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Telephone a few days ago and the total ban, he must go I hear Dr. Cui
Jiang's feng shui and energy】 【class, I said I not interested in learning
feng shui, only people interested in human nature. Classes always say: quiet ah, you
must come and listen to, certainly not let you down!
Today, this sleepy Lanjue big Saturday, but the total class sincere voice that I was
almost struggling to drilled out from the heat blanket.
Dr. Cui Jiang, Royal Roads University MBA
U.S. NGH Hypnotherapist .1986 graduated from Shaanxi University of Technology,
Study in Australia 1988, 1992 research study Zen, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, feng
shui energy, and culture, has visited all parts of the world Sanghan. Edited
publications include "Zen" "Life is more
fun," "position instead of turning Cheats",
"home feng shui," <workplace feng shui>
Department of books such as more than 20. Good [Feng Shui energy and health,
wealth, and emotional relationships] lectures.
Born out of science and engineering is a science person, switch to cook non-scientific
sectors. Theory according to astrology Aquarius is now entering the era began to
return to human nature, dramatic changes in people's values, compassion
and personal inner growth gradually replaced the mad pursuit of material success.
Many people seek a more humane and more harmonious relationships, such as the
earthquake in China as the year anniversary is also a return to the traditional culture of
5.19 (the first seven, the meaning of condolence spirits of the dead), including the
Olympic Games start time is at 8 o'clock on the August 8, 2008 diagram of
Burgundy, symbolizes the national prosperity, peace and prosperity. Cui Jiang said
that China is in the teacher walked Grand Canal, China's future economic,
political and cultural power will become more powerful, said that disaster came in
2012, China will be the savior.
Topics of interest to the people said, speaking from the Feng Shui, (listen Fan Yun,
but I remember living in results), the first, the cause will be good next year, soil type,
the real estate industry started in 2009, and now an adjustment During the next year
will be the rapid development of real estate, energy strong Oh, buy a house you are
interested in it, especially the development of the North Sea. Second, the stock has
actually started in 2011, suggested that we first buy a house, earn money and buy
stocks after the Sellers, huh, huh, third, next year, east, west, north location is good,
south, good and less to go to the south. Fourth, the next year's if the
industry did not ring true, Tingting next year off, the year after next will certainly get
Buy a house to buy a large room, the room is good, room large gathering wealth, the
room gathering of gas, good, though not rich, but my family has been the accumulated
wealth of the house, huh, huh. Poor families more than cabinets, boxes and more rich
people, (tonight give my mom call me tomorrow, had put the box back to dowry,
when the box is too old fashioned too, had never moved here, appears to be error ah ).
Also, I decided, turning cylinder had to please two earthquakes of turning my house
fall in to pieces of the tube, funny Pakistani Pakistani funny re-assembled good, now
turn the whirring of a life. The origin of a good family and members of the subtle
positive effect, more energy to create a great site.
Teacher is with the nature of human beings, being happy, and with the breathing we
do in India, behind cold, strong body, while the sweating, emotions ran high, the
afternoon with our rhythm, dance, Sophie rotation, meditation think of the Holy Ghost,
esoteric consumer industry Vajrasattva flower secret law, the last to spread the love
and receive love from everyone.
A second operation three feng shui life, both inside and outside edge of each impact,
to change is simply change the fate of Mind, Mind of a change, show changes in the
external object, instantly change the fate.

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