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									Salmon migration in the tragic story of life
Salmon migration in the tragic story of life
   ?Salmon, also known as Sameng fish or salmon fishing, is a plant in Canada,
Norway, Japan and Russia, China, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, high-latitude
regions of the cold water fish.
   ?Salmon, expensive, delicious, diners sought after!
   ?Salmon, tragic life story for people to understand that Fresh!
   ?Salmon, the survival of the earth two hundred million years of biological species,
has experienced repeated floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions, glaciers melting and
pestilence, they tenaciously survive.
   ?Every year in August, in Vancouver you can see the salmon migration and
spawning of the scene. Salmon spawning in the peak of knot groups of salmon salmon
mighty team from the Pacific into the western Canadian forests in the Capilano River,
upstream. Fish hard to skip a high-level "threshold" --- Little
Falls, finally came to their place of birth --- Vancouver, Capilano River Salmon
Hatchery. When they skip this round after round of "threshold"
into the hatchery, has been a body flush, reportedly because of too much force,
cracking of the vessel, bright red skin caused by the blood soaked body. There, the
completion of a new life in the reproductive process. When the females laying their
eggs, the male sperm after shooting finished, they will quietly "around
forever" the. At this point, they have black and blue, morgue water, fish
scale fluctuations, driven to the wall after the end of the heroic life, the water was
shiny red ... ...
   ?Cooked salmon showing attractive bright red as it is rich in astaxanthin, salmon is
not the salmon's blood, but the body astaxanthin salmon released by the
other small bio-absorption, these After a small organisms are the main food source for
small salmon. Only hatchery to ensure astaxanthin rich nutrition to support the future
of small salmon return as adults have the energy for the next generation of dedicated,
to allow small salmon with fresh water to salt water to survive. Salmon's
death not only exhausted, more is better to reproduce offspring, making the final
   ?In the hatchery, we see that storage tank of different ages, different sizes of salmon
seedlings happily swimming in the water, they will down the river, by a group of land
devoted to warm into the Pacific. The vast Pacific Ocean, like a small salmon
incubator and cradle the fish away from home, second home in their free life. Pacific
salmon of the parents also like it with a broad mind caress of these young lives,
providing them with rich food, care for them grow.
   ?Salmon is usually 3 years growing up and maturing, near the spawning of salmon,
abruptly like "home" of the. According to reports, each a
different age, hundreds of salmon migration each year, July to October each year is
their "home" of the peak season, they are in groups, traveled
several hundred kilometers. Because of the unique genetic, even from the
"home" further away, salmon can also find their place of birth.
  ?In order to go home to lay eggs, salmon experienced a "fighting against
the current" arduous, "jump threshold" of suffering
and "contributing to a hot blood" of the sacrifice, this spirit
moving. Salmon maternal great character, all the way ancestral roots identified the
personality, memorable and appreciated.
  ?Salmon migration process is a difficult painful, but it is this hard to imagine the
pain and ecstasy, only to enable it to flourish.
  ?A small salmon entirely know, students can not easily give up the mission. In the
course of human life, it should be very clear thread of life, we should try to grow at all
costs is a mature life. We need to defend the guardian of a sense of mission, perhaps
we do not like salmon, as to the cost of life, but this mission, it should be more than
the salmon spawning migration serious and can not be shaken.
  ?Win in the pharmacy, think John consultation, in order to achieve "a
pharmacy management to help China better", our team must learn
perseverance and change.
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