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									Santos International
Santos Overview
Nanjing Santos International Trade Co., Ltd. is approved by the Nanjing Industrial
and Commercial Bureau registered in 2006 in Luhe Economic Development Zone
was established for "SANTOS" brand in mainland China,
corporate headquarters. Santos has so far nationwide chain of more than 100.
Santos is the integration of the world on the basis of superior resources, and Fortune
500 companies KERRY Ireland cooperation. Santos across time and space limits for
Chinese consumers to open a gate to Europe, exotic deduce an eye-catching beautiful
scenery Road. Santos filled with mellow tea, fresh fruit desserts and refreshing beauty,
rage, Irish style barbecue, famous Australian Library Park brewed beer, crispy and
delicious French pizza, unique flavor of Japanese mini paper hot pot ... ... endless
Santos delicious upon release that Beishou people love.
Enterprises, as in the strategy, defeated by management. Hill toast to implement TQM
(total quality management) management: total quality management system, that is,
quality-centered, based on full participation in the aim of customer satisfaction and by
all members of the organization gaining benefits for society to achieve long-term
success management approach.
Santos International with the development and growth, business strategy to
international, scope of business to diversify, read materials on the import and export
trade, Santos quick drink chain, U.S. special material escort, Santos decoration and
other fields.
Santos corporate slogan is "joined with the building, sharing a
rich", that is, employees or clients are win-win cooperation development
strategy resulted in the strategic development strategy Santos enterprises under the
impact of the financial crisis to break through.
Santos, like other companies in the duty-bound to fulfill the social responsibility, and
made sure the community, including: "The State Council Ministry of
Commerce Enterprise", "Trade and Industry Bureau contract
and trustworthy enterprise", "Jiangsu quality brands integrity
3A "," Jiangsu Province, Food Quality and Safety Integrity
Enterprise "," Government support for the project 1118 project,
"" Union approved "second pioneering"
base "," Nanjing University, who led the management team of
professional managers, "" Royal Roads University MBA Classic
case "and so on.
Santos International chain of five-year plan to drink soon
Santos to build a world-class quick drink, strategic development planning to
implement "Phase V Project": in 2010 plans to invest 5 million
yuan in the development of a class of business district at least 15 standard-sized
outlets, chain stores comprehensive upgrade VI; 2011 absorption of venture capital
into the capital, Santos break 400 stores nationwide (including franchises),
distribution of large and medium cities in 12 class shopping district; in 2012, Santos
break 600 stores (including Direct, licensing, joint venture etc.): in 2014, Santos chain
break 1000 (including Direct, license, merger, joint venture, etc.); 2015 Santos listed
in London.

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