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Savage by fdjerue7eeu


Dictionary to explain
Pronunciation yě rén
Interpretation 1. Antiquity that the country of the city of the country's
people. And "people" relative.
Cases ① "Zuo scheduled public 14 years": the "big
sub Kuai Kui Xian Yu Yu Qi, Guo Song Wild, Wild Man song said:
'Er-Lou pigs given the Japanese sample return my AI
② "Patriarchal": "beasts Anemarrhenae and I do not
know the parent, Savage said: 'parents how calculate Yan!' Du
respected people in the know You carry on."
③ Jiagong Yan Shu cited "The Analects" Zheng Xuan Note:
The "savage rough, and Du people in relative. Undertook to foreign as
Explanation 2. Refers Murano person; farmer.
Cases ① San Guowei Kang "and Hill Giant Book Source Dear
John": "Savage has quickly Qin Zhi son back and the United
States who want to offer the Extreme, although the District of Italy, has been sparse
carry on."
② "idiot than farming metaphor": "Xi You savages,
has come from the field, brought the matter to wheat seedling, growth Yu
③ Qing Qian Yong "Garden Cong would carry out bovine times the
original Miscellanies": "a few trees Chueiyang Official Road
ramp, not a village wild people."
④ Fan Wenlan, Cai Meibiao such as "Chinese History"
Chapter III of Part V: "farmer living in the field of small-eup, known as the
Wild Man."
Explain 3. Commoners; civilians.
Cases ①         "The Analects of Confucius advanced":
"Advanced in music, Savage also; backward in music, a
gentleman." Liu Baonan justice: "Savage who is also known as
Fan Min no Peerage."
② Tang Po Chu, "Chen's visit to the second" poem:
"Out for the Korean customer, return is savage. "
③      Ming Fang Xiaoru "green domain Xuan Ji":
"gentlemen's virtue, to teach savages."
Explain 4. Literati called modesty.
Cases ① tandoori just "gift Li Bai" Poem: "Wild
Man of the fishy smell of mutton, Shushi often do not eat." Qiu Zhao Ao
Note: The "Wild Man, the public since that also."
② Ming Liu Ji, "Qiao and son fishing": "Cardiff
High House Building, 100 demons by Kan; demon services into trouble when sages
Kam: It is the wish For Zai Qi Savage!"
Explain 5. By means a recluse.
Cases ① Tang Yuan Zhen, "early morning send-off to the king for 11
patients Museum No Home," Poetry 2: &q uot;Savage Love remains
static delay sleep, since the evening is willing to go without?"
② Song Wang Yucheng, "title Zhang Shi-Kai Home Office,"
Poetry: "clouds Hansi Bamboo Bridge, Savage residence must
Interpretation 6. Boorish person. That bred, rude, unreasonable people.
Cases ① "Xunzi rough": "Guan Zhong of the man,
weak justice force power, force poor to know Jen, Savage also; not for the emperor
doctor." Yang Jing Note: "Class of the Country of the people,
not impregnated in righteousness, so not to King Junior. "
② "Dream of Red Mansions," the fifth two back:
"For instance, had just talk, though secretly, the girl on the whining and his
name; the girls on the make, when we became a savage."
③ Hong Shen, "O-kyu Bridge": "Week squire: fart!
What is this savage, wild, then say that!"
Explained 7. The old means uncivilized people.
Cases ① "Annals relies Jun": "Diqiang Call Don
West from the water, Bo people, Savage river of articles narrow, boat people, who
sent the hometown of Long sudden, more and emperor." GAO Note:
" Jung and emperor of the West were. "
② Qing Gu Zuyu "Reading History in Yunnan Geography for seven
minutes, etc. Jimi car chieftain": "Savage who, in the two long
case (Dasan, Ma-ri) sector, the red and yellow eyes, bark for the clothes tree
overnight , the ugly violence and killing every person that is no chief constraint.
③ Liang "<Sociological Review> order cases":
"Savage is also known to Jane, so Miao, Li, Fan, although defended back,
people can and rule."
Explained 8. Refers to legends like apes.
Cases of "Ya-wing interpretation of the Second Beast,"
"gorilla": "Xun Qing said: 'Today,
orangutans physiognomy, also two feet are hairless.' Only statement made
by two feet but no hair, then do not go far wrong, this people that the savages.
Explained 9. Savage is not yet confirmed the existence of higher primates, walk
upright, higher than the apes, with some intelligence. The more formal academic
name is "strange animal standing higher primates."
Paleoanthropology that Savage may be ancient to modern Homo sapiens evolved
between the missing link, so there are biologists to classify subjects who are wise man
race, and modern humans are recent related. "Wild Man" is one
of many legends of mystical animals, most likely a real. For the "Wild
Man", in different parts of the world have different titles, such as
"The            Snowman"             "Xueguai"
"Bigfoot" and so on.
Witnessed and experienced
Circulated around the world, many of the savage the legend of the Wild Man of China,
the Himalayas, "Yeti", Mongolia Eermasi people, Siberia
Qiuqiu Na, Africa Qiemosite, Japan's Heba Gong, Australia Jove, there is
the Americas, "boasted of Shas," that is largely legendary
"Bigfoot." Almost all human beings living in the mainland have
been discovered, "Wild Man" traces of ancient man may really
like the scholars said, the Savage is primitive human ancestors among a team,
experiencing the vicissitudes of tens of thousands of years after Evolution , and
common human existence to this day. Reproduce the evolution of modern man is not
alone, Savage is probably the closest human relatives. If this conjecture is correct,
then the savage who is not the true hidden secrets of the human origin of it?
According to those who witness or experience described parts of the
world's savages have a similar shape characteristics: upright walking,
standing over 2 meters long hand hanging to knees, feet large, eyes forward, face like
face, long hair color black and red .
In Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan plateau mountain area has been called
"snowman" of the sighting reports, Yunnan, Guizhou and
Guangxi areas of tropical forests have been "savage" sightings.
In Hubei, Chongqing and Shaanxi provinces and the transfer of three Shennongjia
witnessed and suffered from a more nearly the report. It is said that in October 1974
Lehoux rural villagers Ran 1000 Bougainville has witnessed about 2 meters high, is
exactly the same face with the people, the whole body covered with brown hair, male
huge object - Savage, later, local people have been found Wild Man of the trail, but
local people "savages" of fear over the fear of the gods, known
as the "promise of God                    Luo Apu",         meaning
"mountain of Grandpa," many people have said Savage, still
hearts of fear, there Heizhugou place names is called a "barbarian
valley." Official in the 1980s had organized a large-scale scientific
expedition to the Shennongjia did a full ecological, flora and fauna, climate and
environment study, Even though I did shoot or capture the "Wild
Man" entity, but found a lot of circumstantial evidence, and finally get the
conclusion Shennongjia for survival and reproduction of large primates.
North America has reported, "Savage (Bigfoot)" video evidence,
later confirmed to be forged.
Indirect evidence
Ancient Literature
Poet in his "Nine Songs", also had a "Wild
Man" theme, wrote "The Mountain Spirit" of the
poem: "If anyone Come Mountain A, He Xue Drabanemerosa hebecarpa
Come and women, dill, Come they not only with the Air should document, to the Mu
Xi good to Fit. "
"Ya-wing", said: "orangutan as a woman, dressed
hair, bare feet, no knees, base line and met others cover their hand shape, that the
"Shan Hai Jing" in there this description, Xiao Yang, the man,
who face, lips, long, black body with hair, anti- heel, see people laugh laughed.
Witnessed the scene by studying the residues found in hair found that the hair
significantly different from the normal animals, such as bears, wild boars, monkeys,
etc., is closer to chimps or humans, but significantly different from human hair.
Foot shape is similar to primates, very close to the human foot shape, but much larger
than the human. Root Shennongjia Savage footprints and quantity, according to the
arrangement of the footprints can be speculated that the animal was bipedal walking
Found at the scene witnessed or experienced a lot of suspected
"savages" of the waste, spiral with smb, taste odor, residue
analysis of food, indicating that the animals developed digestive function, food weeds,
leaves, bamboo, various fruits, small rodents animals, birds, insects and their eggs
pupa so.
More than the animal's nest view in the open sunny Leeward Office, the
surface broken grass in one direction, a great physique. A nest is the animal long-term
Teeth marks
Corn farmers have been "savage" attack, corn on the cob
gnawing marks neat and clean.
The voice of doubt
1. There is no reliable evidence of the images or entity, "Wild
Man" is only the illusion of individual people.
2. Has never been found, "savages" of the body, bones and
fossils, paleontology at the lack of evidence.
3. There are ecologists believe that the proliferation of race needs a sufficient number
of individuals, but indirect evidence indicates that the number of animals small
enough to maintain the proliferation of race, so that the "Wild
Man" does not exist.
4. Some people think that "savage" as a higher primates may
have existed in history for some time, but because of the expansion of human
civilization, habitat reduction, ecological damage, pollution a nd other reasons, the
species extinct.
5. Was also suggested that, "Wild Man" is a large unknown
endogenous alert monkeys or apes Section Division primates, but not more so than the
ape subjects.
That the real
1. Did not capture the "savages" living, probably because the
animals have a considerable degree of intelligence, to evade the human pursuit and
2. A lot of indirect evidence that the animal is higher than the apes, primates.
3. A large number of witnesses and witness experience.
4. There was a "savage," the report most animals and plants in
areas rich in resources, temperate climate, suitable for higher primates to survive and
multiply. (Except for the Himalayan Snowman)
Mystery Shennongjia Savage
Wild Man of Mystery is the mystery of the natural world, Hubei Province of China
since ancient times savages haunted legends. The Chinese scientists have been
tracking its exploration. Because it contains the mystery of human origins. Executive
Chairman of China will field test of the human anatomy, said a senior expert
Professor Fang Zhonghu, contemporary foreign scholars: China is becoming the new
center study of the origin of mankind. Originating in China's 70 counties
Shennongjia Savage room expedition has been a world leader in the witnesses,
footprints, hair, sleeping nest, and other scientific aspects identified a major
breakthrough, as the world's savage exploration of attention.
China Association for Science and exotic animal expedition team expedition Zhang
Venus in Shennongjia rumors "Wild Man" the most frequent
Nantianmen infested area and found the remains of an animal. Hubei Provincial
Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Fellow Professor Wang
Shancai remains today a preliminary analysis that the remains of a structure of this
specific skull remains, it is hard to identify what kind of animal.
Professor Wang said that the wreckage from the skull shape of view, this animal brain
volume is not great, but more specific orbital structure of the rear, and monkeys in
general is different than the human occipital bone surface greasy school has
disappeared from the situation, remains there for a long time, but can not be called
fossils. As the skull structure of specific, nor the upper and lower jaws and teeth, to
recognize that any animal, there are still some difficulties.
He stressed: "The discovery of this material is still very important and
should attract our attention and focus." He suggested that the expedition
team to explore further to see if can find a single tooth.
Venus, 46 year old alone in the depths Shennongjia find "Wild
Man" track for almost 6 years. Previously, he had collected a lar ge number
of primates with known characteristics of different animal hair, droppings and other
evidence of the British foot.
The past century, hundreds of people have been Shennongjia claimed to have
witnessed the "savage" activities, but so far has not caught
"savage" or living specimens. But the scientific community
does not rule out "savages" might.
Western Hubei Province, Shennongjia in the territory of several overlapping peaks,
ravines aspect, majestic mountains, starting from the dinosaur era, where geological
movements and climate change are relatively small, is rare in the world of natural
species gene pool. Shennongjia has the world's most complete with latitude
forest ecosystems, there are 50 species of plants and 70 species of animals under state
protection, including the ginkgo, dove tree, golden monkey, golden eagles and other
well-known endangered species. "Wild Man" of legend so there
has been a strong mystery.
The main peak is called the mysterious woman from Daba Shennongjia the writer
Bamboo, women, pen name Yi people, bamboo, Oriental. Bamboo was born in Daba
Mountain area within a tilt of bamboo fence, with the father of the Chinese
People's University, graduating in the Qinghai- Tibet Plateau
"border" over twenty years. Graduated Bachelor of Science
(Mathematics). Teachers, editors and reporters to be educated youth. Oil is now a
newspaper reporter. Man it was called the &amp ;quot;main peak Shennongjia Daba
mysterious beautiful woman savages", "Qinghai- Tibet Plateau
mountain goddess wearing a skull necklace."
Bamboo 1980 published mathematical papers, published since 1986 songs (words and
music), poetry, prose, fiction. Works nearly 200 million words scattered across the
country the size of newspapers. More than a book: "Lost in the
West", "transparent sexy", "transparent
women",                 "transparent              passion",
"transparent delivery," "Life's Yin
Zhong," and so on.
Bamboo has a dozen Grand Prix in the country's literary prizes.
Bamboo this life and buried her placenta in the Daba Mounta ins in Qinghai and the
rearing of her took off artists. She grew up in the Qinghai Institute for Nationalities,
Qinghai Institute for Nationalities in college. A child, she cut wood with a Mongolian
school to drink butter tea aunt measures with the student Dolma Tibetan words in
Tibetan singing Rai; in the public hospital affiliated high school to go to school, she
had classmates with the Muslim Eid al-Fitr, the girl with the Salar dancing; in mutual
Redcliffe Xiaozhaizigou the countryside, her sister, together with the Turkish line of
singing flowers, and the educated youth are yellow with the theft of singing songs,
listening to local people about race in the skeleton of the story ... ... she became the
"Qinghai Economic News "social reporter, it is deeply rural and
pastoral areas. Qinghai Lake, Qaidam Basin, Qinghai- Tibet Highway, the Silk Road
south line, the road to gold, people and cemetery, Tanghe earthquake site, Delhi farm
death row, the Hoh Xil gold farmers blocked the scene, crema tion of Buddha Tar
Jayaa kiln side, and everywhere left her and film. She had formed the minority in
Qinghai deep emotion.
Since 1988, the bamboo began to Duchuang "outside world",
visit more than 300,000 km. She's footprint is a lmost over the whole of
China: from Fujian Gulang valley to the prairie of Inner Mongolia Xilinhot; from
Heilongjiang Yabuli ski to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, Jilin Tianchi from Dongying
Yellow River to the mouth of the cave from Yan'an in Shaanxi to S ichuan
golden sword Gap, Gao Xinjiang from the ancient city of Shaoshan in Hunan, Anhui
qiankou from residential to residential, Zhejiang Fenghua Jiang, Beihai Silver Beach
from Shekou to ... ... she became a no man's land into more than three: the
Hoh Xil no man's land, Ali no man's land, Taklimakan Desert,
the first person of Chinese women journalists.
Shed the people to write to explore the history of documentary Daba
"transparent passion" bamboo actually walked three times along
the ancestors fled along the river, upstream, the depth Daba. It is generally difficult to
achieve the writer. How to stimulate the roots that process! Taurus town in Hubei,
bamboo by the local Si Temple is the temple of the Lord as a ho metown celebration of
the Taiwan compatriots, requested donations 600 000, do not contribute much to get
out off the battle; in Daye, bamboo is around rogue robbed confused body No nothing,
near escape; in the Sichuan-Shaanxi border White River, climbed the Chinese bamboo
waterside ancestors walked, plank; in Daba Mountain area of a crane, bamboo is
moisture touch on completely, terrible ... ...
Bamboo in the wind and rain to do the spirit of wandering nomads, the soul of Roma.
"Monarch see leaf boats come and go in waves," which leaves
boat       is   "Cultural       Association",       "Music
Association" as her two-pulp.
Bamboo as a drifter wandering female reporter, do not know what day, the start to try
with your pens interpretation can not tell her life unknown West Road Complex and
Daba Mountains Complex. Many of her works are now introduced with Cuikulaxiu
the era, no one knows, it's clout behind the lingering, but it is deep in the
shadowy life of bamboo nostalgia.
She Chuang Shenzhen and the Shenzhen Western girls wild stock market has been
under suspension for the background of these true events written in prose fiction,
"transparent sexy" China Federation of Literature Publishing
Company opened its first publication in the history of Chinese anti-counterfeit
trademark affixed precedent. "People's Daily",
"Economic            Times",        "Beijing         Evening
News", "Beijing Youth Daily&a mp;quot;, "China
Youth Daily", "China Daily", "China
Women's Daily", "Guangming Daily",
"Worker's Daily", " Wen Wei Po
"," Art News "," door Times,
"" Economic News "," Chinese Business
Times "," Press and Publication News ","
Al-Hayat "," Yangcheng Evening News, ""
Central Station "and hundreds more The media has several books to her
hair, "she came from the West", "Western sense of
Spring," "re-jump the forefront of serious literature, women
writers popular book market bamboo book", "transparent
transparent brush strokes to write the emotional" the title of the message
such comments caused a stir across the country.
China Social Publishing House for her first publication in the history of Chinese- long
series of books exploring female first of its kind, and she solemnly introduced the
"transparent woman" series of books. The books explore the
women called the "Century Series." The series is divided into
life and meaning to the Hoh Xil no man's land and geographic significance
to the Hoh Xil no man's land on the two series.
Bamboo is the description of works focuses on the true woman of this age of sexual
experience, sexual experience true, real mentality, revealing the lives of women of
this age Yin Zhong. In a clear display of the community section on
women's lives reveal the secret lives of women Yinzhong bamboo works
priceless. Bamboo works with only that transparent atmosphere of this age, with an
penetration, lifted the spirit of people, is one of the eyes and ears for the new. No
wonder some critics have described the works of bamboo: "Cut 10000
strain liquids while thousands of hard sand Chuijin beginning to gold." No
wonder people say that bamboo works like this era's spirit of tears drill a
general whole body well- illuminated, and the more refined the more translucent, and
over time, becoming shiny.
Is not? People who live in this era of tired, will not help to find that piece of bamboo
pen, "do nothing day, faint scenery to." Works in the bamboo
feel that transparent air field, to accept an emotional bath, it is a break from the inside
out, it is the enjoyment from the inside out, in spirit from the inside will feel a to the
outside of the cozy.
No wonder that bamboo was the experience of the Shenzhen Western girls
Chuang's book "transparent sexy" is called
"Girls Bible." No wonder this book has the enduring vitality,
after starting the test of time: eight years later, "transparent sexy"
is not only reprinted many times, but still top- line list. No wonder some people
predicted, "transparent sexy" hundred years later become the
world famous, because it really belongs to our time, belongs to a woman of our times.
Bamboo Chinese literary circles today known as the most powerful, the most
momentum, the most competitive women writers.
Bamboo has unlimited creativity, abundant, unlimited potential. Bamboo in a row
after the launch of five books, is currently in writing of the second rest period. In this
rest period, between the bamboo indulge in Soul Mountain Silk refused to take
Approximations. Bamboo experience feelings as her general surging, inspired lot.
Bamboo is brewing a new round of innovation and breakthroughs? Bamboo refused to
mediocrity, only willing and daring, creative, indomitable your collaboration with
"different ideas" and "different way" out
"different book" it? We do not know, just know that she was the
mysterious disappearance, have suddenly disappeared. Only to see too many
bookstores no innovation without personality no thing new book once again when the
expectations of bamboo, turned out to give us surprises.
Bamboo is a newspaper reporter for the Chinese oil.
1980 published mathematical papers, published since 1986 song (lyrics), poetry, prose,
fiction. Works nearly 200 million words scattered across the country the size of
newspapers. More than a book: "Lost in the West",
"transparent sexy", "transparent women",
"transparent              passion",              "transparent
delivery," "Life's Yin Zhong," and so on.
Bamboo has a dozen Grand Prix in the country's literary prizes.
Savage investigation in Guangxi
About Yuanbaoshan "Wild Man", a most bizarre than double the
village of JIA is good to be savages captured day and night events. Incident reports
from Sanjiang County, retired cadres, Ma Yin-hand, he is met only with JIA are
investigators. Report, detailed account of the savage arrests after, but left many of our
questions. Under the leadership of Ma Yin, reporters rushed to the village of events,
actually saw the then party JIA are being abducted. That's a surprise is that
the narrative Jia Notes interview with the then very different, a mysterious encounter
with the savage incident turned into a humorous fairy tale. This is how it was, the
reporter in-depth investigation, evidence is still rather JIA is the wife as witnesses, her
testimony that we find the problem. Experts personally check the scene denied that
Savage from the very high-profile witnesses to the incident. Description of the horse
before and after Yin disappointed and confused. However, JIA is identified, this
reporter will get to the bottom to get hold of, psychological and mental health experts
analyzed the crux of the problem. At this time, told reporters it was hunted the savage!
Investigation team had learned during his visit, a situation, in more than 100 km away
from the county's culture show the village, years ago, had been killed with
firearms savage. In fact, the world's "savages" visits,
not only witnessed the incident, did the mistake of "savages" of
the scalp and Shougu such direct evidence, but later denied by experts. But if the
culture show the village to find any shooting Savage's evidence, it would
be      a     great     harvest.    Han-Chang        Liang      already      hunted     the
"savages" of the sixth generation of descendants. At his home,
then it still retains the broken rifle barrel support, the investigation group question:
Can such a gun shot 200 meters away, "Savage" it? Han-Chang
Liang was later found to provide clues to the past hundred years has been impossible
to find.
About Savage survey group that went to Xishuangbanna, CAS Academician Wu
Xinzhi been "savage" investigation. It was 1962, something
savage in some parts of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province, loca l people's
livelihood has been adversely affected, Mr. Wu was to investigate with people, the
results reveal a secret!
Big footprints, Savage reported most frequently witnessed the evidence. In the ocean,
it has become the American savages "Bigfoot" sign. Savage
survey in the most famous and most controversial is the American savages,
"17 seconds video," hurried to the left by the strange figure of
large footprints around the world, Savage also is an important research subject experts.
13 years ago, Guangxi's Liuzhou Daily and other media formed a survey
team to study savage and overnight Yuanbaoshan journalists, hut in the mountains
through a sleepless night. Who was in close proximity with the expedition? Later
found large footprints clear to the Savage's visit? At a newspaper reporter
Ma Hongwei's teammates have found large footprints, the next day,
teammate Hu learn fast back in the mountain hut also found a new strange footprints.
Mountain huts, Savage turned out to be several times to visit? Two footprints of
different sizes, locations close to, but leads to a different story. The black bear in the
zoo has a breeding ground unexpectedly large footprints, expert interpretation is

Liuzhou Daily photographer HU Xue Xun Yuanbaoshan collected in the United States
footprints caused the attention of physical anthropologists Krantz, he is representative
of Bigfoot. He believes that the mystery of the savage Yuanbaoshan footprints is the
American Bigfoot monster- infested jungle, fossil ape unearthed in Guangxi to
Guangxi Krantz believe it is Savage's home. Archeologist Zhou recovery
ape head, the result surprised. Big head who was paralyzed will, but there had been
two close encounter savage rangers of any right of any, Yu-Zhou were seen more than
two meters tall long-haired monster heads are not big, so the view can not stand the
great apes live foot. HU Xue Xun later speculated that the footprints in the
Yuanbaoshan acquisition is likely to be man-made. But experts noted that witnessed
the savage would smile, and it is reddish brown hair, which to say?

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