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2007-06-26 16:52

June 26, 2007 at 09:27 am

Chinese People's Insurance Company (referred to as PICC, the same
below), is the former People's Insurance Company of China (PICC has
been changed to the holding company) initiated the establishment of the current
mainland China's largest non-life insurance companies. As the first
overseas-listed financial firms, PICC on November 6, 2003 issue shares in Hong
Kong's success. We always follow the "market-oriented,
customer-centric" business philosophy, after years of development, the
formation of the many advantages of strong management.


PICC brand with 50 years history, enjoys a significant reputation in the country, has
some influence in the international arena. PICC is the world's major
shipowners association in China, P & communications agency in the
international insurance market enjoys a good reputation. Particularly companies
listing overseas, PICC further into domestic and international insurance markets and
capital markets well-known brands.

Market Advantage

PICC is the largest non-life insurance companies in the non-life insurance market
leader, dominated the non-life insurance market. Our main business property
insurance, accidental injury insurance and short-term health insurance, Zai 大型
business risks, government procurement, trade system Baodengjizhong Xing Yewuyiji
vehicle Bao Xian, Jia Ling Yu property insurance and other dispersion-type business
in an absolutely leading 地位.
Talent Advantage

Over the years, PICC training a large number of outstanding key personnel, with a
large number of experienced management personnel and non-life insurance business
throughout the chain, each link of the technical talent, has a core skills in non-life
insurance industry and dedication, forge ahead in unity staff.


As of the end of 2004, PICC insurance policy were developed, 1246, of which 567
primary insurance, additional insurance 679; national insurance 725, a regional
insurance 521. Currently, the average daily development and promotion of a new
product. Company is the first introduction of actuarial technologies non-life insurers
to develop products that can provide customers with comprehensive, high quality and
pricing of insurance coverage services science. Meanwhile, the company accumulated
a massive operational data, decision analysis has a solid foundation for the
development of Chinese non-life insurance market, the law has a better grasp and

Technological advantage

PICC in the domestic non-life insurance underwriting, claims, product development
and re-insurance and other core skills have a more comprehensive and mature
experience, also has a more mature information technology platform for business
development with a strong technical support. Combined Insurance Company is
China's civil aviation chief insurance, fleet insurance, is also non-fleet of
the domestic aviation insurance and commercial aviation insurance market, the largest
primary insurer underwriting the project, in the aerospace, nuclear power, energy,
ocean-going ships, large industrial and commercial enterprises, insurance and other
important areas of government procurement, with the leading edge of technology.
Network Advantage

PICC has outlets all over the country's institutions, including the 324, the
municipal underwriting, claims, financial "three centers," more
than 4,500 branches, with a variety of marketing channels, forming a strong sales and
service network, sufficient to support a nationwide "pay through
PAT" and "remote escape from danger, local claims"
and the insurance value-added services.

Customer advantages

The company has the largest domestic non-life insurance market, customer base and
establish a broad and stable customer relationship, with a strong adaptation to market
changes and meet customer needs for product development and customer service

Service Advantages

The company opened the first 365 days in the national 24-hour service line 95518, is
now 324 cities around the country, and through ISO9000 quality management system
certification, to provide customers with fast, excellent, full, wide consultation,
complaints, visits, rescue, reservation insurance and other multi-functional,
personalized service. The company also introduced to service the whole process full
content of the "Gold Service", in order to ensure that customer
service from the norm, efficiency, quality and continuously improve the three areas,
maintaining customer service with the first brand in the industry.

PICC successful practice of reform and development depends on deepening the
company "seeking truth, honesty, hard work, innovative" spirit
of enterprise. At present, companies are leading, world-class knowledge-based,
modern non-life insurance company's strategic goal of the public.

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