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					POS Management Software Market
≥ ≥ System description:
    Shopping POS computer database management system for the Beijing Ge Ruilai
Software Development Co., Ltd. developed a new generation of enterprise-class
business management system, which combines the large supermarkets and department
stores, multiple formats such as management style, multi- level distributed network
system chain structure design and development, not only for single shop management,
and able to meet the needs of chain multiple formats and integrate the management of
hybrid business model. Apply to unified management, centralized procurement
picking, chain management company. Management system at headquarters,
distribution center management system, chain store management system three parts,
the whole system is based on wide-area network architecture, and fully taking into
account the situation of domestic communications, to provide PSTN, ISDN, ADSL,
DDN, frame relay, INTERNET etc. communications program, customers can input
their own circumstances and financial resources to choose.
≥ ≥ application object
Department store chain supermarkets, chain stores, specialty store chains,
convenience stores.
≥ ≥ functional modules:
l Purchasing Management: purchase orders, open purchase orders, purchase returns,
purchase payments, supplier delivery details / summary, commodity procurement
details / summary, agents purchase details / summary tables, purchase order matrix,
purchase order fulfillment situation, purchase orders due warning, to cope with detail /
l Sales Management: sales orders, open sales orders, cash sales, sales returns, sales
returns, sales of receivables, customer sales details / summary, sales detail / summary
sheet, profit statement / summary sheet, accounts receivable summary , extended
receivables alarm.
l Inventory Management: warehouse requisition, stock inventory, the other a library,
assembly of goods / split, the current inventory list, storage allocation schedule,
merchandise shelf- life alarm, alarm inadequate inventory, overstock alert.
l cash bank: costs and expenses, other income, bank deposit, bank the cash summary,
cash Bank of schedule, cost matrix, other income summary.
l Financial Management: Payment orders, collection orders, accounts payable books,
books of account receivables, operation table (income statement).
l POS Cash management: POS machine data, frequency data, cashier information,
cashier permission settings, set the front cash register, membership management,
purchase vouchers management, POS single check, cashier sa les summary, POS
machine sales summary, POS Machine sales list, POS machine sales analysis.
l Business Analysis Management: Customer / Item Sales Summary, storage / sale of
goods matrix, clerk / commodity matrix, supplier / purchase of goods matrix,
warehouse / purchase of goods matrix, clerk / purchasing goods matrix, into the keep
one off the table, operate to.
l basic information: supplier data, customer data, warehouse information, product
information, department information, staff informatio n, customer type, storage type,
commodity, bar code label printing, generate phonetic code, import the basic data.
l System Maintenance: operators and permissions, password settings, change the
operator, operating logs, messaging, switching Zhang Tao, Zhang Tao parameters,
Zhang Tao empty, data cleaning, data backup, data recovery, exit the system.

≥ ≥ system features:
1, support the N layer chain management, support for multiple chain management;
2, customers can customize the chain business model and transmission of data
3, flexible branch management system, that is uniform distribution, but also to allow
branches operate independently;
4, support for off net sales of POS machines, POS machines have automatic
monitoring network traffic condition and automatic recovery features;
5, the official marketing and simulation exercises to support two modes, providing
cashiers posts assessment function;
6, supports a variety of consumption: retail sales, returns, gift;
7, support for various concessions: News of the Member specials, buy low-cost, time
discount, limited purchase, discount discount;
8, support a variety of payment: cash, check, credit cards, foreign currency,
membership cards and coupons.
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