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Mr Yu: through a meaningful life (2009-06-10 11:00:36)
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[Source: New Oriental on: Mr Yu]

June 2, New Oriental Education & Technology Group Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer Mr Yu, visit Tongji University, Tongji students to do the theme
"through a meaningful life" speech.

Tongji University students Good evening!

In fact, people living on very good, as there is no meaning of life is another matter.
Live every day the sun rose every day to see the sun go down. You can see the glow,
see the sunset, see the moon rise and fall, see the starry sky, and this is the best
meaning of living.

Tongji      University's       students     did   not     expect     me    that
"tall" image on the big screen, this is the gap between ideals and
reality. I believe that students must see the first moment I was very disappointed. In
fact, everyone is very common, we often find that a very important thing in life with
our future happiness and success in fact not too many links. For example, some
people think, looks like there will be many future success of the contact; Some people
think that their family Beijing Hui is necessarily associated with success; Some
people think that the University of Ren Shang brands will succeed, Zai good people
than the university li Cheng Ji People with poor academic performance is more likely
to succeed ... ... All of these factors may be partly true, but most of the largely
ineffective, such as appearance.

If a person's appearance and success related, there would be no Jack Ma
and Alibaba, because if the students here that Ma looks nice, it must be a problem
with the aesthetic.

Of course, this does not mean that the person who looks pretty impossible to do things,
for example, we are more familiar with another company boss boss Robin Li Baidu.
Robin Li is very handsome, all his pictures look like movie stars are the same, but he
also achieved success. So no matter how appearance, can be successful, but Robin Li
and Ma sitting at lunch, they were not willing to sit next to a chair, because the two
people were to appalling proportions, the solution is put me among the two of them
played a role in the transition. Like me, no characteristic appearance of people can be
successful. So whether it is male or female, the most important is their rich inner
world, his demeanor and temperament of the culture, the expansion of their own mind
and the pursuit of the ideal firm. With increasing age, these will gradually become
your wisdom, all of which is constituted the true essence of your success.

Less successful and family background are not related? We often see some elite Fugu
origin who were born on a golden key to his mouth. For example, we may see some
of his classmates wearing the left designer clothes, carrying the right brand of
handbags, seated in front of party secretary's daughter, sat behind the
central leadership of the son, and you may be one from the ordinary workers family of

Sometimes you will feel satisfied, but the world already full of injustice, and often a
lot of unfair flash in your eyes. You will say, how would I do in this world, why does
he have, and I have nothing? I was in college also had this normal psychology. For
example, my students have Minister's son, a university
professor's daughter, and I was the son of a farmer. Examination after 3
times into the Peking University, dressed in commoner lug pole walked. You will find
that you always keep up their status, should better keep up their pace. You will find
that even if they do nothing to stop life, the things they own more than you.

For example, in the first year when the Minister of the class that children are open
every Friday-Benz 280 driver to take them back. When you think that we can not
afford a bike, he actually sat-Benz 280, which is what kind of feeling. You feel in this
life basically is finished. But the students you have to remember the truth, life is
always moving forward, we go a lifetime. We not only passed four years in college, or
graduate school, we go a lifetime. May come to 80,90 years old, although come to
80,90 years old, lives in the end like you do not know how, you can do is to keep
walking. So I am very proud to come from a farmer's son finally reached
Beijing today. My mind is very balanced, but in fact I Zoulehenyuan. Of course, some
students will say that you're in the North already very successful. Indeed,
the North increased my number of success factors. For example, because the North to
study atmosphere is very strong, so I read a lot of books, thinking becomes very

Beijing does have human environment, a bronze statue of Cai Weiming Lake on the
edge set in, but every year there are thousands of people into the North, the North
there are also thousands of people, can succeed in the end there? In fact, the success
rate of Peking University students are not successful than any of the high proportion
of college students.

All the success means that you pay after graduation to further efforts, if successful
will mean the University, then there would be no Ma had. I told Ma have much in
common, his college entrance exam three years, I test the three years, he is the
English test, I test the English, the third year I went to Beijing University, he went to
Hangzhou Teachers College. I believe that many students have never heard of this
college, then I think my life should be more successful than his right, but very
unfortunately, from this perspective, the company was listed on the New Oriental is
the market value of 3 times, and I In addition to what made it a new Oriental gone.
Not only that, he still Taobao, Alipay ... ...

So, your future success and what college you go no connection, but later more of the
easier employment abroad. Life can not be out of the wonderful, the University laid
the foundation for you, but can not determine your life. To college life after only a
quarter of the next time, how are we to this? First, we must keep walking, because
you do not live on nothing else. Whether you believe in afterlife, I still believe that
this life is our best paradise. So I hate to commit suicide or suicide as a threat, I think
it is disrespectful to life. A kind of concept, called "good death is better
than to live." From my 40 years of life experience to understand, you sit in
that long, maybe the sky really will fall to the pie, of course, block of falling
meteorites. In any case, do not self a break, there are many miracles in life. If
Professor Yang Chen does not live up to 82 years, how did he know it could end the
second marriage?

But the students, have taken life always looking forward, even if there is no hope of
expectations. Students can think about a lot of people in our history, such as Jiang
Taigong fishing in the river, to the 80-year-old that year, Emperor Wen walked at his
side, found the old man fishing with a straight rod with His talk will be found a very
wise old man, so put him back, and together they laid the Zhou Dynasty of the world.
Qi comrades at the age of 50 still do carpentry, is not a great painter, his works are all
great in the 80-year-old to 90 years old completed. Therefore, this phenomenon of life
there are always some people in there as a young man, when some people have as a
middle-aged, and some people are as old time. Flowers are always in different seasons,
if all the flowers are finished in the spring open in the summer, autumn, winter did not
open any of the flowers you will find this nature is so beautiful it?

So imagine if all of the wonderful life in the university had done, and the back is
always flat, do you think this life would be perfect? In other words, you had the
university not so exciting, after graduation has become even more exciting is not good?
Facts have proved that many of our students at the university near the top in
performance, but also after graduation can not make anything but how come. Because
in society, not performance at work. Results can only show you the high IQ than
others, but it does not determine your life will certainly amount to anything.

Success is not just determined by your performance, the most important is the ability
to deal with the social interaction with others capabilities. Interpersonal relationships
in a variety of chaotic, the ability to find opportunity, and your gang with you the last
leadership ability to create business. All of these things is determined by your
performance. Of course I'm not saying do not take science in college, get
college diploma is necessary, because in the future we will find such a phenomenon, if,
even college diplomas are not available, your life will be full of difficult .

Many people now read the University, some people say that college means nothing,
because they can not work. Indeed up to now, this year the proportion of graduates
find work only about 40%, but I believe this is only a temporary phenomenon,
because the adjustment of China's industrial structure has not yet come.
From a historical point of view, far more than the Chinese students, because China is
moving from a manufacturing consulting, information, logistics and service industries
to communicate with the world, which means all the students here have the ability to
work with such bound to find a job.

Time a college student told me that Yu teacher I want to start, do not go to college. I
said why, he said, learning to Bill Gates. I said Bill Gates, the world, there are several,
not on a Well, okay, he said, he could become a second. I said, why do not you go to
college then? He said I failed the exam, do not go on. This is like Bill Gates can not
be compared, people feel that their knowledge is far more than teachers, feel that the
university is already a waste of time, put their own creative and timely play, so drill
down to their own Microsoft went to the auto research library. These are two
completely different concepts.

Of course, I just emphasize that good grades are not necessarily in the future you will
do well. Have a statistical data, scores of universities and the top 10 after 10 students
conducted a research to a period of 20 years, the university students in the last 10 total
wealth and access to social status, actually has over the previous 10 higher. This
means that even the most backward in the university students do not give up. For
example, I worked for 5 years in the North, in order to graduate, it is the reciprocal of
the fifth graduating class, but now we are the first to fifth class all in the New Oriental.
Therefore, we never to give up their own.

Is not that we take the long life of accomplishment is bound to do? No, because life
moves in two: the first one to walk on the plains and went 90 years old, very flat, but
you can not see the beautiful surrounding scenery. Because the plain sides of the
picture are the same. So, when recalling the time his life was found empty.

Our life must be the same as the endless mountains, spend the same as the
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. There are always numerous steep peak in front of that we need
to conquer, but once we boarded the steep peak, the life will be revealed by the
infinite beauty, panoramic view of the entire world. Of course, the climbing is not an
easy thing, you have to pay a lot of the price, but the price is worth it. You climb a
mountain, if going to another hill, we must start again from the bottom to climb,
because no two hills are linked.

The most wonderful time of life is to old to be able to write a memoir, he would have
experienced due to the life and moved, will move others to continue to fight for the
wonderful life, this time I can say my life is very fulfilling.

Many students come from rich families, to buy mobile phones, computers, parents
will meet you the moment you get to feel very happy, but as easy to obtain, so easy to
lose. As easy, so it will not cherish. The treasure in life is to be the best thing, the
premise of value must be because you is not easy.

I met 10 years ago, a particularly touching story: a college student came to me,
because the very poor, but would like to go abroad, like the GRE and TOEFL New
Oriental's courses, but no money so he told me that he was want to go to
New Oriental's courses, but no money, can do part-time summer classes at
the New Oriental administrator, and arranged for him to TOEFL and GRE classes,
finishing up The admission of students in the back after Saowan to lectures, I said
Certainly. Did not expect the student has referred to a request, if two months of
part-time really to do well, then, could give him 500 for his salary to buy a tape
recorder, I said no problem. The results of a child two months later, all contact with
him said that the child seriously hard, so that after two months, I gave him a thousand
dollars to buy him a tape recorder wages. After he bought, while listening to the tape
edge tears. I know he was touched by their behavior, certainly after the big futile Sure
Yale University a few years later he was admitted with full scholarships, is still work
in the USA, salary 130 005 1000 U.S. dollars. So moved only by their own lives will
be wonderful.

I also moved some make their own stories, such as my university entrance. At that
time thinking I have to test the university, but never thought into the North, so I study
hard. Sometimes you will find your head down, go straight ahead, target will be in
your back. So when I got Peking University admission notice, there really is going to
Heaven and laughing and then crying with Fanjinzhongju same. But if at that time did
not insist, perhaps I am still just a farmer's son. For example, when there
are individuals in our village as I took the test two years, his third score was also
higher than me, when I said to him with the third test it, but his mother do the test,
find a woman married Operators , but I was with my mom, you let me test one year,
third year I really admitted. So I have come to two conclusions, 1, must run fast, and
do not necessarily have to run fast, but have to run a long time; 2, can not stop, you
can not catch fish three days and starts, to persevere.

I went today, not a day too lazy, and I still have to work nearly every day, 16 hours a
day from the entrance so that day. But I found that I was more than some of my
colleagues, however. From primary to high school, I learned also very serious, results
are always among the first 10 to 20, while in college I learned more seriously, but
eventually graduated fifth in his class last. Tortoise and the Hare story we know from
elementary school, and life are often reflected. Because people tend to run fast to stop,
and Pao Deman's not because of not running slow. As long as the run,
sooner or later will reach the end you desire. So when we do not go to college
regardless of who scores high or low, if not stop to pursue on it.

Once, a friend asked me who a lifetime horse and camel to go far? I think certainly is
a horse, he said, you are wrong, the camel path is much more than the horse, because
the horse will stop running for a while, but once you start walking a camel, if you do
not let it stop, it will not stop . Therefore, a wise man a lifetime achievement created
by people who are not necessarily stupid than a multi-created, because stupid people
are creating every day, but smart people can create for some time to stop, even Edison
that super-genius, a child is also considered an idiot. Einstein-year-old would speak,
but fortunately, he had a good mother always thought he was a genius, make him a
great scientist. So when my son to 4 years old also can not speak, my wife everywhere
he anxiously sought medical treatment area, I say, Do not look, 4-year-old will not
talk normal. My wife said, why do normal, I say, not speak the language function is
not fully developed, does not mean that the developed mind. So, never use your
situation to determine your future, as long as you insist you will definitely get
something unexpected.

Life has many unexpected things, like, three years I've never thought of
college entrance examination into the North, but the results I found after the release of
the Peking University admission standards than 7 points. After we complete the
voluntary test at that time, when I fill it out and also worried about not being admitted,
the result of Beijing University or admitted me. Because many people with high
scores than I dared not fill in Peking University. After I entered the North, due to poor
performance overall in the last class, but I never stop learning.

Then I contact the class in a lot of students are going abroad, I read envy, want to
catch up with their pace, it also began to contact abroad. Full 4 years, contacted
numerous American universities and professional, not an American college
scholarship to me. Despite the acceptance letter to get a few, but to the United States
Embassy visa each time refused. Of course, now my visa in addition to Iraq, not,
almost all the other countries. Now the United States gave me the visa is multiple
entry business visa for 10 years. Because New Oriental is listed in the United States,
he must allow me to enter the United States anytime, a

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