Rizhao City_ Shandong Province_ Middle School last semester of 2009 teaching quality inspection political test by fdjerue7eeu


									Rizhao City, Shandong Province, Middle School last semester of 2009 teaching
quality inspection political test
Rizhao City, Shandong Province, Middle School last semester of 2009 the political
questions of teaching quality inspection
Volume I, this paper points (multiple choice) and Volume II (non-multiple choice) of
two parts, a total of 100 points. Exam time 90 minutes.
S Ⅰ volumes (a total of 50 multiple-choice)
1. A first volume Ⅰ before, the candidate must be his name, candidate number
scrawled in pencil on the answer card.
2. Mei Xiaoti selected answers, answers with a pencil to answer questions on the card
label corresponding to blacken, For changes, use a clean eraser, then select the other
answer James can not answer the test paper.
First, the four options listed in the Meixiao Ti, only one is the most requested topics.
Meixiao Ti 2 points, a total of 50 points.
1.2008 on June 20, President Hu Jintao came to People's Network, with
friends online exchange, discuss scientific development. General Secretary Hu Jintao
and friends discuss the scientific development is conducive to ()
  ① expanded basic political rights of citizens to promote the party and the
government ② scientific and democratic decision-making power to propose ③ ④
safeguard citizens and protecting the people's right to information,
expression, and to oversee
  A. ① ② ③ B. ② ③ ④ C. ② ④ D. ① ③ ④
2.2008 on Sept. 8, Xiangfen County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, a major break in
particular after the accident, the State Council attached great importance to take all
effective measures to work out rescue efforts, according to accountability, to ensure
the safety in production of the implement measures. At present, all of the affected
people have been properly resettled. This shows that ()
  ① Chinese Communist Party represents the fundamental interests of the
overwhelming majority of people ② the government insist on the principle of the
people responsible for implementing administration ③ "people
first" concept of governance ④ Ruling party's basic approach
  A. ① ② B. ① ④ C. ② ③ D. ③ ④
3.2008 In October, the seventh Asia-Europe summit in Beijing. 45 members of ASEM
leaders tackle the financial crisis through a "statement on international
financial situation," Asia and Europe work together to demonstrate the
determination to tackle global challenges. Asia and Europe can work together to
address the root causes of the global financial crisis is ()
  A. Identical to the national interests of Asian and European countries B. Asian and
European countries have common interests
  C. Asian and European countries have no differences D. Asian and European
economies are highly complementary
4. According to the survey, the financial crisis on the Chinese American community is
not much affected, thanks to the Chinese cultural traditions and patterns of
consumption. Chinese in the United States still maintains a good tradition of
industriousness, frugality, and accustomed to not lend money without debt. This
shows that ()
  A. Cultural impact on people's world outlook, outlook on life and values
B. Culture rooted in economic, but also higher than the economic
  C. Chinese culture has a long history, profound and lasting characteristics of D.
Culture affects people's thinking and behavior
5. With modern ideas, "activation" of traditional culture is to
enhance the national cultural soft power, an important way. In recent years,
"Dream of Red Mansions" and classics by artists with new
forms of re-interpretation, access to wide acclaim. With modern ideas,
"activation" of traditional culture that ()
  A. Overall positive attitude must be to protect and promote the traditional culture
  B. Modernization of traditional culture is a central part of our culture
  C. Must be based on the needs of the new period to re-interpretation and
construction of traditional culture
  D. In the new era of innovation and the context must carry forward the traditional
culture methods
6. Vitamin is to maintain the normal function of the basic elements of the human body.
Some scientists believe that large doses of certain vitamins good for health, but some
said the overdose of vitamins can cause damage to health. Debate on the issues that
vitamin ()
  ① always access the correct understanding and imperfect ② conditional access to
the correct understanding of the truth only in a certain period ③ access does not
have the correct understanding of the nature of ultimate truth ④ awareness can not
correctly grasp the essence of things and laws
  A. ① ③ B. ① ② C. ③ ④ D. ② ④
7. China's reform and opening up 30 years ago, science and technology
ideas gave birth to socialism with Chinese characteristics, reform and opening up to
create     the      socialism      with     Chinese       characteristics.   If     held,
"China's reform and opening up 30 years of
Achievements", do you think the most philosophical theme of the
exhibition requirements ()
  ?A. Thinking of leading practices, and reform to promote the development of B.
System determinants, some affect the overall
   Medical and health system reform vital interests of the masses is a major concern to
society in general. 8 to 9 questions answered.
8. In accordance with the requirements of the State Council, "to deepen
inter-ministerial coordination group health care reform," Oct. 14, 2008
issued an "opinion deepening health system reform (draft)",
open to the community for comment. This shows that ()
  ① China is a country people are the masters of our government adhere to the
scientific ② ③ democratic decision-making of our citizens can participate in
decision-making in the formation of the freedom of our citizens is ④ specific
  A. ① ② ③ ④ B. ③ ④ C. ① ② ③ D. ① ② ④
9. "Deepening the reform of health system on the view" that:
both urban and rural residents to build the public health service system, the health
care system, medical security system, security system, four in one drug supply basic
medical health system. Efforts to resolve the masses "see a doctor of
your" problem. This reflects ()
  A. Communist Party of China B. Chinese Government adheres to people-oriented
  C. Government market supervision, social management of the economic functions of
the D. Government should direct management of health care, to protect the
people's livelihood
10. Recently, many government officials because of security incidents, events have
suffered, "accountability" problem officers resign or be
removed from office, the administrative accountability system ()
  ① reflects our government uphold the principles of responsible to the people to
eradicate corruption ② ③ help to improve the production level of administration
according to law ④ the Government to enable the party of democratic governance
  A. ① ② ③ B. ① ③ C. ① ③ ④ D. ② ③ ④
11. NPC deputy Wang Kunbo Anyang City, Henan Province CPPCC Qin Paul often
based on the research report "on the abolition of arbitrary charges on
individual business proposals," the motion adopted by the NPC and the
discussion and adoption. This shows that ()
  ① NPC deputies and CPPCC members of the CPPCC have the right to make
proposals ② political consultation, democratic supervision, the functions of the NPC
③ ④ the highest authority in China Chinese Communist Party through the exercise
of legislative power to the people's will make it a national policy
  A. ① ② B. ② ③ C. ③ ④ D. ① ② ③
12.2008 on 6 December, French President Nicolas Sarkozy despite strong opposition
from the Chinese people and the Chinese Government's repeated solemn
representations, insisted on meeting with Dalai, the Chinese Government expresses its
firm opposition and strong protest. My Government strongly rejected because ()
  ① Sarkozy's behavior grossly interfered in China's internal
affairs ② ③ France is an independent capitalist countries is the basic standpoint of
our foreign policy ④ Sarkozy seriously undermined China's national
  A. ① ③ ④ B. ① ② ③ C. ③ ④ D. ① ③
13. Since the last century since the 80's, the central government has
allocated more than 700 million yuan on the Tibetan temples, pagodas, temple and
other religious sites, offering maintenance, the region of Tibetan Buddhism and other
religious activities to meet the religious needs of the masses of normal religious
activities. The above facts show ()
  A. In Tibet, the Government supports the development of religion B. Theocratic
Tibet Autonomous Region
  C. Tibetan people fully enjoy freedom of religious belief D. Tibet Autonomous
Region Government shall strengthen the management of religious affairs
14. Government's positive turn in our family, the date has successfully
conducted five rounds of Six-Party Talks. This shows that ()
  A. Has formed a multipolar world
  B. China's leading role in international affairs
  C. China actively committed to the establishment of a new international order
  D. Maintaining world peace and promoting world development is the purpose of our
foreign policy
15. Mencius years ago that "born of hardship for the worst"
mentality. Premier Wen Jiabao visited a certain place, also stressed that leaders at all
levels must have sense of urgency. This indicates that traditional Chinese thought ()
  A. Is showing an important symbol of Chinese traditional culture
  B. Chinese contemporary spiritual wealth, should be unreservedly inheritance
  C. Affect the values of contemporary Chinese people and China's
development road
  D. Is the most outstanding traditional culture, should be the mainstream thinking of
the world
16. From the establishment of the Confucius Institute to the host culture year, from
animation "China Boy" and was an overseas hit animation
award to the "Yu Dan fuss" Copyright by South Korea snapped
up, the topic of Chinese culture and going out more and more heat. If the theme of
"Chinese culture and going out" as the topic, write a speech, do
you think the more appropriate perspective of cultural theory is ()
  ① culture, heritage and cultural development ② cultural exchange: to be
messengers to disseminate Chinese culture ③ ④ culture and comprehensive
national strength of economic globalization and cultural values of the conflict
  A. ① ② B. ② ③ C. ① ④ D. ② ④
17.2008 on October 14, Eleventh National Games mascot unveiled in Jinan. Mascot
named "Tarzan Boy" is full of inspiration from cultural, natural
meaning and touching legend of "the head of the saying" the
Taishan, Taishan to anthropomorphic stone auspicious meanings. This shows that ()
  A. Objective things is a source of cultural innovation B. To respect and understand
cultural differences and personality
  C. Cultural innovation to the tradition, innovation D. On traditional culture, can
contribute to cultural development
18. "National" Eleventh Five-Year "during the
Cultural Development Plan," proposed that in the conditions of the primary
schools of calligraphy, painting, traditional crafts courses, language courses in
secondary schools due to increase in the classic essay, poetry proportion of primary
and secondary school curricula of various subjects combination of subject
characteristics to be integrated into the content of the fine traditional culture of China.
This is because (a)
  ① traditional culture is to maintain the spirit of national survival and development
of ties ② we must cling to the traditional culture of this nation, refused to accept any
foreign culture ③ on the traditional culture is the foundation of cultural development
and cultural innovation ④ uphold the right direction must be opposed "
conservative doctrine "
  A. ① ② B. ① ③ C. ② ④ D. ② ③
19. Uighur's "The Seventh Maqam Jura", the
Mongolian long-tune "Genghis Khan" Naxi "married
woman tone" Tujia "Shennongxi trackers chant" ... ...
distinctive national dress, language, melody and songs to show in the CCTV arena. It
is colorful and exciting folk music and more extensive music festival rich cultural
connotation and moved. This from a side show ()
  ① distinctive national culture represents the forward direction of the Chinese
culture from different cultures ② China is a treasure of Chinese culture, Chinese
culture ③ show a rich multi-cultural color ④ mutual integration of traditional
culture, promote the formation of modern China the development of the spirit of the
  A. ① ② B. ② ③ C. ① ④ D. ③ ④
20. Shandong Province, was selected eighth spiritual civilization "boutique
projects" creative works are drawn from real life, close to the
people's livelihood, to reflect the times, "boutique
projects" reflects the direction of Shandong Province and the level of
spiritual civilization. This shows that ()
  ① face the reality of life is an important mission of literary innovation ②, ③ art
of life lies closer to the people, to meet the needs of the public cultural life, to become
the standard literary and artistic creation test ④ literary and artistic creation must
have a clear spirit of the times and the rich flavor of life
  A. ① ② ③ B. ① ② ④ C. ① ③ ④ D. ① ② ③ ④
21. Socialist core value system, to grasp the direction of advanced culture, the key is
  A. Development of national, scientific and popular socialist culture B. Cultivate
ideals, morality, culture, and discipline of civil
  C. Education for all citizens to strengthen social morality D. Adhere to Marxism in
the ideological sphere
22. 30 years of reform and opening up the theoretical system of socialism with
Chinese characteristics is the formation and development of 30 years. Theoretical
system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is Marxism in China's
latest achievement is the party's most valuable political and spiritual wealth.
This shows that ()
  A. Philosophy is the essence of the spirit of the times
  B. Philosophy is a booster for the times
  C. Theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the essence of the
spirit of the times
  D. Real philosophy of specific sciences Summary and Conclusion
23. The success of Beijing Olympic Games and the precise meteorological department
forecast are inseparable. Accurate knowledge of the meteorological department,
"God," temper, to provide precise weather forecasts for a degree
or even an Olympic venues to provide timely and accurate weather forecasts. This
mainly reflects the ()
  A. Awareness to accurately reflect the nature of things and laws of B. Awareness of
the people can promote the transformation of the objective world
  C. Initiative restricting the objective laws D. Practice with the objective
characteristics of material
24. From "Development is the last word" to
"scientific      development"        put     forward,     from    the
"letting some people get rich first" to "properly
handle the initial distribution and redistribution are the relationship between
efficiency and equity, should be concerned with social justice." Party
congress and fair view of the concept of development knowledge has reached a new
high, indicating that ()
  ① ② specific understanding of truth is both theory and practice of specific
historical unity ③ truth that has always been in understanding the development of
denial ④ human pursuit of truth is a never-ending process
  A. ① ③ B. ② ④ C. ① ④ D. ③ ④
25. Ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus said: "When a person young, do
not let him delay the philosophy of research; when he was old, do not let him become
bored of his research. Because to get the soul health, who would not be too early or
too late in the problem. "The reason for the importance of philosophy in
the study because ()
  A. Philosophy is the scientific world outlook and methodology
  B. Philosophy allows us to correctly treat the natural, social, and life changes and
  C. True philosophy that can guide people to properly understand the world and
transform the world
  D. True philosophy was born in the practice of human activities and the people of the
Inquiry and Practice of the world
The first volume Ⅱ (non-choice questions of 50 marks)
1. The first volume in ink or ball-point pen Ⅱ direct answer from the test volume. 2.
Respondents prior to completing the project within the seal line clear.
Second, the volume of 4 small questions, a total of 50 points.
26.2008 year is the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening up 30
years in China has undergone enormous changes in urban and rural areas. The
material to answer the following questions.
   Materials 1: The rural reform started in 1978, contained 30 trials and hardships.
Central government has formulated 10 "Document" follow and
guide the rural reform, to bring about great changes in rural China. From the
"grain tax," "three deductions and five" to
be exempted from agricultural taxes lasted 2600 years, to give farmers subsidies; from
rural to urban and rural division, and gradually realize the integration of urban and
rural ... ..., the Chinese peasants have left a string of warm memories.
  ?(1) 30 years of reform and opening up, why the Chinese Communist Party can give
a string of Chinese peasants left warm memories? (6 points)
   Materials II began in 1978, the family contract responsibility system in rural areas
greatly emancipated productivity in China to promote China's agricultural
development. However, in recent years, with the increase in migrant labor and the
development of modern agriculture, rural urgent to speed up the transfer of the right
to land contractual management. Third Plenary Session of the Party's 17
"decision" made, paid in accordance with the principle of
voluntary law to allow farmers to subcontract, lease, exchange, transfer, stock transfer
forms of cooperation, the right to land contractual management, the development of
various forms of appropriate scale .
  ?(2) a brief description of the central authorities issued the policy of land to allow
farmers the philosophical basis. (9 points)
27.2009 New Year's Day approaching, the CPC Central Committee
Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in Qingdao,
Shandong Province, visited and saluted the cadres and masses. Turning to the
financial crisis, said: "We first have to boost confidence, confidence is
power. Confidence come from? Confidence from the right to judge the situation from
30 years of reform and opening up the accumulation of solid material foundation and
a good institutional environment, from the stability of the financial system and
monetary liquidity ample, from China has a large market and abundant human
resources, from the State Council promulgated the correct and timely and decisive
measures. a party and the government's strong leadership, cadres and
employees rose to the challenge of the spirit, we can surely win. "
   Explain Premier Wen confident of discourse on materialism embodied reason. (6
28.2008 years is a very extraordinary one, this year, China has witnessed three
earth-shaking, so that important events in the world: the whole army and people of all
unity, fought to win the Wenchuan earthquake relief struggle a major victory, the
Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, the Shenzhou VII manned space
mission has been successful. Reading materials, answer the following questions:
Material for a May 12, 2008 Wenchuan 8.0 earthquake occurred, carried out a
magnificent land of China, the situation in earthquake relief over the great human
struggle. In this struggle, the people and the world the hearts of all Chinese people
together, really the Chinese nation of one mind, from Zhicheng City. This fight not
only relief from the great national spirit in the draw force and give new meaning on
the national spirit, expand and enhance the national spirit of a new realm. The support
of such a spirit, the greatest difficulty has not beat the heroic Chinese people.
  ?(1) Contact material to talk about your understanding of the national spirit. (7
   Material 2 of the 2008 Beijing people in the world devoted to the success of the
Olympic Games next unmatched, also left us a very precious legacy. General
Secretary Hu Jintao pointed out: the Olympic Games left for us than the material
heritage, spiritual legacy more lasting, more valuable, and we should cherish it, and
efforts to enhance its development.
  ?(2) from the cultural point of view explains why a more lasting legacy, more
valuable? (6 points)
   Material 3 Beijing at 9:10:04 p.m. on September 25, 2008, China's space
industry has ushered in a historic moment, our self-developed Shenzhou VII manned
spacecraft at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, 9:19 p.m. minutes and 43 seconds
into orbit, followed by a successful space walk.
  ?(3) Please briefly answer the successful launch of Shenzhou VII's
political significance. (6 points)
29. Elective 3: knowledge of national and international organizations
   December 22, 2008, China's Permanent Representative to the UN Zhang
separately to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN Security
Council this month, rotating the main Xiyoulicha informed the Chinese
government's decision to send navy ships to visit the Gulf of Aden, the
Somali waters to escort the implementation of the decision. The main task is to
protect the ship from sailing the seas of China, personnel safety, protection of the
World Food Programme and other international organizations to transport
humanitarian relief supplies the ship's safety. Ban Ki-moon said he
appreciated China's international action against Somali pirates for their
strong support, this reflects China's important role in international affairs.
Jurica said the Chinese government's decision is timely, is the work of the
Council's support.
  ?(1) The combination of materials shows that China's status in the United
Nations. (4 points)
  ?(2) The combination of materials explaining why my sent naval vessels to visit the
Gulf of Aden, the Somali waters to escort the implementation and support of the
international community action against Somali pirates. (6 points)

1, (Paper 2 hours, 50 minutes)
1-5 CCBDD 6-10 AACBB 11-15 BACDC 16-20 BCBBB
21-25 DCACC
2, Questions and Answers (50 points)
26. (1) ① is China's ruling Communist Party of China, adhere to the
purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly. Agricultural tax, give farmers subsidies
so that farmers get real benefits. ② The CPC is the vanguard of the Chinese working
class, while the Chinese people and the vanguard of the Chinese nation. Adherence to
the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people all work as the
starting point and end point. ③ Communist Party of China Scientific governance,
democratic governance and rule of law. (2 points per point, 6 points)
  ?(2) ① matter determines consciousness requires that we proceed from the reality.
Subjective with objective. Introduction of this policy is the central reality, insist on a
realistic outcome. ② the development of practice to promote the understanding of
development. Changes in the practice of rural development to promote policy change.
③ understanding of the practice is counterproductive, practice is guided by scientific
theories on the role of central introduction of these policies will help promote rural
economic development. (3 points for every point of view, a total of 9 points) (may
also be other points of view and reasonable rates. Such as: the relations of production
must adapt to the development of life force, contact the viewpoint of development,
27. ① confidence is power, establish confidence, we can find the correct measures to
address the financial crisis, which reflects awareness of the guiding role in
transforming the objective world, the human body has a physiological role of
regulation and control. (2 points)
② confidence to judge from the situation right, Premier Wen stressed that confidence
is a reflection of seeking truth from facts, which shows material determines
consciousness, consciousness is a reflection of material. (2 points)
③ Premier Wen confident exposition shows initiative and respect play a combination
of objective laws. (2 points)
28. (1) ① In the 5000 years of development, the Chinese formed the core of
patriotism, unity, love of peace, industry, courage, self-improvement of the great
national spirit. (2 points) ② the Chinese spirit, always maintaining the spirit of the
Chinese people live link, is the Chinese people support the survival, development of
the spiritual pillar of the Chinese nation to prosperity, a strong spiritual force, the soul
of the Chinese nation. (3 points) ③ we want to patriotism as the core of the national
spirit and to reform and innovation as the core spirit of the times close together, so
practitioners of national spirit. (2 points)
 ?(2) ① spiritual heritage as a culture, can people understand the world, the process
of transforming the world into a material force, a profound impact on social
development. ② intertwined cultural and political economy. Significant impact to
the political and economic culture, the Olympic spirit as an excellent culture of
modernization can provide a strong spiritual force. ③ cultural influence
people's practical activities, awareness activities and ways of thinking,
culture can promote the comprehensive development. Culture is a subtle effect on
people and far-reaching and lasting. (2 points per point, 6 points)
 ?(3) ① greatly enhance the success of manned space flight of China's
scientific and technological strength, economic strength and national defense strength,
and enhance China's comprehensive national strength and international
competitiveness and improve China's international status. ② help
strengthen national self-esteem and pride, and strengthen national cohesion, to
arousing the enthusiasm of people of all nationalities and creativity, well-off society.
③ to power the growth of world peace and promoting world peace and development.
(2 points per point, 6 points)
29. (1) China is an important member of the international community, is the
world's largest developing country, is the international political and
economic situation in an important force. China, as permanent members of the
Security Council, in matters concerning peace and security in major matters veto, in
the United Nations has an important influence. (4 points)
 ?(2) ① As a permanent member of the international peace and security, great
responsibility, China has always been to maintain "the United Nations
Charter," the purpose and principles in support of the United Nations under
the Charter of the work carried out by the spirit of active participation in United
Nations and its specialized institutions conducive to world peace and development
activities, the United Nations has made important contributions. (4 points) ② China
pursues an independent foreign policy of peace, safeguard China's national
interests and promote world peace and development. (2 points)

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