Ren Zhengfei: wind flying by fdjerue7eeu


									Ren Zhengfei: wind flying
?We speak with the overall objective and correct view of how the spirit of the present
difficulties, how do we get over the difficulties. With the industry in Europe and the
United States recently Sunzong the most senior leaders of major companies conducted
in-depth exchanges on the future of the situation we created a lot of consensus.
Should be said that our estimates and judgments on the future of large companies with
international estimates and judgments are almost the same, so help us build
confidence, and then develop the right strategy.
   ?First, the difficulty now is the industry, the core team to predict the seriousness of
the situation, to correctly understand, grasp and control the objective laws.
   Recently, a number of R & D departments to the morale of the market
sector were also raised to not come out we You Jin. How we look at this issue?
Morale should be good at what time? If the morale in the development of the market,
booming when we go, when hardship is not good, then who will complete the great
development from the hardships to the preparation? My personal view is, the more in
the most difficult, the more time in the most difficult, the more people will be able to
temper the more people can test the moral and conscience, the more people can
exercise and improve the skills, but also the more our ranks of the most important
time. Test whether a company or department with good corporate culture and
organizational climate, the time is not smooth sailing in the enterprise, but in the face
of difficulties and setbacks, Guren Jiang trouble to know the people, is the truth.
   ?We must fully understand the objective laws of man's will not transfer.
Now is an unprecedented difficult period, but the difficulty is not one of Huawei,
which is the industry's difficulties, it is a global industry in the winter,
including domestic and foreign operators, equipment manufacturers, everything
contained inside the can that spared. Of course, Huawei can only speak their own
winter more about our own problems because we are part of the industry, the industry
environment we can not change. We are not qualified to be told what we should
concentrate on our own affairs well.
   So, this problem would be caused? America's new economy is actually
too hot and caused speculation. Let us think about the circumstances, then finish off
like steel, and automobile comes to an end, and everything comes to an end, only the
information before engaging in money, OCS that "fat", not
"net" numerous. All of the listed companies, whether to sell
eggs, or sell duck eggs, as long as there is a. Com, a few hundred million, hundreds of
billions on the ring came. I thought then that it is extremely unusual, the reason is
very simple, very simple: people can not eat information, through information,
housing information. Food No, not a house, car do not, then people will get rich, how
could that be? Therefore, the theory of virtual wealth in the new economy driven by
people of non-intellectual pursuit, creating a network of companies throughout the
world on a large bubble.
   ?Al Gore with his high intelligence and general ability to multi-media
communications simply summarized as the information highway, this simple sum to
the government and people all over the world a clear understanding of the network
economy, the network economy quickly spread to the general public, So the network
economy altar, by the economic elite, into a mass economy. The first Internet
company stock prices soared, they really make people see the wealth. In the
demonstration effect, the large-scale investment began, continuing a
decade's prosperity, this type of investment surge surplus far exceeds the
demand, the result of supply and demand imbalance, resulting in the piping and
collapse, ultimately unable to support the decline due to down. Because of this
thinking and groups to promote the unconscious, we estimate the future is too bright.
This is actually a departure from the natural laws of social development, but also a
departure from the basic laws of survival and development of enterprises.
   ?Why the information industry will eventually cause problems? Because consumer
demand for information is limited, only a pair of human eyes, just one day short of 24
hours, and information resources are unlimited. Demand and limited supply of the
infinite nature of the information industry fatal weakness, as long as this conflict
exists, the information industry will sooner or later the arrival of winter, winter is
   ?We think, fiber raw material is sand and chips of silicon extracted. Fiber raw
material resources and chips inexhaustible, we all desperately investment, the result of
production oversupply. Limited demand and overproduction of this accumulation will
inevitably lead to the collapse of the industry and difficulties, and eventually led to
today's surplus and industry difficulties.
   ?Network Economy and economic differences between the traditional focus on the
performance of the supply and demand, the main aspects of the former conflict
insufficient effective demand, which is a contradiction of the main aspects of effective
supply. The solution to solve the supply problem than needs to be more simple. In
traditional industries, the demand is infinite, resources are limited, as long as
traditional industries macro control of resources on it. For example you have a Benz, a
BMW or not to give? You may have to. This is the demand for traditional wealth is
unlimited, but our resources are limited, the oil on the ground so much, if we shut the
door cutting the Middle East, home of the BMW car you can only be used as chicken.
   ?Traditional economic regulation is accomplished by adjusting the resources, and
information industry who have little control of resources, the environment in our
industry simply will not Ke-control means, so there overproduction in this
environment after the collapse is inevitable . Even more frightening is that despite the
surplus, and also continue to have created the new company, it professional and
non-professional it is also continuous influx of newcomers to the industry, a lot of
resources into this area is also an endless stream of such "fought

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