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					Search Engine Marketing position occupied
Recently, iResearch Consulting released "2009-2010 Report of the Chinese
search engine industry." The report shows that in order to calculate the sum
of operator revenue size of the Chinese search engine market in 2009, the Chinese
search engine market reached 6.95 billion yuan (about 1.02 billion U.S. dollars),
compared with 5.03 billion yuan in 2008 up 38.2% year on year, and With rapid
economic growth of good industrial environment, the next few years search engine
marketing will also accelerating growth trend. Chinese enterprises to invest in search
engine marketing costs have been fully exceeded portal advertising, search engine
marketing has become the most popular network marketing company.
Search Marketing market blowout behind the economic crisis, the majority of small
and medium enterprises to accelerate the process of acceptance of search marketing.
With the advent of new economic growth cycle, search marketing, even with its
precise and efficient, flexible and controllable, cost-effective unique advantages to
develop business opportunities for SMEs to become the first choice.
The latest study shows that the Chinese search engine Baidu in market share from
73.2% growth in 2008 to 76%, further consolidating its leadership and industry
advantages. Industry experts believe that the success of Baidu currently available
mainly from three factors: dedication to innovation, customer focus and talents.
Baidu to promote their products and constantly enrich and enhance marketing value
Over the past decade, Baidu enrich commercial product line has evolved from a single
product to full product line, from the core product to the "core +
value-added" products of the whole process of marketing value has been
To just past 2009, for example, in April 2009, Baidu search for the promotion of
professional Edition (codename: Fung nest) formally launched. Less than six months,
50% of Baidu has been active business customers transition to the phoenix nest
platform. Baidu customers and outlook to promote the flow, on Dec. 1 to take full
control of Baidu to promote the professional version of all the marketing position, so
far, more than 300,000 businesses enjoy a professional version of Baidu to promote
the value of bringing the fine marketing.
In addition, follow the pictures to promote the listing of Baidu, Baidu, as the other
core products, alliance network to promote also formally launched in October 2009.
Baidu net League promotion based on more than 30 million Baidu Union members of
the site, businesses can choose text, image, Flash and other promotional forms,
sub-regional, sub-periods and flexible delivery, on target to achieve full coverage of
Network of daily life and enjoy " Global marketing "of the high
return on investment ratio.
From 2009 to today just over a year, Baidu has launched a Baidu statistics, promotion
of assistant Baidu, Baidu Bridge, etc. Free business marketing value-added products
to our customers in marketing before, during, and after all three phases to achieve
greater efficiency in marketing and thus to promote through the Baidu Union
Professional and networks in promoting the two core products have a higher return on
Computer training school principals, Sichuan earth Gan Xiao Ling brought against
Baidu statistics praise quantitative assessment of marketing effectiveness,
"Baidu statistics show us that what keywords potential customers through
the search to the school site, we can also detail Data report about each campaign
traffic, so that we can accurately assess which Internet users are more concerned
about our curriculum, our business strategy to provide evidence. "
Experts believe that Baidu enrich the product line, in addition to continuously meet
the growing marketing needs of small and medium enterprises, Baidu also is a
reflection of long-term stable development strategy. It is a legacy from our
determination to win with small and medium enterprises, Baidu in technical
innovation, product R & D investment will continue to increase above, the
most advantage of the products needed to create the marketing value of enterprises.
Baidu to promote healthy development, and customers to win
In the beginning of a new economic growth cycle, see the majority of SMEs Baidu
search marketing needs, from product use has risen to "product plus
service" a comprehensive solution. In this context, the value of the
Platform of products depends not only on purely functional advantages, but the
combined effectiveness of products and services. Insight based on business needs,
Baidu launched in March this year the "big upgrade customer service
operations", through the issuance of new value-added product
"Baidu Business Bridge" opened "400"
National unification promotion of after-sales service hotline and the official opening
of Baidu Space 3 major initiative to help enterprises to enhance their ability to use and
effectiveness of search marketing.
As early as 2004, began trying to search for promotional models, general manager of
Guangzhou East Olympic Electric Co., Ltd. Yaoxu Peng, personal experience to the
value of the services. Previously, customer service team at Baidu region with the help
of East Austrian electrical promote the establishment of a professional search and
online marketing. While the general manager Yao Xupeng see Baidu customer service
upgrade in the Campaign, said after the news, "400 national service hotline,
will allow us to zero distance to obtain professional uniform service possible. And
Baidu to promote the official space, but also provide us Baidu, a new dynamic can
learn anytime, anywhere to learn new knowledge search marketing window.
"Small selection from the psychological point of view, promotional
partners, which search engine the most robust development road reliable, will
fundamentally determine customer choice." Search marketing experts
suggest that "small and medium enterprises in the choice of search
marketing platform, should be evaluation and search engine companies focused on
long-term win-win possibilities. "
Baidu search marketing to promote education, to fill the talent gap
The market's rapid development has brought enormous talent gap industry.
Data show that in the next two years, the talent gap search marketing industry will
reach millions. Search Marketing industry in order to promote sustained and healthy
development, while alleviating the difficult employment of college graduates of social
problems, Baidu established Baidu 2009 Marketing Institute, to bring Beijing Normal
University, Hunan University, the University held a series of search marketing
training activities, by wide attention, was overwhelming. March 22, Baidu Marketing
Institute International Business School, Sun Yat-sen set up together search marketing
elective, the first formal introduction to search marketing course curriculum system,
this event not only marked the Baidu search marketing with various institutions of
higher learning in the cooperation in education the further deepening of search
marketing but also illustrates the way in this emerging market more and more
emphasis on domestic marketing of the education sector. The opening of this course
will help the domestic institutions of higher education business schools train more
professional search marketing professionals, college graduates employed in
alleviating the problem of the same time, to meet the growing demand for industry
professionals to fill the huge current search marketing talent gap. The conduct of
search marketing education, promoting the popularity of search marketing, to deepen
and enhance the use of search marketing companies the ability to generate long-term
All these facts show that search marketing has increasingly become a mainstream
marketing today, the enterprise marketing platform choice will be more rational and
cautious. Baidu with their actions and achievements that adhere to the healthy
development of win-win-oriented strategy, efforts to create the most effective for the
enterprise marketing platform, is the most solid way of development