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?If life is perfect everywhere, that would happen?
Perfect - a different life, a different definition;
Different stages have different standards;
Take tourism for instance, think of a child, the parents took the weekend to the park,
amusement park will be very happy; very satisfied;
Grew up in the tourism industry, only Chu Chu realize what is real travel, but travel
from perfect there is still a way to go;
Flash three months short of seven years, from the very exciting chance from IT
companies to come into contact with travel agents, because love to travel quickly
switch to the use of the former leader of a company's annual leave to
participate in training; never know the total transfer which Liang Zi is What does it
mean to travel from the operation of the design team derive a sense of achievement;
from the first tour abroad to pretend a lot of experience to the guests and had the
guides to become very good friends, there are still contacts; their work independently
from the pre-SARS to travel after SARS-for-one transfer of a sector; from travel
agents retreated to the price war when the audience do the promotion spots;
Followed by the guests from the first tour together to buy things, to advise clients not
to participate in shopping tours; from the fortunate and are still linked very closely the
"brothers and sisters" who join the delegation; to leave the tour
to promote access to new sites;
Make a new department from Australia to reach all of Australia&a mp;#39;s tourism
circle; market price war from the north to the south market, new understanding of
rational consumption; from promotion to promotion of a relatively high price of twdr
many, many foreign products; from contact with the tourist board, to and customer
communications around the world tourism market; development process; from contact
with the tourism industry have ideas, unique perspectives of the owners; to promote
"quality" of the Chinese market reported promising foreign
From outside customers, knowing that China's tourism industry Aspect
global; China Tourism is growing rapidly, making exit from the country in a dozen
years to dozens;
Tourism and tourist attractions in Australia adhere to China continued to promote his
sister, whose aim is the pursuit of quality travel, tours credit, travel to more and better
products to market; but I also do a poor power to promote their own with More
products, higher prices; any time, Chinese people can really "know
what's          what,"         rather than      to    the    pursuit    of
"cost"; when, tourism practitioners will not complain; tourism
practitioners to improve the quality of the whole; tourism profits transparent, and not
the hands of a few hands;
Take Australia, the travel agent - inbound tour - store - tour guide; profit from the
biggest stores, from injuries (fooled), the consumer;
If the tourist industry around the world have faith, not to a particular on making
excessive profits;
If the average consumer, such as meeting registration award travel are the same group,
it was racked his brains to think of unique tourism products is, how not thought to be
used like money to consumers should be spent in the departure process in the whole
set of out;
If each tour is like our participation in the mission, the other is the tourist office
reception, the guests as a vip, as much as possible the fun, interesting, and all enjoy
this short holiday; live a good point hotel ; eat meal features, to a large department
store shopping center, when the most unique pottery gift shop to a friend:)
This is the people's needs; although one newspaper to write zero- fee tours;
various tourism boards also are seeking ways to bound tour operators, by a contract,
how can we solve the vicious competition;
I remember in 2005 and husband of ex-gratia to participate in the same industry, the
Indonesian air travel, only machines with a shuttle flight + hotel + breakfast; that back,
my friends asked me how to play like? Very simple, my answer is: I am perfect;
Although the information before departure to check in Bali will inevitably have to
communicate with people and bargain; alert fooled; but we can go to the most
distinctive local restaurant for dinner to talk about the price of drifting to the Internet
introduces spa Museum; to the local supermarket buy spices, buy features, buy
souvenirs in the shopping street; arbitrary; husband is also a taste of tourism
practitioners with my worry of the sweetness out of play, and even a few with us to do
a mission to take the Japanese counterparts also liked followed the two of us to play
with; Why is it perfect - is not sorry ~~~~~~~~ (total zero four years I tour my
husband Offered Spring Festival in Australia; experienced more than 10 hours of hard
aircraft; I did go to an Australian promotional spots to promote the attractions found I
have not been to his full)
As to promote their day, and travel agents who handed play, the real people who do
not travel with the group went out to play, and really my friend, or to their itineraries,
or else Jiugen quality group;
But true peace of mind with the group Yes, there are cars, there is room, a tour guide;
a leader; to rush to enjoy one of the largest local attractions; later would save money
for the corporation to pay the price --- in front of the store inside the delay time;
Does not know; When you buy travel products, this moment, more than a trip to buy
the trip with a ticket; meals, hotels, transport, as well as the holiday time; In addition
to the aircraft; other times are available fare measurable; Tours; although very tired,
but in this worry has; it means no freedom; no choice in the store before;
But more consumers are not employees of travel agencies realized that
"knowledgeable"; despite national Tourism Board to promote;
but price competition is still very terrible;
Smart Chinese businessmen in various countries are tourism consumers in making
money in China; so many people who travel abroad will not come back to experience
the fun of travel, not to live downtown, there is no time to walk around their own, did
not go to the local shopping place; skim the surface; came back, except the picture a
little more, happy memories of little;
Travel agency colleagues are very upset, because the price war is a powerful weapon;
Zai Muqianlvyou Up or Zhuiqiu cost; consumers of the training is extremely
important, license management, monopoly markets; Zaijia Shang Yi Dai Ren
language Goutong on the barriers; completely believe Guided Tours is the sad;
Recent contact with the perfect holiday has been brainwashed,
If you really have a platform to help the travel agent training; consumer education;
They know how to teach is what you pay for;
Out of the cheap Offered; foreign consumer subsidies tour guides and shop with
120% of the guard holding heart to enjoy their holidays;