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					Retail Banking
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?List of Retail Banking Overview
* Retail Banking Business
* Features and characteristics of retail banking
* China's retail banking market
* Breakthrough formula retail banking
* Innovation Way of retail banking
* Retail banking experience and practice of pricing
* Retail banks around the famous
* Retail banking business types

Retail Banking (Retail Bank)

Retail Banking Overview
Retail Banking (Retail Banking), one type of bank, which provides services to the
general public, SMEs and individual small farmers. Retail banking customers usually
through bank branches, ATMs and Internet banking and other exchanges.
Corresponding wholesale bank (Wholesale Bank).
Generally will be mainly to provide services to consumers and small businesses the
bank is known as retail banking (retail bank)
Retail banking refers to the commercial banks use modern management concepts,
relying on high-tech means to individuals, families and small and medium enterprises
to provide comprehensive, integrated financial services including deposit, lending,
clearing, exchange, investment and wealth management business. Retail banking
business is not short for a particular business, but the general term for many
businesses. It has a wide range of business areas, both the traditional banking business,
may also be new business; both business asset may also be a liability business and
intermediate business, it can be on-line banking and so on.
Retail Banking Business
A wide range of content and scope of business, which involves the liabilities of
commercial banks, business, assets, operations, intermediate operations
(balance-sheet business) areas.
Liability business point of view, are: personal checking account - demand deposits,
time deposits, savings deposits, credit card deposits, bonds, large negotiable
certificates of deposit;
Read from the assets of businesses, including: consumer credit (includes car loans,
housing loans, consumer durables loans), credit cards and other financing or
View from the intermediate business (more), are: personal exchange settlement,
personal trust, personal leasing, personal safe, personal notes collection, agency
payments, personal consulting and financial services, personal foreign exchange
trading and foreign currency exchange and so on.
Features and characteristics of retail banking retail banking business relative
wholesale banking business, its main features are:
Target customers are mainly individual customers
Trading scattered
Small amount of the transaction
Which demonstrate the features:
The cost of retail banking than the wholesale cost of the high bank
Retail banking customers are more mobile than strong wholesale banking
Very low risk of retail bank lending

China's retail banking market
Mixed financial products sales have begun to become very popular in the inter-bank
First stage: the market cultivation stage (1996)
This stage, the bank card market to start saving, the domestic retail banking market
started to come to an end in 2001 until the online banking market, characterized by
the "three one":
★ "single marketing product": first savings card marketing,
including Card, Peony debit cards, debit cards and Dragon Wall debit cards, and then
since 1999, with the Internet technology revolution, the traditional financial sector
began to combined with Internet technology, online banking is becoming the subject
of bank marketing, small and medium banks was seen as insufficient to make up
networks, quickly establish a narrow gap between the scale of state-owned
commercial banks, effective way.
★ "Promotion means a single": bank marketing is mainly
embodied in the form of "outdoor advertising", shopping malls,
housing estates and tertiary institutions as the main place for propaganda. Especially
over the weekends, we often see in the above areas of the bank staff wear suits and
ties a ribbon figure.
★ "functions of a single account manager": personal client
manager functions mainly reflected savings in energy master card, online banking
customers to explain clearly the basic functionality, the client manager's
performance evaluation focused on the amount to open cards, online bank account
number on.
Phase II: Mixed sales began (2001 to 2002)
The most fundamental expression of this round of change in two aspects:
★ securities market, insurance market and consumer credit markets and the fund
industry's rapid development, a variety of financial products also put on the
bank retail Di counter, the retail banking business started to 出 complexity, which no
doubt Ji Chuan Tong Yin Xingye to operators of the Le Road problems.
★ competition with industry, leading banks in marketing capabilities inherent defects
Although there is no clear policy signals, mixed financial products sales have started
in the banking industry between the popular, private financial retail platform, stock
trading, investment in bonds, insurance, commission agents, fund distributors, plans
to issue trust, mortgage, and mortgage and other personal vehicles financial products
that range, and each species represents a business with an innovative financial sector.
Breakthrough formula for retail banking
As early as 2001, when China joined the WTO, the domestic banking sector had
already formed a basic consensus that foreign banks to enter China with the
acceleration of the pace of future competition will be the first foreign bank in the
areas of retail banking and private banking to start.
In the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, some troubled personal
problems began to focus on business development emerge. It can be said, the Chinese
financial industry's rapid development and increasing complexity, are able
to concentrate on retail banking market, reflected and affect the future of banking
reform. How handedly, gradually resolve this complexity, and potential to take off by
the financial sector, the business quickly raise the level of retail banking, banking has
become an urgent task.
Dilemma: four bottlenecks
1, cramped regional competition
At present, the bank's competition focused on products in the field, while
the innovation of financial products are often quickly copied, various banks in
different financial brands, to the customers but provide essentially the same services.
For example, Fund Distribution, entrusted financial management, personal mortgage
and personal foreign exchange trading, no matter what kind of products, the
introduction of a bank, less than six months, other banks followed suit, resulting in
any bank in the product innovation is difficult to obtain transcendence or lasting
2, based on weak market
From 2001, "Financial Planning" as the domestic retail banking
market's theme, "Financial Planning supermarket",
"financial planner", "financial center" is
become the largest financial media, the frequency of the term. Since 2003, financial
management attributed the noise gradually subsided, reason: customers very limited
knowledge of financial management, banks can not provide extensive financial
products, the professional standards of personal account manager is limited.
Conclusion: in an emerging, but also the primary market, directly copying the
advanced experience of mature markets is not enough, the market needs a daily basis
3, lower marketing ability
Bank of service and marketing capability and development of the retail banking
market faster than insufficient. First of all, banks in general lack of marketing skills
account manager and professional financial training, led to banks in the stock market
downturn marketing fund, a development "Yinzhengtong" Ye
Wu, Hulue the customer Touzixinli, can not combine with the customers investment
products Qingxiangtuijian Li Cai; Qici , a strong awareness of officials and
businessmen, most banks marketing knowledge to remain at the completion of
assessment indicators, not to position themselves in the commercial service
enterprises, did not rise to a corporate marketing strategy for long-term development
of the high plane of awareness; again, even if the best account manager, personally,
can not separate the face and adapt to rapid changes in the financial industry, so his
support behind the need for a technology platform, while the banks have a general
lack of adequate thought and preparation.
4, the conflict assessment indicators
Specific performance indicators for the savings deposits and financial products sales
agency conflicts between targets.
Four out of the plight of the strategy
1) Breakthrough: a formula of four variables
The face of a changing market, retail banking is an increasingly complex system
engineering. Here a simple formula, combining the latest banking practices and ideas,
as we outlined the retail banking market has seen the marketing strategy.
Retail bank marketing formula: Business Account Manager - financial products or
services - marketing channel business - customer
Retail banking business can be simply described as: client manager through certain
marketing channels, the financial banking products or services delivered to individual
customers. That which involved the four variables: client manager, financial products,
marketing channels and customers, the following four variables from the start, the
work of the branch marketing planning.
2) Variable 1: Customer Manager
First of all, the branches to create a professional personal Account Manager team, and
clearly the team to grow the business scale, marketing and intermediary business
revenue target to complete for three objectives. At the same time, we must establish
mechanisms for continuing professional training, including training in business
marketing techniques. In the long term, it is necessary for the different areas of
Combined Financial, training manager for different products.
3) Variable 2: financial products or services
First, the financial products recommended to reflect the professionalism of, their own
efforts alone account manager is not enough will also need two technical support: one
is the product manager (mentioned above), the other is appropriate to introduce the
relevant professional bodies, such as insurance, securities, funds and futures
companies. They, together with product managers to focus through the client manager,
passing more professional advisory information.
Second, in China, an immature, unstable market, must always be concerned about the
latest changes in the market, pay attention to the stage of product marketing and
relevance. For example, in one years, the fund market may have only 3 months of the
market, Yinzhengtong only 2 months of market (stock market rally of the machine),
while the stock market downturn may be good in terms of the bond market. In
addition, it must always be concerned about the state industrial control policies on the
mortgage, car mortgage business impact and the international market exchange rate,
interest rate fluctuations related to operations of retail banking.
Third, the personal financial services to go beyond the scope of financial planning to
expand to the customer every aspect of life, which the bank is even more closely with
the customer contact. In this regard, the following analysis will be combined with the
4) Variable 3: Marketing Channels
The most important thing is that retail banks should be clear what marketing channels.
The most neglected but most important channel is the network of business banking
lobby. A network of business casual lobby day there are hundreds, thousands of traffic,
but also all banks have accounts of the customer, should first become the object of
financial product marketing. Domestic banks often overlook outlets in the
environment. In fact, the environment, human design, unified corporate identity,
business manager on relatively high quality, all work that urgently need improvement.
Bank marketing channels focused on the second banking sites and personal financial
management special issue. At present, domestic banks and foreign counte