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Modern enterprises are faced with diverse and individualized needs of the dual
challenges that require materials procurement and supply chain to meet the production
process of the Flexible Materials (diversity) and rigid (quality) requirements. For
manufacturing enterprises, for the sales and production, for the production and
procurement is an interlocking material input and output dynamic process, in turn
constitute the procurement process, production processes and sales process. From the
logistics point of view, the initial success of the procurement process to run will
directly affect the production and sale of the final product pricing and ultimately the
entire supply chain profitability. Business procurement process "leading
role" can not be ignored.
 Today, however, many companies are not scientific procurement process,
procurement mechanism is not quite reasonable, is not conducive to the production
and sale of IT technologies must be addressed.
 ?Inadequate information and procurement model is the enterprise behind the
fundamental problem in the procurement
 ?As the structure, mechanism, so the reason, the traditional Purchase in many
incompatible with the requirements of modern procurement areas affecting the
efficiency and effectiveness of procurement, include:
 ?Information can not be shared. Since the privatization of information between
organizations without the integration of effective procurement information is not
shared, including among purchaser and suppliers, corporate purchasing department
and related departments, as well as between managers and implementers.
 ?Adopted for the two sides did not establish a stable cooperative relationship. This is
caused by the old procurement model, they are a temporary or short-term oriented
cooperation mechanism, resulting in competition rather than cooperation, which led to
the uncertainty of the procurement process.
 Demand planning and forecasting and materials combined, and do not need that can
not be effectively organized according to the production procurement, supply
planning and realization of material balance of the current demand and inventory
investment and business and Celue consistent.
 Can not track purchases, including the processing of requisitions, purchase order
processing, quotation processing inquiry; transport processing, receipt processing,
quality control.
Lack of constraints (procurement services authorized issuance, approval,
implementation and there is no record of job classification), prone to black-box
 Lack of supplier evaluation and management.
 In short, because they do not clear the information and behind the procurement
model, changes in market demand, the purchaser can not change the supply side has
been provided to the procurement contracts, the ability of companies slow to respond
to user needs.
 Cooperative purchasing - an effective model to solve the procurement problem
 The traditional procurement model can not meet the requirements of modern
enterprises must use the new procurement model -
Replaced by collaborative procurement. This new procurement model to supply chain
management strategy, improved relationships with suppliers, emphasizing the concept
of synergy, and, with the purchase of variety, quantity and frequency increases, the
coordination role will become more apparent, including:
?Internal collaboration
?Enterprises to implement effective procurement action requires internal coordination
with the various business units, including the design and development department,
production department, sales department, finance departments, and timely
maintenance of data, such as materials, vendors, purchase prices, etc. the only way to
purchase at reasonable prices to the required materials, appropriate and implement the
correct delivery amount.
  Enterprise and external collaboration
?Purchase not only the synergy within the enterprise, but also need external
cooperation, namely with suppliers in the inventory, demand and other aspects of
information sharing. Enterprise can adjust the supply of the supply chain planning and
execution process. Meanwhile, suppliers can stock business, plans and other
information to adjust supply.
  From a "for the stock purchase" to "purchase
order" of transform
In supply chain management conditions, order-driven activities Caigou way, such
methods can be time customer of Xu Qiu Xiang Ying, lower inventory costs, Jin Er
changed its traditional inventory Buchong Wei Mu De buying patterns.
 ?Strengthen the management of external resources
Effective management of external resources can create a new and different levels of
supply network to reduce the number of suppliers, and suppliers to establish a
long-term, mutually beneficial relationship, and then abandon the traditional
procurement management deficiencies: lack of cooperation, lack of flexibility and
rapid response capacity on demand.
  IT technology procurement solution provides a powerful tool
  Effective use of collaborative procurement model to solve the problem of
procurement enterprise management, we must rely on the strong technical support. IT
technology and advanced management mode (especially ERP), combined with
effective solution to the procurement. According to statistics, IT technology can
usually get 5% to 40% of the total savings, while the typical range of cost reduction is
15% to 20%.
Set smooth procurement process
Procurement process for the production needs including supplier selection and
purchase of materials involved in the activities of business processes. Smooth and
efficient business processes to safeguard the basis for procurement, it should have
optimized, non-redundant, parallel operation of the basic properties.
 ?Build a reasonable structure
  Good procurement process needs an appropriate institutional structure to support, the
organizational structure should be flattened, and support of advanced procurement
models, such as centralized purchasing, distributed procurement.
  The implementation of procurement data management is fast transfer of information,
sharing basis. Procurement data include material data, supplier data and purchasing
price data. Should establish the uniqueness of the procurement data entry, dynamic
updating and maintenance mechanisms. Sound procurement data can quickly find and
evaluate suppliers, inquiring, the formation of purchase orders, approving, tracking
procurement. Figure 3 is the rapid formation of data using a purchase order
procurement process.
Integration with related business functions
Materials procurement and sales, production, inventory, finance, quality, supply and
other closely related business areas, need to be co-related departments. Therefore,
data sharing and business integration for the implementation of collaborative
procurement model is necessary and essential. Figure 4 shows purchases and sales,
materials management, financial integration mechanism.
  Several IT applications based on good procurement
Procurement of IT technology in the enterprise wide application, for the development
of new and efficient means of procurement of the possible application of these
procurement methods to improve the procurement efficiency and far-reaching effects
will play an important role.
Centralized purchasing
Centralized procurement is relatively decentralized procurement purposes, the
procurement organizations to purchase multiple enterprises, this form applies to
conglomerates. HP's use of information technology such as reconstruction
of the procurement process, head office and the manufacturers use a common
procurement software system, although the sector remains as it has done its own order,
but since the use of a unified standard procurement system, to fully grasp the needs of
the headquarters situation, and sent Purchasing negotiations with suppliers, the total
contracts signed, greatly reducing the cost of procurement.
Global Sourcing
Global sourcing is more geographically expanded the scope of centralized
procurement, it broke and played down the time and space constraints, to achieve a
cross between the inquiry, quotation, sample delivery, orders issued, Customs and
other operations reporting, business in the world for raw materials and components
within the source. This form of inter-enterprise procurement interdependence,
interaction and mutual constraints increasingly obvious characteristics of the product
meets the requirements of large corporate globalization strategy.
  ?Online Procurement
  ?As a specific form of global procurement, online procurement for the procurement
staff provides a quick tool to reduce the procurement cost of the system, that is
through Internet in real time around the globe to communicate with suppliers and
trading.    Online      purchasing     will     be    buyers    and     suppliers    as
"win-win" new forms of procurement, mainly seller system, the
buyer system and third party systems three kinds of forms.
Procurement time
Time procurement is to meet the time production systems (JIT) of 需 要 the
formation of that supplier capability "needed the time, the need to place,
with reliable quality from production enterprises Tigong necessary

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