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      Spring 2008                                Volume 10 Number 1                                               Page 1

President’s Letter                                                                                Federal grant
                                                                                                  legislation for
Richland County Public Library
   The honest truth is that I                                                                          By LAURA JOWDY
have gotten 100 times more                                                                            Congressional Medal
out of being the SCAA Presi-                                                                           of Honor Society
dent than you have gotten                                                                            SCAA has leant support
out of me being President. I                                                                      to a new federal legislative
didn’t go to graduate school                                                                      funding initiative meant to
to be an archivist – I went                                                                       provide funding for an array
to be a librarian – but I                                                                         of archival goals, from
have gotten a degree’s worth                                                                      preservation to outreach. If
of learning by collaborating                                                                      approved, the Preserving the
with the SCAA board and                                                                           American Historical Record
SCAA members.                                                                                     Act (PAHR) will grant
   Suddenly I have connec-                                                                        monies to all 50 states and
tions with the South Car-                                                                         U.S. territories through base
olina Political Collections by                                                                    funding plus a formula
working with Kate Moore                                                                           based on population and
and Dorothy Hazelrigg. My        Incoming President Debra Bloom (right)                           land size. The funds would
network reaches to Clemson       hands Elizabeth Cassidy West the SCAA                            then be re-granted through
through Jim Cross and Mike       President s Award.                                               designated state agencies.
Kohl. I have made new                                                                                As written, PAHR asks
coastal acquaintances with       our RCPL branches so now I       the bar on professional en-     for $50 million over the next
Georgette Mayo at the Avery      can add to my resume that I      thusiasm and productivity.      five years, beginning with
Research Center (who works       am the curator of a travel-         Not only is each board       $10-20 million now. Based
with my new best friend          ing exhibit!                     member an outstanding pro-      on the current formula,
Harlan Greene) and Susan            Laura Jowdy, who works        fessional but they are fun to   South Carolina would gain
Hoffius, curator at the War-     for the Congressional Medal      work with. Our Spring           approximately $700,000 if
ing Historical Library,          of Honor Society, is a great     Workshop and Fall Confer-       the full $50 million were to
MUSC.                            example of a refreshing new      ences will be exceptional af-   be authorized. The S.C.
   Past President Elizabeth      professional. She jumped         fairs and I hope you will be    State Historical Records Ad-
West, from Caroliniana, took     right in to help with our        able to attend both. We have    visory Board would be the
the time to show me some         newsletter and gave the en-      already put a lot of thought    re-granting agency.
great free software which I      tire board an inspiring          and time into their prepara-       The aims of PAHR are to
used to create my first ex-      boost. Then there is Heather     tion. If you have not been on   fund preservation efforts;
hibit. I would never have        South from the State             the SCAA board, you should      programs that provide edu-
done it without her. My ex-      Archives who is such a can-      give some thought to joining.   cation and training to
hibits are going to travel to    do girl that she has raised      It is all good.                 archivists and others who
                                                                                                  handle historical records; to
                                                                                                  create online access tools;
 Calendar of events                              SCAA Awards                                      and to create initiatives to
                                                                                                  make use of historical
 April 8, 2008: SCAA Spring Workshop             ■ South Carolina Archivist of the Year, Career
 June 2008: SCAA Annual Social, SC State         Achievement Award, Program Innovation            records (specifically educa-
 University Archives, Museum & Planetarium       Award, and Friend of the Archives Award          tional programs for K-12
 October 8, 2008: SCAA Fall Workshop             ■ Deadline: Aug. 31, 2008: Page 8 for details    students and National His-
                                                                                                  tory Day).
      Page 2                                                                                     SCAAzette / Spring 2008

USCA Archives:
An introduction
        By ALEXIA JONES HELSLEY               and draft policies for their use.
            and JANE H. TUTEN                    The library undertook the challenge
   University of South Carolina Aiken &       and agreed to fund the cost of supplies
    Gregg-Graniteville Library, USCA          and equipment for the project. Also, be-
   The University of South Carolina           cause of scheduled renovations, it was
Aiken is an accredited four-year liberal      the perfect time to create a designated
arts institution. Founded in 1961,            area within the library to house the
USCA is part of the University of             archives. With a designated space in
South Carolina. From its inception, the       hand in 2005, Director Tuten pro-
Gregg-Graniteville Library and the            ceeded to make the dream a reality.
USCA administration wanted to docu-           That year, Tuten hired Alexia Jones
ment the history of the institution.          Helsley – an archivist with over 30
However, due to the inadequacy of             years experience with the South Car-
State funding, achieving that goal took       olina Department of Archives and His-
                                                                                           The University of South
years. The turning point came in the          tory and a part-time lecturer in history
fall of 2004.                                 for USCA – to tackle the huge task of        Carolina Aiken Archives.
   In late 2004, the University’s Acade-      organizing and setting up the archives
mic Council, composed of academic             for USC Aiken. In addition, Director         Records of the Aiken County Commis-
unit heads, met to consider how to allo-      Tuten contacted campus departments           sion on Higher Education, Records of
cate the revenues generated by the            and received a flood of documents, pho-      the Faculty Assembly, and Records of
University for the summer 2004 –              tographs, yearbooks, reports, Faculty        USCA’s first chancellor, William
2005. Jane H. Tuten, Director of the          Assembly minutes, newspapers, and            Casper. These sources detail the found-
Gregg-Graniteville Library, was an            ephemera.                                    ing of USCA and its growth from a
avid supporter of the dream of creating          Today, the USCA Archives remains a        two-year to a four-year institution. In-
an archives. At that time, the Council        work in progress. However, the               terest in the archives and the number
directed the Gregg-Graniteville Li-           archivist has identified, arranged, and      of reference requests received docu-
brary to employ an archivist to collect       major series that document the history       ment the vision of the Academic Coun-
and arrange the University of South           and development of USCA. Of special          cil and Tuten in creating this reposi-
Carolina Aiken’s archival documents           interest are the archives’ holdings of       tory for USCA’s history.

                                  SCAA Executive Board                                                        SCAAzette
■ President                         ■ Treasurer                       ■ Director                               Editorial
Debra Bloom                         James Cross                       Georgette Mayo
Richland County Public Library      Clemson University Libraries      Avery Research Center for                  Staff           Special Collections               African American History
                                                                                                            ■ Laura S. Jowdy,
                                    864-656-3031                      & Culture
■ Vice President                          College of Charleston
                                                                                                            Congressional Medal
Susan Dick Hoffius                                                    843-953-7627
                                                                                                            of Honor Society
Waring Historical Library, MUSC     ■ Director                                      843-884-8862
843-792-2288                        Heather South
                                                                                                                      S.C. Department of Archives       ■ Membership Officer
                                    & History                         Kate Moore                            ■ Geoff LoCicero,
■ Secretary                         803-896-6211                      S.C. Political Collections, USC       Designer
Dorothy M. Hazelrigg                803-77-0578                           University Publications,
S.C. Political Collections, USC                                                                             USC
      SCAAzette / Spring 2008                                                                                     Page 3

                       S C A A          S P R I N G          ’ 0 8     C O N F E R E N C E

Get a jump-start on Archives Month
          By HEATHER SOUTH                  sources discussed during the day can       and the wonderful treasures we have!
 SC Department of Archives and History      be used year round, not just in Octo-         We’ll be learning about events and
   Join us on April 8, 2008, at the         ber. This daylong event is packed with     experiences from our neighbors in
South Carolina Department of                sessions and speakers dealing with         Georgia and their Archives Month cele-
Archives and History for our annual         promoting programs at your institu-        brations. Delve into technological re-
spring workshop. This year’s theme is       tion. Promotion is definitely an area      sources for advertising your archives,
Archives Month: Preparation, Educa-         most archives are lacking in and it is     and learn about press releases and
tion, Celebration, but the ideas and re-    time we started advocating archives        other printed promotional materials.

                          S C A A          F A L L        ’ 0 7      C O N F E R E N C E

Business meeting recap
     By LAURA JOWDY             year because SHRAB is
    Congressional Medal         highlighting it. She sug-
     of Honor Society           gested that anyone with
   SCAA’s annual business       ideas for Archives Month let
meeting took place in con-      her know about them. In ad-
junction with lunch during      dition, President Bloom re-
                                                                  L-R, Michael Kohl, Nancy Sambets, Graham
the Fall Conference on Octo-    ported that the new mem-          Duncan, and Susan Boyd at the fall session.
ber 16, 2007. Highlights of     bership officer, Kate Moore,
that meeting follow:
   James Cross, SCAA Trea-
                                will focus on improved com-
                                munication with SCAA
                                                                  Putting policies,                       Fall ’08
surer, gave his report. In      members and encouraged            procedures                       Mark Your Calendars!
summary, last year SCAA
                                                                  into practice
                                anyone who is not getting                                          SCAA 2008 Fall Confer-
spent $8,905.65 but took in     communications to update                                           ence: October 8, 2008
$17.148.71, giving the Asso-    his/her contact information.
ciation a balance of                                                    By DEBRA BLOOM
                                   The business meeting also                                      surance Preserve Fund,
$8.243.06 going into the new                                             Richland County
                                featured elections for four                                       shared her knowledge of in-
year. The Hart Endowment                                                  Public Library
                                board positions; the results                                      surance and insurance prob-
Fund now has $6,451.00 and      were as follows:                      Putting Policies and Pro-
                                                                                                  lems for institutions with
SCAA’s Certificate of De-                                         cedures into Practice was
                                ■Vice-President/President                                         valuable collections. A panel
posit at BB&T has a balance                                       the focus of the SCAA Fall
                                Elect:                                                            discussion called Reference
of $11,014.63.                                                    Conference on Oct. 16, 2007.
                                                                                                  Policies and Procedures was
   In her final presidential    Susan Dick Hoffius                The morning session opened
                                                                                                  the final session. Graham
speech, Elizabeth West con-     Curator, Waring Historical        with Herb Hartsook, Direc-
                                                                                                  Duncan (Manuscripts Divi-
gratulated SCAA for being       Library, MUSC                     tor of the South Carolina Po-
                                                                                                  sion of the South Carolini-
an active group. She also en-                                     litical Collections (USC),
                                ■   Secretary:                                                    ana Library), Nancy Sam-
couraged members to con-                                          presenting a great session,
                                                                                                  bets (Historical Center of
tact the SCAA board if they     Dorothy Hazelrigg                 Donor Relations and Deeds
                                                                                                  York County Archivist), and
have ideas for future work-     Curator, S.C. Political           of Gift. Grace Cordial (Beau-
                                                                                                  Susan Boyd (Greenville
shops or conferences, to help   Collections, USC                  fort Public Library), Deb-
                                                                                                  County Local History Room
with planning, or to suggest                                      bielee Landi (Furman Uni-
                                ■   Director:                                                     Manager) shared the poli-
speakers or themes. Ms.                                           versity Special Collections
                                                                                                  cies and procedures their fa-
West was then presented         Georgette Mayo                    Librarian), and Agnes Cor-
                                                                                                  cilities use to enhance pa-
with the President’s Award      Reference Archivist, Avery        bett (Director of the Camden
                                                                  Archives) followed with a       trons’ use of collections.
in appreciation for her lead-   Research Center for African
ership over the past year.      American History and Cul-         panel discussion the ups and       SCAA appreciates the
   Incoming President Debra     ture, College of Charleston       downs of volunteers.            work our presenters do to
Bloom then outlined her                                               The session Insurance for   prepare for the conference.
                                ■   Membership Chair:             Archives, Libraries and Mu-     We also want to thank our
plan for leadership. She
noted that Archives Month       Kate Moore                        seums was presented by          student volunteers who
(October 2008) is going to be   Processing Archivist, S.C.        Athena Westeren. Ms. West-      work the registration desk.
important for SCAA this         Political Collections, USC        eren, a Property and Liabil-    There wouldn’t be a confer-
                                                                  ity Manager for the SC In-      ence without them!
        Page 4                                                                               SCAAzette / Spring 2008

Update on the S.C. Digital Library Initiative
        By JAMES E. CROSS          pointed the SCDL Project        ■ SCDL staff has contacted       tions for digitization pro-
          and KATE BOYD            Administrator.                  each pilot project liaison and   grams. The attendees of the
     Clemson University and        ■ SCDL staff is currently       discussed and shared exam-       summit determined that it
    University of South Carolina   drafting a business plan        ples of how SCDL wants           is too early in the program
   A great deal has hap-           that details the long-term      materials delivered (includ-     to discuss the implementa-
pened since the last update        monetary and institutional      ing scanning and metadata        tion of a fee structure for
on the South Carolina Digi-        sustainability of the pro-      requirements). The pilot         participating institutions.
tal Library (SCDL) in the          gram.                           projects—at USC, USC             The attendees also demon-
SCAAzette. The Task Forces                                         Beaufort, the Greenville         strated support for the for-
                                   ■ The CONTENTdm multi-
were constituted and com-                                          Public Library System, and       mation of an Executive
                                   site server has been pur-
pleted their work over the                                         the Beaufort County Public       Board that would handle fu-
                                   chased by PASCAL and is
course of 2007. A meeting of                                       Library—are ongoing collab-      ture funding and sustain-
                                   being set up.
the Task Forces was held on                                        orative projects that are be-    ability issues for the SCDL.
                                   ■ Equipment needs at the        ing incorporated into the        Discussion was also geared
May 11, 2007. The Digital
                                   CONTENTdm server and            SCDL.                            towards establishing a par-
Collections Committee and
                                   scanning centers have been                                       ent institution for SCDL.
the Finance and Governance                                         ■ SCDL staff has promoted
                                   determined. Two scanners                                         The State Library emerged
Task Force hosted discussion                                       the program by attending
                                   and two workstations, one                                        as the prime candidate.
with potential stakeholders                                        the annual conferences of
                                   each for Clemson and the
on June 20, 2007. To see re-                                       three state organizations:       ■ Current members of PAS-
                                   College of Charleston, have
ports from the Task Forces                                         SC Library Association           CAL’s Digital Collections
                                   been ordered and set up for
and of the May 11th and                                            (SCLA); SC Archival Associ-      Committee and SCDL’s nine
                                   scanning centers.
June 20th meetings, go to                                          ation (SCAA); and Palmetto       task forces have been con-           ■ SCDL staff has completed      Archives, Libraries, and Mu-     tacted about the restructur-
about/wg/index.htm.                the “Metadata for You and       seums Council on Preserva-       ing of those groups into new
                                   Me” workshops. These work-      tion (PALMCOP). Kate Boyd        Working Groups. The chairs
   In September 2007, SCDL
                                   shops were designed to pro-     gave a presentation on the       of the Working Groups will
received an LSTA grant to
                                   vide guidance for creating      progress of SCDL at the          form an oversight committee
further develop the SCDL.
                                   metadata that is easily un-     PALMCOP conference.              (a Working Group Advisory
During the grant, the mem-
                                   derstood, processed, har-                                        Board) to monitor the
ber libraries at the Univer-                                       ■ Three professional educa-
                                   vested, and used outside of                                      progress of the individual
sity of South Carolina,                                            tors have been chosen to de-
                                   its local environment. SCDL                                      Working Groups and report
Clemson University, and                                            velop K-12 lesson plans
                                   staff learned many new                                           its findings to whatever gov-
College of Charleston and                                          based around the digital col-
                                   methods on how to create                                         erning body is decided upon.
PASCAL will work together                                          lections that will be avail-
                                   metadata that can be har-                                        The SCDL is currently at-
to fully implement the                                             able through SCDL.
                                   vested by aggregators such                                       tempting to determine the
South Carolina Digital Li-                                         ■ The Multi-site software,
                                   as OAIster, an online union                                      level of interest held by the
brary (SCDL), to connect the                                       which will tie all the images
                                   catalog of digital resources.                                    individuals who were con-
CONTENTdm databases                                                from the different servers
                                   The staff also recognized                                        tacted, and whether or not
across the state, and to                                           together, has arrived and
                                   some of the limitations of                                       they would be willing to par-
guide and assist other insti-                                      the Systems Administrator
                                   using CONTENTdm as a                                             ticipate in the Working
tutions with creating unique                                       at USC is putting it to-
                                   digital asset management                                         Groups.
SC digital collections for                                         gether. Once the Multi-site
                                   system while taking part in
population of the SCDL. The                                        software is in place, there         Also, SCDL is attempting
                                   these workshops.
partners will develop and                                          will be some reworking of        to coordinate with USC’s
implement three digitization       ■ The SCDL home website,                                         School of Library and Infor-
                                                                   the SCDL Web site.
services labs (at Clemson,, is                                     mation Science to develop a
                                   up.                             ■ A stakeholders’ summit
the College of Charleston,                                                                          plan that explores the possi-
                                                                   was held on November 14,
and USC) and a multi-site          ■ Scanning and metadata                                          bility of conducting a survey
                                                                   2007 at the SC State Mu-
server across the state, a         guidelines have been written                                     of cultural heritage materi-
                                                                   seum in Columbia, SC. Dr.
training program for the li-       and approved by respective                                       als in South Carolina with
                                                                   Toby Graham, Director of
brarians, and a pilot project      Task Forces. These guide-                                        an eye toward determining
                                                                   the Digital Library of Geor-
that introduces digital col-       lines are now available on                                       whether revisions are
                                                                   gia, was brought in as a con-
lections in K-12 classrooms.       SCDL’s home web site (see                                        needed in the current collec-
                                                                   sultant and provided a pres-
To date the SCDL has done          above). SCDL is working on                                       tion policy for future proj-
                                                                   entation on the
the following to fulfill the       more and better documenta-                                       ects undertaken by SCDL.
                                                                   sustainability, strategic
grant objectives:                  tion and proposal guidelines
                                                                   planning, and funding op-
■   Kate Boyd has been ap-         for scanning projects.
      SCAAzette / Spring 2008                                                                                        Page 5

Entries needed for SHRAB Oral histories
online repository directory document
                            political lives
         By JEANETTE BERGERON                   Work began two years ago on the di-
          Evangelical Lutheran               rectory updating. SHRAB has received
           Church in America                 responses from over half of the reposi-
   The South Carolina State Historical       tories listed in the 2000 version, but
Records Advisory Board (SC SHRAB)            many are still missing. The new site-               By HERBERT J. HARTSOOK
needs your assistance in updating the        in-progress is located at http://                    South Carolina Political
state's online directory of South Car-                     Collections, USC
olina historical records repositories.       Please take the time to review your
The 2000 version is located at                                                              Since its formation in 1991, South
                                             repository's information.                                                            Carolina Political Collections at the
                                                Please note the links to separate
repository/repositories.htm and is used                                                  University of South Carolina has used
                                             lists of respondents and non-respon-
by genealogists, scholars and other re-                                                  oral history to supplement its major
                                             ders. Though it is particularly impor-
searchers to find the appropriate insti-                                                 collections. Often, donors of collections
                                             tant that SHRAB hear from those that
tutions in South Carolina for their re-                                                  are interviewed to ensure that their ca-
                                             have not submitted repository informa-
search needs.                                                                            reers are documented as fully as possi-
                                             tion, SHRAB would also be interested
   The requested categories of informa-                                                  ble. Staff, family, and associates are
                                             in hearing from those who believe
tion include the following: county,                                                      also good candidates for interviews. In
                                             their previously submitted repository
repository name, alternative name,                                                       addition to interviews related to spe-
                                             information needs to be changed.
parent organization, street location,                                                    cific collections, SCPC is engaged in a
                                                Jeanette Bergeron, Archivist of the
city, state, zip, telephone (for questions                                               major oral history project documenting
                                             James R. Crumley Jr. Archives of the
and appointments), fax, whether or not                                                   the rise of the Republican Party in
                                             Evangelical Lutheran Church in Amer-
appointments are required or recom-                                                      South Carolina. Typical interviews re-
                                             ica, Columbia, is managing the direc-
mended, web site URL, organization                                                       quire two to eight hours. All inter-
                                             tory update for the SC SHRAB. Please
type (from academic, history museum,                                                     views are transcribed and edited.
                                             contact her directly about your reposi-
archives, library/special collection, his-   tory information. Jeanette can be              Late in 2007, SCPC began to make
torical society, denominational), scope      reached at:, (803)       its edited transcripts available in elec-
statement including approximate lin-         461-3234 (office), and by mail at P.O.      tronic format on its Web site
ear feet and formats and subjects of         Box 3621, Columbia, SC 29230.      SCPC
materials, date range, and highlighted          Please consider participating in this    should have at least fifty interviews on
collections. If a category is not perti-     important project. Not only does it pro-    the site by the end of 2009. The first
nent for your repository, such as alter-     vide free marketing for your repository,    transcripts placed on the web include
native names, just leave it blank.           it also is an important tool to serve the   major interviews conducted by the Uni-
SHRAB would like to collect all infor-       research community.                         versity’s McKissick Museum with pow-
mation for entries by March 31.                                                          erful state senator Rembert Dennis
                                                                                         (1915-1992), and by the South Carolina
                                                                                         Department of Archives and History

Online obituary index at RCPL
                                                                                         with governor Robert E. McNair (1923-
                                                                                         2007). The other interviews feature
                                                                                         Charlie Boineau (1923-2005), the first
            By DEBRA BLOOM                   eliminated the time consuming process       Republican elected to the South Car-
     Richland County Public Libraries        of collecting money and sending copies      olina General Assembly since Recon-
   We have a new way of handling pa-         via snail mail while increasing our pa-     struction; Watson Dorn and Steve Grif-
tron requests for obituary and article       tron transaction. Before the e-mail         fith recalling the 1950 congressional
look-ups at the Richland County Public       service went live we answered maybe 5       campaign of William Jennings Bryan
Library in Columbia, SC. With the co-        or 6 requests a month for obit look-ups.    Dorn (1916-2005); Martha Edens, for-
operation of the Technology and Peri-        In January, we e-mailed 114 requests        mer Republican National Committee-
odical Departments the library’s obitu-      for articles and obits. Take a look:        woman; Marshall Parker (b.1922), for-
ary indexes have been put online.           mer state senator; Tom Pope
   In addition, we have added an e-          ipac20/ipac.jsp?profile=main--1&lang=       (1913-1999), prominent Newberry at-
mail link so that patrons may request        eng#focus.                                  torney and Speaker of the SC House;
the full text of obituaries. Our new            If you are interested in South Car-      Ted Riley (1900-1994), Democratic
scanning microfilm machine allows us         olina genealogy visit my blog for up-       Party Chairman; Dan Ross (b.1923),
to scan articles and obituaries from mi-     dates as I get them: www.thedead            state Republican Party chairman; and
crofilm and e-mail them to patrons as                     John West (1922-2004), Governor and
a PDF or JPEG file. This has nearly                                                      Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
       Page 6                                                                                        SCAAzette / Spring 2008

           P R O F E S S I O N A L                       &         G R A N T         O P P O R T U N I T I E S

NEH grants                                NEH grants                    10 SHRAB training sessions
of up
                                     ■ Deadline: May 15, 2008
                                     ■ Application:                             By HEATHER SOUTH          sues/Practices for Local Gov-
                                                   SC Department of           ernments and a special one-

to $6,000                            ■ Details: http://www.neh.
                                                                               Archives & History
                                                                           The SC State Historic
                                                                                                          time only session on Policies
                                                                                                          and Best Practices for

                                                                        Records Advisory Board in-        Archival Management.
                                                                        vites you to attend one of           Classes start up in March
                                   at preservation workshops            their ten different training      so be sure to register and re-
   The National Endowment          and training programs (in-           sessions being offered this       serve your space!
for the Humanities (NEH) will      cluding training in best prac-       year. From archival policies         For more information and
award grants of up to $6,00        tices for digitizing collections);   and procedures to disaster        registration details on these
on a non-matching basis to         and consultations with preser-       planning and recovery, these      inexpensive and informative
support the preservation of        vation professionals to develop      sessions are a wonderful op-      workshops please check out
materials in collections-hold-     a plan to address a specific         portunity to learn new infor-     the SC SHRAB Website:
ing organizations. A focus of      preservation problem (includ-        mation, refresh your skills,
this program is to promote         ing digital preservation is-         and reconnect with peers          scdah/shrab/2009
preservation planning and          sues).                               across the state.                 regrant/2009regrant
preservation training within          All applications must be             In this training cycle, four   Workshops.htm
the country’s smaller institu-     submitted electronically. The        different themed workshops           Or feel free to contact
tions. Last year 50% of pro-       application will soon be online      will be offered at various lo-    Heather South, Preservation
posals in this category were       at: For          cations and dates; Disaster       Officer for the SC Depart-
funded.                            more information, go to:             Planning and Recovery, Ba-        ment of Archives and His-
   Eligible activities include           sics of Archives: An              tory at 803-896-6112 or
general preservation and con-      grantsgov/about.html.                Overview of Arrangement 
servation surveys; attendance                                           and Description, Archival Is-

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum                                                                         Institutional
      By MELISSA BUCHANAN          mander aboard USS YORK-              and O’Hare will also be com-
        Patriots Point Naval       TOWN CV-10 and also                  plete by the end of FY 2009.
      & Maritime Museum            played a prominent role in              Also, the Institute of Mu-
   Melissa Buchanan of the         the creation of modern naval         seum and Library Services         initial recipients of the
Patriots Point Naval & Mar-        aviation along with John S.          (IMLS) in conjunction with        IMLS Connecting to Collec-
itime Museum has nearly            Thach and Butch O’Hare. It           the American Association for      tions Bookshelf, a grant-in-
completed indexing the pa-         is expected that indexing an         State and Local History has       kind made as part of the
pers of Vice Admiral James         extensive collection of docu-        announced that Patriots           IMLS’ Connecting to Collec-
H. Flatley, Jr., who served as     ments and oral historical            Point Naval & Maritime            tions: A Call to Action con-
the original Air Group Com-        materials relating to Thach          Museum will be one of the         servation initiative.

Employment opportunities in the                                         ■ Project Manager                 Greenville, NC
Southeast                           Employment link                     (Intergovernmental
                                                                        Preparedness for Essential
                                                                                                          Posted 12/27/2007
■ Archives Technician                                                   Records Project)
                                                                                                          ■ Instructor, Archivist/
Catholic Diocese of Charleston                                          The Georgia Archives, Council
                                   ■ Archivist/Librarian, Popular                                         Coordinator of Historical
Charleston, SC                                                          of State Archivists
                                   Music and Culture                                                      Collection
Posted 3/14/08                                                          Morrow, GA
                                   Georgia State University                                               South Carolina State University
                                                                        Posted 1/10/2008
■ Digital Archivist (Instructor)   Atlanta, GA                                                            Orangeburg, SC
Waring Historical Library,         Full-time                            ■ Archivist for Metadata          Full-time
Medical University of SC           Posted 1/19/2008                     and Encoding                      Open Date: 10/18/2007
Charleston, SC                                                          Duke University
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                  J U N E          2 6 ,      1 9 4 0 - F E B R U A R Y                     2 0 ,      2 0 0 8

In Memoriam: Agnes Branham Corbett
                                     Agnes Branham Corbett passed on Wednes-         Richard Corbett, Sr.; sons, Jack Richard Cor-
                                  day, February 20, 2008. Born in Camden, she        bett, Jr. of Camden, and Dr. Joel Thomas Cor-
                                  was the daughter of the late J. Levi and Mar-      bett (Kristina) of Clemson; and a sister, Ann
                                  garet Miles Branham. Mrs. Corbett was the          Faulkenberry (Gary) of Liberty Hill. Memori-
                                  director of the Camden Archives and Museum         als may be made to Camden Southern
                                  where she had been employed since 1985, serv-      Methodist Church.
                                  ing in many areas before being named the di-          Mrs. Corbett will be remembered as an ac-
                                  rector in 1990. She was a graduate of Winthrop     tive member of the South Carolina archival
                                  University with a degree in history and edu-       community. Most recently she served as a
                                  cation. She was a member of Camden South-          panel speaker on volunteers and student as-
                                  ern Methodist Church where she was a Sun-          sistants during the Fall 2007 Conference. She
                                  day School teacher and pianist.                    will be missed.
Agnes B. Corbett                     Surviving are her husband of 45 years, Jack

Meet … Emily Gore, Clemson University Libraries
   In November, Emily Gore joined the        Carolina, NC ECHO (http://www.                North Carolina Digital Library
Clemson University Libraries as the, based at the State Library       (
Head of the newly established Digital        of North Carolina. As the Project Man-        historyfiction/), a collaborative multi-
Initiatives Unit. In the coming months,      ager for NC ECHO, Gore worked to set          year partnership with three eastern
she will be hiring staff and setting up      goals for the project, set best practices     North Carolina museums and area K-
a scan center at Clemson that will be        for digitization and metadata, provide        12 educators. Gore also worked with
part of the statewide South Carolina         continuing education in digitization for      her staff at East Carolina and the staff
Digital Library effort. Gore is no           the state, secure continued funding for       of Special Collections to convert their
stranger to the state of South Car-          the project and served as a consultant        paper finding aids to EAD.
olina. She is a Clemson University           for digitization throughout the state of         Gore is originally from Ocean Isle
graduate (’97, English) and previously       North Carolina. Prior to joining NC           Beach, NC, and has interests in cul-
worked at The Citadel as a Systems           ECHO, Gore served as Head of the              tural history, technology, historic archi-
Librarian (2001-2002). Gore holds an         Center for Digital Projects at East Car-      tecture and genealogy. Gore has many
MLIS from the University of Alabama.         olina University, where she was suc-          family connections to Horry County,
   Prior to joining the faculty at Clem-     cessful in obtaining close to $500,000        South Carolina and is a member of the
son, Gore was the Project Manager for        in grant funding to digitize collections.     Horry County Historical Society.
the statewide digital library in North       She led the efforts to build the Eastern

Landscape of Slavery: The Plantation in American Art                                                         Exhibition
   Landscape of Slavery: The      the United States.                full-color, 162 pages publica-      ■ May 9 – Aug. 3, 2008
Plantation in American Art           Organized by the Gibbes,       tion was produced in conjunc-       ■ Gibbes Museum of Art
examines plantation-related       Landscape of Slavery travels      tion with the exhibition.           135 Meeting Street,
works of art from the eigh-       to three venues including the        Landscape of Slavery was         Charleston, SC 29401
teenth century to the present.    University of Virginia Art Mu-    made possible by the gener-         ■ 843-722-2706
The exhibition considers plan-    seum in Charlottesville, Vir-     ous support of Gibbes, etc., the    ■
tation images in the context      ginia (Jan. 25-April 20, 2008);   National Endowment for the
of the history of landscape       the Gibbes (May 9-Aug. 3,         Arts, the Charleston Renais-
painting while addressing         2008); and the Morris Mu-         sance Gallery, The Henry and       Dr. and Mrs. George W.
their impact, both real and       seum of art in Augusta, Geor-     Sylvia Yaschik Foundation,         Williams and Charleston
perceived, on race relations in   gia (Aug. 23-Oct. 19, 2008). A    The Humanities Council SC,         Magazine.
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SCAA Awards
Nominations due Aug. 31, 2008. Awarded at the SCAA business meeting during the Fall
Conference. Please see the nomination form at the end of the newsletter!
South Carolina Archivist of the Year: To a current SCAA member, in recognition of ex-
tensive years of exceptional service to the profession, particularly in South Carolina, and
to forwarding the mission and goals of the South Carolina Archival Association.
Career Achievement Award: In recognition of an extensive body of work on the preser-
vation of historical material about South Carolina and of service to promoting their use,
and generally awarded upon retirement, relocation from South Carolina and similar
events. Recipients do not have to be SCAA members.
Program Innovation Award: To SCAA members, based upon criteria such as, but not
limited to: Creating a viable archives where none existed; publishing materials that bene-
fit archives and archivists; establishing successful new programs such as access to collec-
tions on the web or working with community groups to promote archives. Successful ef-
forts should be South Carolina-based.
Friend of the Archives Award: To an individual or organization which promotes, advo-
cates, and/or defends archives and archival programs in South Carolina.
Nominations deadline: Sunday, Aug. 31, 2008.
Send to SCAA Awards Chair: Susan Hoffius, MLS
Curator Waring Historical Library
Medical University of South Carolina
175 Ashley Ave., MSC 403
Charleston, SC 29425-4030
(t) 843-792-2288 (f) 843-792-8619
                     SCAA 2008 Awards Nomination Form
Submit a separate request for each nomination. Include 3 copies for paper nomina-
tions. (Only one copy of email nominations needs to be submitted). Please include:
Nominee’s Name____________________________________________________
Nominator’s Name___________________________________________________
Nominator’s Phone________________ Nominator’s Email___________________
Name of Award _____________________________________________________
Describe the justifications for this nominee receiving this award. Please be specific and
provide factual details. The more information you can provide, the stronger the case you
will make for your nominee. Please use an additional page.