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First, the PLA generals (1917-1995) of Hebei Lixian people. 1937 Hebei Province
People's Self-Defense Forces to participate. In 1938 joined the Communist
Party of China. Anti-Japanese War, Hebei Province People's Self-Defense
Forces of any third detachment of the platoon leader, a district commander Hebei
Military Region, Hebei Military Region Deputy Instructor 16 regiments and battalions,
battalion commander, district commander, Yan'an School guard, teach
Battalion, Deputy Head of the Shanxi three columns 30. During the liberation war, he
was the fourth round and round and Chairman of the Security Field Army garrison
commander in Fuxin city. After the founding of the PRC, Ren Zhongnan Military
Region Deputy Minister of Armed Forces, Air Force deputy commander of the
Guangzhou defense chief of staff, Headquarters Air Force chief of staff of the
Guangzhou Military Region, People's Liberation Army Air Force
commander, Air Force commander of the Guangzhou Military Region. In 1963 was
promoted to major general.

Second, anti-Japanese national hero King Park, but also for Pu, Yu-Lan your name,
1929 Health, Hebei End County. King Park early age to follow their parents to
participate in the work against Japan, 11 years old was elected head of children. He
often led the small partners holding Hong Yingqiang, sentry check Lutiao, lead the
way to the Eighth Route Army messengers to carry out Yongjunyoushu activities.
Wang Pu work seriously, learning is also very hard. He is very strict on their own,
learn a new lesson each, must be will recognize, write, speak, will be used.

In order to deal with Devils against the militia vigorously mine warfare, Wang Pu
mined not only learned, but also learned to make mine. Once, he made the mine killed
a traitor, but also to help the militia captured two devils.

The spring of 1943, Devils sweep to the home of Wang Pu, Wang Pu, and villagers
hide in the mountains. One morning, surrounded the king of devils Park and villagers.
Devils holding a traitor list provided to village cadres, cadres and revolutionary
martyrs families come out, King Park, and his mother standing in front Zhang Zhuzi
chest proudly. Devils put a knife to the neck of King Park, coercing him to tell the
Eighth Route Army arsenal of firearms and ammunition hidden in where. Wang Pu
bravely opened the devils of the bayonet, led the children in the presence of more than
20 members shouted: "We can not forget the five did not pledge, we are
traitors to death inappropriate." Brutal Japanese devils to the presence of
people opened fire, manufacturing yet another murder tragedy - wild field tragedy.
118 innocent people fell in a pool of blood, including 14-year-old Wang Pu, Wang
Pu's mother, brother and grandmother.

To commemorate the expense of the masses, the Government Rent and held a
memorial ceremony, awarded him the "Anti-Japanese National
Hero" the glorious title and signed a memorial. After the liberation he was
the Communist Youth League Central title of "National Top Ten Youth
Hero" title

Third, Beijing Review Management Consulting Group senior partner of Wang Pu,
Beijing Review Management Consulting Group founder, senior partner, Professor,
Peking University, the first Master of Business Administration, China's
first MBA formal community organizations - the main sponsor of Beijing University
MBA Association people, the National Youth Committee, the Chinese human
resources experts Library cum first expert judges, the CSRC chairman of the
Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company training center instructor training strategy,
serve as "excellence" and "China Logistics and
Purchasing,"        "World          Manager   people       Digest
"magazine Managing Editor, writer; and director of external experts, large
enterprises, a number of association leadership positions.

Pu has won the national model, the first outstanding entrepreneurs in Beijing, the first
young entrepreneurs in Beijing, Beijing, 54 youth medal, Fifth Light of Science and
excellent entrepreneurs, China's economic contribution to the year 2002
and 2004 China Human Cover Resource Person of the Year Award and many other
honorary titles.

1996, Pu was incorporated in the domestic first management consulting firm, and lead
the company's growth for the consulting business annual sales value of
close to 100 million yuan, nearly a thousand companies for domestic and international
consulting services Tigong Guo Yi Liu (Qi Zhong Jin third of Guonei 500 or listed
companies) a large consulting firm. Decades, been standing advice line, spare no
effort to lead the expert consultants to explore the management of technology, there
has been a "management consulting practice organizational
structure", "Human Resource Management Consulting
Practice," "Corporate Culture Management Consulting
Practice," "marketing management consulting practice
"," parent-subsidiary management consulting practice,
"" doing management consulting in China, "more
than ten monographs of the management, communication consulting experience.

After nearly ten years unremitting efforts, Pu and his leadership of the North aspect
has been the domestic industry to create their own leadership, and unswervingly to
become a banner of knowledge services.

Fourth, the former party secretary Gao Qiao Petrochemical Corporation, Pu
(1924.3-2005.10.31), Tongshan County Mapo local people. August 1937 to October
1938, participated in the anti-Japanese national salvation movement Tongshan County.
From 1945 to 1949 years in January, Shandong and Henan party committee of CPC
Xuzhou union Tezhi secretary, members. From January 1949 to January 1952, has the
Organization Department of CPC Xuzhou Municipal Officer, Secretary. From January
1952 to March 1952, in East China Bureau of the CPC Party School. From June 1952
to January 1953, Area of Central Light Industry Bureau Chief of Party Organization
Department of cadres. From May 1955 to November 1957, he was appointed the
Ministry of Light Industries State-owned Shanghai Mint, the first vice president.
February 1958 to May 1960, Area of Central Textile Institute of party members, Party
branch secretary of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. From July 1978 to
December 1981, he was appointed deputy party secretary of Shanghai Chemical
Industry Bureau and Special Branch officers. January 1982, to Communist China
Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Takahashi any party secretary.

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