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   I toast to you free. Tonight, I just want to write about what I thought of the mind,
has been written so far I do not know what to write. Think, write what, huh, huh, that
would mess ~
   Today, wages, and then I paid 60% of salary to the mother. Grew up a kind of
feeling, it seems yesterday I was asking for a handout. I did not go SHOPPING for a
long time, and I am now the poorest people, too poor I feel sorry that I have money on
him, I am reminded of how a student's own luxury, often out of time spent
on today's wages . But now I feel that day seems far away for me, I hate
~~~~~ I fucking want to tear the body of that money will not, I really do not bother,
why pay for and never harvest be proportional. Great People always say that you
should take a long point, can not be fooled by the immediate interests of the ah. Ah
bah, I did not see the prospects for the future, the future is not so, pinching a little bit
of wages, nothing dares to buy. This is the life I want? ? I do not have good academic
qualifications, but that does not mean I can not, on that piece of paper to show?
Theoretical knowledge is very rich? ? Really hell ~ ~! ! ! !
   I found the people around then to not understanding, insisted to do childish things, I
really only looked at, I do not know what the attitude of the arms looked. More
mature and gentlemanly point, OK Do not let me lose confidence in you, although I
do not want to rely on what you have, but also please understand I do not upset when
I ask a question, make me more tired. Do not think what I usually do not laughing so,
I am sensitive, super-well, I could know all the psychological and emotional changes
you, I will be there when you need me, but I do not always happened so intimate, I
will also not happy unhappy, but by a shoulder every time I need time to not see half a
person, it is so disappointing ... ... the last desperate disappointment, and finally
closed the door of cold treat. Do not let us farther and farther ... ...
   There do not send me happily give you my favorite songs of the time, to me, also. I
hate this answer, that I carefully selected songs, love it because it will share with you.
You may not like, you can delete the backs I do not personally say how, please learn
to respect.
   Infected by my colleagues said, he also more motivated. Thank you, I would like to
say I have not whole-heartedly. At work, I just during working hours to do its thing,
and with high efficiency, but outside of working hours on the sorry. I hate that this
sector of the Shanghai manager. Wordy, hypocrisy. In short is very sick, I think such
people do not do this job for the manager not be active under the leadership of
department personnel? Not that fair? But always for being late to find a variety of
reasons. Like looking for an excuse to speak will be contradictory, would pretend to
know everything, rhetoric, the real master is very low-key, the so-called half a can of
water, the most sound, certainly is such a person. Hey, frown Yeah. However, how
kind can not bear the sight. Only patience ah, only in the mind of these ignorant
people despise. Forget it, what meaning, taking someone else's mistake to
torture yourself more stupid.
   Gui honey with a man that offers me some day about Conan, Conan, this saw the
end of 10 years, none of the comics. Only and he still has so lighter, and only, and
before he went now, the original, after we have experienced so much, also mutual
support to each other, how rare this. He said he clearly remembers the words I said, I
have forgotten those words, I thought I was the most care of that friendship, but I am
proud. We are four friends, the original, and now the two of us got left, and this say? ?
I cherish you. (Suddenly remembering, a Jiangxi roommate had taught me the phrase
"I pity you Cho!")
    Today, when I handed over the money, the way Chinese New Year holiday will be
placed seven days, my dad said you can do other things in this seven-day Caesar, earn
extra money, I am suddenly on the hair, really angry. My mom, me mean, I think this
to do with petty things. My mother said that it was you who did not have enough
money to use ah, I said I have enough money to use is my business, I did not find you.
Why should I also go to all the reunion of the working day? I eat a lot of nerve, or you
have problems. I feel super grievance. Really wanted was furious, but I refrained. But
allow       me      to     curse      words      bad     language    here.     I     day
    ?Well, do not say. In fact, the above matter is choking me. . .