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									Because the couple is served a short time while because so many and the trap, hence the
need strategies in pursuit

Understand orders well, from year to year, the commands that are in the TOEFL
questions selalau same. So what can be learned before a test with so, do not waste time
reading about the command

With percekapan carefully because only in the play one time. Konsentrasilan on the
matter. Do not talk or look into something else because they could membuyar

Pick pertayaan an easy first. Do not waste time to work on the problems that are difficult.
Typically, multilevel TOEFL questions, from easy to difficult. But the answer there is no
definitive model that is, after answering the B four times, then the following answer
surely D.

There must be no question that the TOEFL is not empty because the rating system
pinalati, in kuragi when giving a wrong answer.

Problem mendegarkan consists of three parts. Each section memilki special tricks, for the
first part, so mendegarkan conversation, focus on the second discussion, "the answer is
usually the second discourse" said cyssco. Then note the sentence structure and
expression of the speaker. For instance agreed, surprised, uncertain, suggest, and partly

For the second part, fokuskah pendegaran on percekapan sentence because the idea of
there. Draw conclusions about situations and circumstances in which such conversations
took place when, where and who, but do not take notes because it is banned. if not sure
guessed it "firmly Cyssco"

For the third section, read the first four answers to each question, then choose the answer
that matches the percekapan.
Specific strategies that can be used for a matter of grammar is to understand the problem.
Begin work on the problems that is easy, the number of new numbers 1-15 and then 16-
40. choose the two most likely answers, and learn. if you still know where the correct
answer, it could still answer, if there is there is still time, check
akir numbers because it is difficult

one that should be remembered, though nlai TOEFLpenting, which is more important is a
good understanding of English who dare to use.

in work on the problems we have to mendegar TOEFL in the first sentence of percekapan
ideas are there and focus on the second conversation because there are usually answers to
the second conversation and then note the sentence structure and expression of the
conversation so it is easy to answer the question.

In this paper describes pengetian TOEFL strategies in answering exam questions in the
form of the TOEFL and tricks or tips on matters TOEFLdan also explained about the
time given in answer to questions TOEFL

So, in following the TOEFL mempuyai some strategies that we must learn to be able to
easily understand we have to get used mendegar beebahsa movies in english toefl
mendegar we have to concentrate and also may not remember anything else
Because the clock is ticking we must focus on whether the speaker when due in
mendegar TOEFL will be given a chance only-only if we are still in doubt with the first
pertayaan we can meubahnya.

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