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Pot of gold mining


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									Pot of gold mining
   A very casual conversation, the Chinese broke into my field of vision. I suddenly
realized, maybe this is my first pot of gold! At that time, I was still doing business
manager of International Department, and I called from the mainla nd attracted a chat
with Richard's students, he is a professional Chinese medicine practitioner.
We chat topic is on the natural Chinese medicine.
I naturally thought and spoke to the governor of Victoria in Australia introduced
Chinese medicine business. Squeeze the two things together, I suddenly thought, why
not do a Chinese medicine clinic? Traditional Chinese Medicine as a medical science
at that time, Australians have not been recognized. At the same time, many students
have had many fine practitioners, in Australia they had to give up his own school of
professional hard working. So, in Australia Anyone who can run up to Chinese
medicine clinics, must have a very broad market space. I tried to say my thoughts.
Richard immediately said: "Mr. Kim, if you are willing to invest in start-up
clinic, I would like to be your first Chinese medicine clinic, and you do it
Three days later, Richard made a plan. I have studied in detail the plan, that the
investment of a Chinese medicine clinic, hardware needs about 10 000 Australian
dollars, primarily rent, utilities and staff wages. That he was prepared to be so full, I
have more confidence. I told him: "Well, I went to study visits, and then
give you an answer!"
Findings of the study are: 1, Australia, virtually no Chinese medicine clinics; II,
Australians did not believe in Chinese medicine. So, this clinic is open or not open? I
know a Chinese old professor, who lived 30 years in Melbourne, on
Australia's mainstream society and are very understanding of the Chinese
community. After he heard my idea, tell me two things: one, best not open; Second, if
we must make it, it opened in Chinatown or a Chinese gathering area. Old professor
would give me a scoop of cold water poured. Finally, I am reminded of a story: an
American footwear manufacturers to send two people to a national survey of African
shoes market, two people were there and saw where people do not shoes on! Return,
return, said a long face, no no, there were simply not his shoes, we sell it to you?
Another was excited, and said, good, there were no shoes on, and our chances too
many! I think after a person is right. No one have to buy shoes, as they now do not
wear shoes, you can gradually build Well.
I decided to go all out to open a clinic, and I want it to open in the Australian
residential area. I want to introduce Chinese medicine in Australia, Australians see the
Chinese culture!

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