Promissory notes pay the invoices by fdjerue7eeu


									Promissory notes pay the invoices
Under the "Negotiable Instruments" requirement, bank draft is
pay the invoices of bills, the payee or holder, after obtaining the cashier at any time
can request payment to the drawer. Under "Payment and
Settlement," the 108th Article provides that the payment of cross-system
bank draft, bank account holder in accordance with the provisions of the PBC
business dealings with financial institutions, interest rates banks charge interest to a
In order to prevent the payee or bearer notes and tips to the long-suppressed negative
drawer. "Negotiable Instruments Law," the 78th article of the
draft prompt payment deadline, namely: "promissory note from starting
from the date the payment period should not exceed two months." Holder
in accordance with the foregoing time limit, promissory note, the drawer must bear
the responsibility for payment ("Negotiable Instruments" VII
10). If the holder of more than prompt payment terms have not been paid, within
limitation rights in the notes to the issuing bank note, and provide my ID card or unit
that can hold a vote bank cashier to request payment. Visible from,
cashier's drawer is the main instrument on the debtor, liable to pay the
holder an absolute responsibility.
If the holder of a promissory note promissory note is not in accordance with the
prescribed time limit, then the loss of the drawer front other than the right of recourse.
Here, the outside of the drawer before the hand is the endorser and guarantor. As the
cashier's drawer is a note on the principal debtor, the holder has absolute
payment obligations, in addition to paper bills Ershi Limitation of the right to
eliminate or invalid type notes the lack of Er Shi, the not for ticket holders not within
the prescribed time limit the exercise of the right to request payment responsibility
will be removed. Therefore, the holder still enjoy the right to demand payment of the
drawer and recourse, but the loss of the endorser and guarantor of recourse.

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