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									Recommendation of the Monash University in Australia elite
Monash University
University Profiles:
Monash University is one of Australia's eight elite class (Group of 8), the
degree is conferred by a recognized worldwide. Monash University was established in
1961, in Melbourne and around the branch has six campuses, in addition to another
campus in Kuala Lumpur and Johannesburg, South Africa, a total of eight campuses.
Monash University is Australia's largest and most international university,
the largest comprehensive university students. Currently 45,000 students in reading,
including more than 100 countries from 9,000 students in reading, Monash University
has a world-class scientific research, teaching quality and world-class student
Monash University, formed by the 10 departments, including: business and economics,
engineering, information technology, medicine, nursing and health care, art and
design, science, law, education, arts and so on.
Departments are equipped with more than 10 undergraduate, master's and
doctoral programs
Monash University has a study abroad program, international students have the
opportunity to countries outside Australia (such as the United States, Britain, etc.) to
complete some courses, and then returned to Monash University to complete degree.
In addition, Monash University Monash University has its own, for the second year,
Middle School and college students are guaranteed a fast course, fast course through
the second year directly to Monash University.
Monash University has its own English teaching center, offers international students
complete courses in English, including basic English courses, advanced English
courses, IELTS English courses, English courses direct students, Professional English
Division in Melbourne and around the six campuses, in addition to another campus in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Johannesburg, South Africa, the University eight
campuses are different characteristics of each campus. Clayton campus is located in
Seoul and test non-Melbourne suburb; Pakeweier campus in the city center; Peninsula
School District in the bay; Bo Ruike campus is located in the eastern Melbourne;
Gippsland campus in the country; also in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Campus and South
Africa the campus. Campus Monash University in Australia is the largest, most
comprehensive university students. Currently 45,000 students in reading, including
more than 100 countries from 9,000 students in reading, Monash University has a
first-class teaching quality and the world's leading scientific research. The
world's largest nuclear accelerator will be built at Monash University.
Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, population about 350 million
people, mild climate here, the summer average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius in
winter, average temperature was 7 degrees Celsius.
Berwick: 40 km southeast of Melbourne; test Felder: 9 km southeast of Melbourne;
Clayton: 20 km southeast of Melbourne; Gippsland: 160 km east of Melbourne;
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, 20 km; Pakeweier: Central commercial; Pannisula: 40 km
south of Melbourne; South: Johannesburg 20 km northwest

Monash University's main campus is located in Melbourne, Australia.
Melbourne's population of nearly four million, is one of the largest city in
the southern hemisphere. This is a blend of quality and taste of the world's
urban metropolis, a traditional and thriving youth culture and a thriving arts
community combine with the city. Melbourne people are passionate, love life, family,
they like to taste the food, love to laugh, likes sports, likes to play, love the arts.
Here's the way of life in Asia and Europe, classical and modern, subtle and
bold to be perfectly together, where sports and entertainment events to the world on
breath, have won here and engaging drama, exhibitions, art, music.
Melbourne's open spaces, fresh clean environment, mild climate, casual
lifestyle, low crime rate, making it the ideal destination for international students.

Academic strengths:
Monash University is Australia's leading teaching and research important
to the eight member schools of the University Group
The authority of Education Monash University in Australia magazine
"Good University Guide" have been granted in many five-star
Monash University many outstanding graduates in government agencies,
multinational companies and held senior positions in academia, including the
Australian Finance Minister, Executive Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur Stock
Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange president, Bank of Thailand senior
administrative officer, former Indonesian Foreign Affairs Adviser of total
Singapore's chief transplant surgeon elite circles;
Monash University, 2400 academic staff published annually, with more than 5,000
academic works;
Monash University, a total of 75 specialized research centers, including cooperation
with the government and business research 17.
First-class teaching and research level. Monash University, innovative research and
high-quality academic and famous. Which promote innovation, encourage, dedicated
to students and to create a vibrant atmosphere to forge ahead. Monash welcomes new
ideas, new opportunities, cultivate a culture of innovation. Monash University study
and research in the exciting and fully Man challenge. Monash University in the areas
of innovative research is extremely broad, including education and engineering,
information technology, medical. University has 37 special research centers, including
four with government and industry cooperation Cooperative Research Centre.
Advanced equipment, first-class teacher, is the world leader in the field. Monash
University, 2400 academic staff published every year more than 5000 kinds of works,
including books, journal articles, conference papers and so on. Monash has a modern
teaching resources, provide support for the creation of courses, including multimedia
labs, stocked libraries, advanced engineering laboratories and computer labs.
Establishing professional
Arts / Social Science: a variety of linguistics, Asian studies, European studies,
Australian studies, journalism, editing, sociology, social work, social welfare, library
management, performing arts, visual arts, pottery, music, graphic design , and
industrial design of Business: accounting, banking and finance, financial management,
agricultural economics, business management, international trade, economic, MBA,
industrial relations, business computers, hotel management, tourism and so on.
Computing / Computer Information: Computer science, computer systems analysis,
electronic messaging, business computers, computer electronics engineering.
Education: early childhood / elementary / secondary education, special education,
English teaching, educational psychology, educational research and management.
Engineering: chemical, civil, electrical / computer, materials, mechanical, industrial,
structural, environmental, water conservancy and traffic engineering.
Science: biological, psychological, applied psychology, behavioral science,
environmental science, applied science.
Law: Law, Justice science.
Medical: Psychological Medicine, fertility, disease-free science, Venereology,
epidemiology and biostatistics, microbiology, occupational health, nursing, midwifery,
public health, pharmacy, etc.
Entry requirements:
Degree: University of studying in China, 1 year, or high school graduation but before
the one-year matriculation; IELTS6 points.
Graduate: University of the formal requirements have been completed at least 4 years
of undergraduate study; IELTS6.5 points (Law requirements higher than the 6.5
PhD: completion of the study area has been a study course of study, obtained a
master's degree or an honorary degree; IELTS6.5 points (pharmacy
requirement 7).

Tuition / living expenses:
Undergraduate tuition fees: 12 400 Australian dollars / year ------ 17300 Australian
dollars / year
Master Fee: 17,500 AUD / year ------ 25000 Australian dollars / year
Dr. Fee: 20,000 AUD / year ------ 127000 AUD / year
Language Centre: 290 AUD / week
Monash University's different campuses offer different accommodation
options, students can choose individual circumstances and needs accommodation,
including host families, student apartments and residential units, 100 and 200
Australian dollars per week, ranging from accommodation. Students living and
studying in Monash University, according to different campuses, different methods
and different residential lifestyle choices, per student per year cost of living in
between 17,000 to 20,000 Australian dollars, including accommodation, food,
clothing, transportation, books , stationery, entertainment and other miscellaneous
expenses and other expenses

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