chicago gang of professional killers), Shanghai beach most
notorious rogue leaders of Japan, Russia, the former Navy officials deport (Pick of the
faithful followers), extortion veteran Vladimir (Japanese military police and the
Gestapo informer), there are 10 several flower deceive the Russian Communication
Flowers. Pick a total of 40 underground intelligence group of several people, group of
people come for a common purpose, under the protection of the Japanese, as long as
the profits to be made, anyone can be bought and sold them.
Running out of becoming intoxicated
   These are only Shanghai, the Far East's largest information market in
miniature. Japanese troops occupied Shanghai in full, most of the city's
prominent figures who have dual or multiple identities, is the position of prominent
politicians, is a dark murderous criminals, is awe-inspiring integrity of the police, the
gang is Church of the messenger, is on stage extremely popular star, is also a shrewd
and cunning spy beauty. Everyone is struggling in the mire of war to pursue, avoid,
developed or degenerated.
   December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, while Anglo-American
declaration of war. An hour later, China time on December 8 at 4 am, the Japanese
army stationed in Shanghai Huangpu River to the United States on the
"Wake"           No.    (USS      Wake)      and    "North
Frederick" (HMS
?Peterel) No. capitulate, capitulate is responsible for Japan's Peak in the
background Otani Junior rice. "Wick" was a World War II, the
only U.S. military ships to the Japanese surrender, after the Japanese navy acquisition,
renamed the "Tatara" No. (Tatara Maru). The other warship of
the "North Frederick" was the captain of the Stanford?
Polkinghorne Major rejected the spot, so the Japanese sunk into Huangpu River in
Shanghai, the only foreign warship to be sunk. Ship crew of 18, 6 killed, many injured,
three rescued ashore, of which 2 people were arrested, only one person,
non-commissioned officers James? Canyon at large. Japanese liaison office in
Shanghai to the British Government put pressure on the British side head off? Kohler
had repeatedly issued notices to capitulate Canyon. But Canyon alias "Mr.
Cui Si", has been hidden in Shanghai. Others fled to Chongqing legend he
was removed in the next four years, and the Kuomintang government to engage in
radio intelligence.
   Shuyuan Li's friends Miorini "doctor" up and
developed, in order to reserve money, he customized a piece of gold brick, who
knows what caused this behavior exposed the rich people's awareness of
Germany, he was suspected to have applied to the sale of Chiang Kai-shek Axis of
intelligence, and soon, Miorini "doctor" died suddenly in a
hospital in Shanghai. He later discovered once during his lifetime studying the
Chinese poison, then by the Nazi concentration camps after the death of the body
forensic anatomy. All this could not help but cast doubt on the person's
death are inextricably linked with the Gestapo. Of course, the piece of heavy gold
brick, subsequently missing the.
   Another important figure - Herman? Urban, "doctor", and the
Axis is more long honeymoon. He has worked in refugee camps in Pudong when
more than two years undercover for the Japanese military police to collect
   Peak originally sentenced to murder, will serve their sentences, but to rely on this
strong background Otani rice, one month before Pearl Harbor, he was released and
began to Japanese Naval Intelligence Service. Over the next three and a half years,
Shanghai has entered a darker period of the fall.
   April 1943, Pick and Shuyuan in the two groups of foreign spies suddenly formed
an alliance, the Alliance is Shuyuan years and the marriage of Japanese opinions
Morihiko completed, the wedding if the Axis powers Germany and Japan in the
Covenant Shanghai's narrow version. Opinions Morihiko Shuyuan in the
same dish as their own "European count" of the nobility, in fact
he was born in New York, Japanese doctors, holding the United States, Japan and dual
nationality. The bride Shuyuan in "Princess" is a downright
bigamist, because she never officially divorced her husband in India itself. However,
this is two people, the International Hotel in Shanghai, held a grand public wedding
ceremony, the guests include the Shanghai occupied areas almost all the dignitaries
and politicians, German, Japanese officials, the Russian aristocracy to flee, Wang
Jingwei government officials, all dressed with one of "Greater East Asia
Co-prosperity" of the scene.
   However, this built on top of the marriage plot and Running With the demise of
Japanese militarism, soon to burst. Shortly after the wedding, opinions Morihiko
received Japanese Army's order, following the Peak mission to the
Philippines, during which, he found another mistress Shuyuan, while keen smell of
the war variables, so the Japanese Army paid the salaries of and family allowances
were loaded into his pocket. Early 1945, she ever find someone new, and
France's Roger? Pierre established affair.
The end of espionage
   September 1945 in Shanghai before, still in the pre-dawn darkness, but the
direction of the development of war is clearly irreversible, close to the collapse of
Japan's ruling. Shuyuan in a private reception, the guest list, more and
more American name appeared strange. She repeatedly and openly declared himself to
be a betrayal of opinions Morihiko deeply hurt, and frequent contact with 帕蒂亚拉
邦 Indian family, ask them for their financial support from Shanghai to
"this tragic city." After World War II, her whereabouts have
been unknown, in 1946 someone had seen her, the ill-fated "Her Royal
Highness," said he prepared to marry a U.S. military officer and emigrated
to the U.S.. This is the final message about her later, the social queen on the famous
beach disappeared.
   "Eugene? Pick the captain" did not act in good faith, he
betrayed his "boss" and "benefactor"
Otani rice from the Japanese Army had embezzled one million yen business in Japan,
Russia rejected the club's invitation, switch to the American arms. In this
chameleon career At the end, he was sent back to the U.S. government in Shanghai,
the Kuomintang government to accept the trial. However, the Sui field's
Oil Stick easily reported on the use of U.S. anti-espionage team free. April 1949, the
eve of the Nationalist government retreated, Peak fled to Taiwan and intends to
continue to obtain the identity of the Communist Party of experts on one of Chiang
Kai-shek government official post, but in the end the infighting in the government in
Taiwan losing ground, being held at the Taipei Prison.
   The activities of foreign agents in Shanghai and is not, nor can it affect the whole
process of war. However, competing in the powers of the beach, these people
represent the Axis powers in Shanghai and the Far East has done, these multiple spies
is not a simple play a small role on stage. In the fall of Shanghai, the Japanese use of
foreign intelligence, and the West and China's various political, social
forces waged a dream to rely on these multiple identities, social extensive
"Princess",                            "master",
"experts", "doctor" control of Shanghai,
made the Western Allies of concession and compromise. December 1941 Pearl Harbor
before the incident, the purpose of this seems to be achieved - Sui reported in these
spies of "help", the Japanese increasingly tightened the noose
on the city. Occupation during the next four years, high pressure, and rule over the
ubiquitous, Shanghai Far East became an important part of the battlefield.
   But with the outbreak of the Pacific War, Japan's these underground
"colleagues" began to change sides quickly jumped on the
bandwagon as well. Chiang Kai-shek government to stay in Shanghai for the
underground militants launched a number of Japanese and its partner violent and
terrorist activities (anti-espionage), the Chinese Communist Party's
underground organization in Shanghai, has been in battle with, as the Japanese pushed
on the battlefield in the Pacific defeated, Shanghai finally out of the White Terror and
the fall of the dark.
   Already turned over a page of history, look to the Huangpu River from the Peace
Hotel, the Bund is no longer the British and French Consulate and the Japanese
military police tug of war between the Ministry of the place. Both open confrontation,
or a complex of underground struggle, all the deep-rooted relations between the
characters, were the tide of war washed clean. That occurred in the last century, thirty
or forty years, the Shanghai international nature of the secret war, with the mighty
figures who, after all loss in history.