Red by fdjerue7eeu


I do not like red.
This is probably due to my stubbornness and prejudice, stereotypes, at least, because
the color itself is innocent.
I find I do not like a lot of specious reasons, that is, artificially given the red many
irrelevant connotations. For example, say red is synonymous with beautiful tacky, say
red is the victim of propaganda. In short, for me those reasons, the red if there is to
know, will say, This is really Deep Impact which speech.
Psychological analysis is said to have a routine: is back to childhood. According to
their logic, even if a person live to the oldest old of the year, many behaviors are
related to childhood experiences are closely related. Similarly, a person sick
(abnormal) psychological form, can be traced back to his childhood experiences
during the period of life, especially his frustrations experienced in his young soul in
shadow. A · Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in his "inferiority complex
and beyond the" one book, he cited a wealth of mater ial shows that a
person's psychological characteristics of memories from his childhood to
find the clues. That being said, I only need to find their own childhood with the
red-related frustration, I do not like should be able to identify the real cause of the red,
it is probably better than I was looking for an excuse unsatisfactory. And for this
reason that out of the red may forgive me, without complaining, I blame me.
Earliest childhood memory of the red corduroy jacket is a beautiful, beautiful one that
is based on the fact that, on the other hand due to the shortage of material wound up,
at least born in the countryside, I had never witnessed that kind of shirt. Holidays,
something to do with the mother when compared to several feet fabric sewing clothes,
this style of coat is not only superior materials, workmanship also strive for
excellence, there is affixed chest embroidered flowers. Kids will naturally not so
high-class parents bought for me, for only 5 dollars a month wages have to feed a
family of three on behalf of six people for them to buy a T-shirt tantamount to such a
crazy move. T-shirt is the provincial capital to the countryside of the educated youth,
please pen quite good father for them to write back to town for, and successfully reach
a destination, to our family Xie. Because I did not sisters, it was the parents Xu Xie
naturally to me. Xu Xu is a, but not to wear. I did not go to school because of the time,
is a land of Feng Pao's Wild Child. So I eagerly to see the mother to bring
this beautiful red corduroy jacket neatly folded, into the closet.
This is what a temptation ah!
Occasionally, when no one home, I always secretly put it out, look in the mirror, than
the previous one, that this is a 6- year-old girl yearning for it the first service to China.
In fact, when it is small, because in addition to working parents, two brothers go to
school, my grandmother is rarely home, and her work is all the care home. I can only
quickly look at it and then stood back.
Then on to the deserted day, not only at home no one, the whole village is quiet.
Seems sudden, people do not know where to go, but I did not do this panic, but first of
all think of my beautiful red corduroy jacket.
I find it out, no one; I wear it, no one; I wore it a few times turn around their houses,
still no one. Then I heard not far from the school playground and the radio broadcast
sound speakers, I do not care, but only care about where it was. I am desperate to find
people to share my joy, my beautiful, told the walk there, wearing my red corduroy
Sure enough there it was, many people, it seems the whole village of people gathered
there. I do not know what events we all face serious, brigade secretary in his speech
on stage, just voice from the loudspeaker that he was sent to the. He was talking about
was, burst into tears. Just cry together, the audience response on one. I am scared,
because people have never seen big cry, and is so spectacular scene with the cry of
many adults. I just stood there, thinking to the end of the world.
Originally no one noticed me, because everyone there attentively to cry, but the
brigade secretary cried himself, springing a huge snot bubble, so we all stopped and
looked at his face complex. At this time, my children's joy instinct of fear
over the unknown truth, finally can not help but laugh.
The next thing you can imagine, in the village are held may be the whole country are
sad sad time, my red shirt and my laughter, what it means today's children
must not imagine, in fact, that time I was at a loss . I remember being a pair of big
hands to drag half carry her half pulled out of the playground, then what happened in
the end, and, ultimately, how to end, all because of this unexpected blow in my
memory completely into a blank. After a long period of time, including many bright
colors, including red clothes were banned, and banned all games have to sing and
dance entertainment. I remember a pre-school (then called Yuhong class) students
began humming a song just once, the teacher glared back at once the scene.
However, the unhappy children humiliating thing, after all, is forgetful. Two years
later, when I was wearing my red corduroy jacket walking in the way to school when
the mind has no shadow. But I am not sure, it is not the start I do not like red.

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