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PICC Description by fdjerue7eeu


									PICC Description
Chinese People's Insurance Company (PICC P & C, referred to
as "PICC", the same below) by the State Council, China
Insurance Regulatory Commission approval, in July 2003 initiated by the
establishment of the Chinese People's Insurance Group, the current
Mainland China's largest non-life insurance companies, registered capital
of 11.1418 billion yuan. Its predecessor is October 20, 1949 report by the Bank
Administration Council Finance Committee approved the establishment of the
Chinese People's Insurance Company.
PICC is the Chinese People's Insurance Group (PICC)'s main
landmark, the interbank market at home and abroad enjoy a great reputation.
November 6, 2003, the company successfully listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong
Kong, mainland China's large state-owned financial enterprises listed
overseas, "the first unit." With the overall strength of the
company have become the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo 2010,
the insurance partner for the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo will provide
comprehensive insurance services. June 26, 2008, the international rating agency
Moody's authority to grant the company the highest credit rating for
Mainland Chinese enterprises A1 level.
In the 60 years of distinguished history, the PICC in order to
"people's insurance, and service people" for the
mission, adhering to the "people-oriented, sincere service, value oriented,
sustainable" business philosophy, promoting the "truth, honesty,
hard work innovation "and enterprise spirit, give full play to the brand, Ren
Cai, products, Jishu and service advantages for reform, protection of economic,
Wendingshekuai benefit the people of Bao Xian Jiang Da protection provided. Since
2003, the company's total amount of reparations more than 2600 billion
yuan. In 2008, freezing rain and snow, in the earthquake and floods in southern China,
the company bravely assumed the responsibility, go all out to claim the first time to
carry out disaster relief work in disaster areas to help restore production and rebuild
their homes and make a positive contribution .
Long time, China PICC overall economic and social development based on services,
adhere to the market-oriented, customer-focused, leading the development of
China's non-life insurance market to Gold service customers return.
Meanwhile, the company actively of good corporate citizenship, enthusiastic support
of national education, sports and public cultural career development, promote
harmonious society and won wide public acclaim. The company has been
"European currency" magazine as "the most trusted
insurance companies" in the industry's first of the
"Customer Care Benchmarking Chinese enterprise", the
company 95 518 Customer Service Center for many years was named
"Best Call Center", the company Olympic marketing, the
highest honor by China Advertising Association, "China's Effie
Awards - Gold Award" in 2008, ranking the competitiveness of Asian
insurance industry, the company was named "Asia's most
competitive non-life insurance company."
At this new historical starting point, PICC will guide the scientific development
concept, to forge ahead the reform of the scientific spirit and pragmatic attitude, the
times, integration and innovation, to achieve the company's new business
and leap development, well-off society and building a socialist harmonious society
with more high-quality insurance services.

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