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See the hidden wealth, take on the responsibility Leader
Chang-day, 23-year-old, Beijing International Culture Development Co., Ltd. General
Manager of the blue, Peking University, 05 th international politics, graduates, junior
year will produce the idea of inter-professional business
When the third year in college, Zhang days as the exchange of North Harvard
University students were selected to the short-term exchange, which makes him a
share of the business idea sprouted. 20 students went to the United States will be
spending a small fortune, but will the services we need to integrate treatment, get a
lower cost than personal expenses, including the opportunity to go abroad themselves
have a commercial value. Moreover, the whole process a lot to explore the links, each
link can be extended from a good income, such as visa agents, ticket agents, insurance
agents and so can create "hidden" income. See, Zhang days out
of the start the company.
Business must have the courage to take responsibility
"Human capital is our biggest of the capital, on the one hand is the
business leader and business partner of the executive power, there is the
team's dedication Tai Du", Zhang's handing me days
to the card, write the above is the "Beijing International Cultural Fazhan
blue Ltd. General Manager. " He said that he is now the legal
representative of harm to count a Leader, a lot of responsibilities, and sometimes one
will doubt whether the balance between their responsibilities. Each team must have a
Leader, in the early days, Leader is mainly responsible for a variety of responsibilities,
particularly legal liability, because of organizational and product maturity is not high,
their power is often the beginning than to bear their own responsibility, to do This
Lleader will make a lot of people discouraged. However, if no such responsibility
courage, it would not be entrepreneurs, but not the business leaders.
Business partners is the key factor
He is currently day has begun to take shape, the staff has reached 6, all of whom are
part-time students of Beijing University, the school support the students start to
provide a very inexpensive office. When asked whether the company will be bigger in
the near future, the sheets do big day feel that they will face greater risks, to think
twice, most important thing now is not found suitable for business partners, and
therefore can not organization to operate. Limited resources into unlimited, only the
people themselves. So venture partners are the key elements of entrepreneurship.
Looking for business partners on standards, he is clear: to have vision and courage,
good character, must have executive ability, preferably complementary knowledge.
Beginning: "Business only" quality = start
As to why should a business, not because of him that would like to make money, but
to develop their own "business only." For a repair in
international politics, economics and mathematics for three undergraduate degrees,
the actual business operations will improve their knowledge structure, so that their
economy is the most intuitive on the market knowledge, this is only
"business only" part. Zhang day that "it does not
mean that management of business knowledge and MBA degree."
"Business only" in the start-up stage show for entrepreneurs
Quality: First of all must have a knowledge-based insights, based on intellectual
creativity, based on experience, operational capabilities, based on character and
personality. Second, entrepreneurs need to calm and correct their position, and
themselves. Third, to develop good habits, too simple, healthy, progressive life. And
finally, to fill the treasure friendship, good friends is a human life, learning the best
material with friends and you can make the impossible become possible only magic
"None of this venture" to create value
Entrepreneurial quality of the people, in the start-up stage may well resolve the
resource shortage. As the students credit, and even parents can not support, not to
mention from the venture capital community. Therefore, the plight of most students is
the lack of venture funding. The basis for the success of the blue is a very practical
idea: "We lack resources, the natural need to communicate, Zhe is a
complementary and mutually beneficial behavior." Companies had such an
attempt, such as they did the translation and production of film titles, Beijing
University students English levels are very good, it can be fully exploited. The case is
an embarrassment that they simply find the value of university students, there Nengli
real knowledge of people, as long as you can and She Hui's Xuqiuyouxiao
communication, Jiu can Chuangzao value, value, of course you can Zhuanhua into the
On the future direction of development, he thinks life is a natural outgrowth process,
we should, as always, self-confidence to pursue the life you want. Whether the
company towards the direction of education and training continue to strengthen and
expand counseling, he did not take into account the time being, he even said he would,
when necessary, out of the business.
■ stroke the table
No business in this high opportunity cost
S Performance, Nankai University, vice president of international business,
entrepreneurship, director of management studies, doctoral tutor
    Blue real market research found, but also on the potential market was analyzed,
the blue of entrepreneurs in the early stages of entrepreneurial success is derived from
the information accurately. However, the entrepreneur can not be left out of the
"potential adversary" of the research and analysis. In addition,
the entrepreneur should pay attention to operational research.
How to select business partners depends on the entrepreneur's own
situation and his wish to obtain from business partners what. Blue at this stage of the
international speaking, venture capital partners is more important than ever, the
company is not an urgent need for financial and business model design, marketing,
networking, high-quality service even more critical.
The case of "zero-start" is the entrepreneur to give up (or
compression) labor income and investment of time and effort (mental) for a price. Its
main risk is "opportunity cost" is too high, the entrepreneur
must be sufficiently profitable to make the right mode of analysis and market
segmentation to reduce risk.
■ Return Weapon
Do not give business competitors an opportunity
Bin He, Hui-line letter (China) Enterprise Research Center, the former Senior
Manager of Human Resources of Siemens
Blue priority should be to quickly establish their reputation, brand, head start, before
other people involved in this area quickly to seize the market, not to play into the
hands of potential adversaries, foreign language training institutions in China is to go
that route.
Select business partners should be considered complementary and both may conflict.
In the choice of business partner, a useful approach is in knowledge, skills and
experience of complementary concerns, and in the personal characteristics and
motivations similar concerns.
In the early days, the organization's management may be loose, this can
reduce communication costs and facilitates the training of personnel. But pay
attention to how resources are effectively integrated in the internal savings and to
prevent the possession of personal resources, many companies are trained in this
mode, the number of competitors, which limit its development.
Entrepreneurs in addition to the outstanding leadership and excellence in resource
integration capability, the enterprise must have a "bigger and
stronger," the determination and conviction. If only the venture as an
attempt, although his will be good exercise, but sometimes makes the entrepreneur
appears to lack confidence.
■ "China" sound
First exercise, then start
I do a little business away from the present, but the key problem is that I do not know
how big a business, they did not experience.
So I think it is best to first get into business working for foreign companies operating
in their mechanism of advanced training a few years before some of the sustaining
power business, a lot of business graduates are blind.
--- Zhao Air China, Tsinghua University fourth-year students
No money, hard work
In addition to business people, the first need is capital. At present, many families have
for their children are fully capable of providing such a start-up funds, but the key is
how to persuade the parents. The support of friends should not be ignored.
--- Akin, Duke University, JD
The poor environment is also no good
Graduate Entrepreneurship has become a synonym for a fashionable, but the key is to
see students I really have the quality of entrepreneurial potential. The current business
environment, the community still further improvement, start to think twice.
--- Valley teacher, a university career center director
School management may not have the advantage
Management students may not be suitable for business, entrepreneurs need is a first
quality start, which is far more important than managing knowledge, which includes
use of courage, determination and knowledge Deng to integrate resources of various
In addition, the entrepreneur, if there is a core technology, it is more likely to find
entrepreneurs to start.
--- Wang Xiaoyang, a University of organizational behavior management school
Good start serving staff
The success rate of university graduates start far less than the incumbents, because the
latter through the exercise four to five years, already has considerable management
skills and communication skills, but also very understanding of the industry, but more
importantly in some services sector factor accumulation played contacts is essential
for business, these are not university graduates are available.
--- Mr. Chen, foreign cosmetics Human Resources Manager

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