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Sump pumps typically function as electrically
powered pumps located in basements, which work to
move water out of the basement to outdoor spaces.
Certain sump pumps function by moving water to the
home's drain pipes, while others move the water
Most of the time sump pumps function along with a
sump pit. Sump pits are holes located in the
           floor,                  water.
basement floor meant to gather water Sump pumps
subsequently move the fluids out of the pit.
Sump pumps are generally in place where a home's
basement level is situated under the water table, and
in locales prone to floods. In other cases, sump
pumps are put in place where a home's basement is
lower than city sewage lines.

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Most sump pumps are one of two common
varieties: pedestal (upstanding) and
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submersible versions. True to the name,
pedestal versions are pplaced over the sumpp
pit, making access and repairs easier. The
submersible sump pump sits within the pit,
making it more difficult to spot Submersible
sump pumps are not as easy to access or
repair, and are encased in watertight
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coverings i order to avoid electrical shorts
due to water accumulation in the sump pit.

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1. The very best in sump pumps must have a
power source which is reliable.
2. There really isn't a sump pump that doesn't
require some degree of maintenance and
checkups, but the better ones should not need
very much repair.
3. You cannot use a smaller commercial sump
pump if it does not match the draining
requirements and specifications of your house.
4 Look for those sump pumps which promise to
have back up components which will be effective
if needed.

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