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Hand look at comics blog, you suddenly feel that their dreams will not be far away,
especially in this bustling city, I have adult age, why not shrink from the curled
forward, I may not identify the starting point really want an increase of copying their
work, because there will be a copy of their feelings, they feared the loss of time, while
at the wastage of time. Ridiculous contradiction.
Ps in the end I do not know what to learn the extent, for now, I really only basis.
They look at a computer expert were talking about the interview experience, really
ashamed of themselves, their life experiences I may not run into so far, I have
participated in large firms only interview the Orient home, mobile, Chuang Sheng,
former school The preaching and the written examination after the latter two is the
written test + interview, as if I had not thought of large companies, may
subconsciously believe that only focus on undergraduate and master's
degree there is the award-winning talent will have the courage and strength to the
candidate. Engage in computer technology that people are cattle, looking at a pile of
data symbol, I feel I really admire the five-body cast to: My God, the power of
knowledge is infinite, and also can change the destiny, but this knowledge is what I
am afraid my life will not get to know and remember the meaning of those symbols,
learning science is structured and logical analysis capability, (which is not mean that I
think about a former boyfriend of Science in the views it) that the two graduate
students do not build on, because I really cover undergraduate years, in fact, the logic
of liberal arts will also be, for example set out the 12345, for fear of jumping thinking,
confused, very short and sharp and vigorous, the science on the long, careful, and
Master - too could write, and really out of the book. Great pains, and everything to
keep for later use.

Job ago, after his own personality traits and interests of the analysis, I identified the
following job to your goals:
      overall goal: take the technology and management / business combination of
      Job Location: Beijing, Shanghai
      target sectors: finance, IT industry
         target unit: Civil Service> Bank / Mobile> monopoly
state-owned enterprises> outstanding foreign> institutions
(Japanese-owned enterprises, enterprises do not consider South Korea)

     target jobs: IT industry, combined with technical and management positions, the
financial industry computer office, and other computer-related jobs

     job considerations: opportunities> accounts> Treatment>
Working Environment
     of goals in this, my job search process from October 8, 2006 started to January
10, 2007 Official Results
     beam, lasted 3 months. The whole process can be divided into three stages:
Internship sea vote
I sum up a bit, the best resume should note the following:
      1, should be to explore their own strengths and highlight the most advantageous
to their own local forefront.
      2, to their names and contact information into the most conspicuous place.
      3, to compress into one (which I do not very good).
      4, for different types of units, the best resume template different to more targeted.
      1) For foreign: to emphasize "the standard of English",
"learning ability" and "team spirit",
"communication skills"
Results, that the addition to your resume to
      outside, or with the cover letter. Here is what I later used the cover letter
template for reference only.
      My name is xx, xx is the Master of Tianjin University, will graduate next month
xx, xx you want to apply for a job, personal
      information is as follows:
      xx years admitted to the Department of Computer Science, Tianjin University, xx
send graduate students in the same year to carry out research projects so far into xx.
xx years
    , the total projects involved in the development xx, xx cross-cutting projects which
(with xx technology, xx database), xx a longitudinal project
      "xxxx" (with xx technology), and play a central role in the
      six months internship in software companies (mainly related to the development
do xx), xx Center as a year in the computer teacher (speaker
      xx years, the awards include: xxxx and so on.
       between undergraduate and graduate students has been serving xx xx, xx
organized activities.
      attachment is my curriculum vitae in English, there are more details. Thank you
for your attention to my busy schedule of candidates, to express to you
      sincere thanks!

        2) For the state-owned enterprises and public institutions: to emphasize
"education           background,"            "political
landscape", "Awards", "learning
      results "," earth and steady "
        3) For technology class enterprise: to emphasize "professional
skills" (skills associated with the enterprise into the front),
     experience "
      4) for the study of Class A: to emphasize "research",
"Awards", "academic"
                    5)      for     sales,    management       jobs:     to    emphasize
"representation",                            "organizational
activities", "communication skills" "team
     cooperation capacity "," problem solving "
     5, with minimum "personal interest", if it is unusually long,
it can be changed to "individual expertise" or "Style
       6, for their projects done, do not write or less write "Project
Profile",        and      to     focus   on     writing     "personal
     7, can not tell lies, did not have the absolute can not say; but they have today, we
must employ the best way to show them
     8, for their bright, you can add some appropriate modification; for their own
weaknesses, should be vehemently avoided.
Hello everybody, my name is xx, Tianjin University, Master of Computer Application,
graduated in March 2007, research xx. I
     would like to introduce themselves in three ways:

      1) learning. Send junior year graduate students, after carrying out research
projects into the lab. In x years,
     projects have involved x, where x a longitudinal project, x cross-cutting projects,
vertical mainly on xx, lateral entry
      present mainly on xx. Undergraduate grade point of 3.8, 3.4 Grade Point

      2) practice. Internship in Software xx years, had been a computer instructor in
the xx, speaker xx, other
    , had participated in undergraduate xx game, and won the award xx.

    3) social work. Where both undergraduate and graduate classes as a squad leader,
while school students also worked.

     feature of my personality, character, calm, considered a comprehensive, detailed,
work has its own specific ideas and plans
   . My advantage is its comprehensive and integrated quality.

    my career goal is to be a thinker and technology, but also understands the
complexities of business (non-IT companies use)
My name is xx, a postgraduate student from Tianjin University, and will
    get my master degree in March 2007.
       I'd like to summarize myself from 3 aspects:

       First, I'm an excellent learner. In my sophomore year, I passed the entr
       ance examination to the Excellent Student Program in Tianjin University and
       was recommended as the postgraduate student with special courses, and then I
       joined the IBM Center in Tianjin University. After finishing my undergradua
       te courses, my GPA was 3.8 out of 4.5.

       Second, I'm an excellent problem-solver. During the last 4 years, I
       finished 5 projects, including the Hydraulic Engineering Project Management
       System, and so on. And I took part in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling
       in 2003 and won the second prize in Tianjin region.

    Last, I'm an excellent team player. I've been serving as the
monitor for
    6 years and team leader for 2 years. And besides taking more responsibiliti
      es, I also placed great emphasis on teamwork, in order to meet the
team's go


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