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This world, no nation is relying on "peace" into a great nation,
and do not understand go to see more history.
Power are played out.
Some say there are two forms of peace, a peace in the struggle to get that play out; the
other is to give up the struggle, that is surrender. In fact, surrender is not peace. Here
to tell a joke about peace.
Song words after the founding of the founding of peace, vigorously developing its
economy, 30 years to become the world's most economically powerful and
technologically most advanced countries with the highest per capita GDP, imports and
exports and gross national product ranked first in the world for 100 years.
Unprecedented national prosperity, social stability and unprecedented, unprecedented
economic development, cultural unprecedented prosperity, unprecedented in history,
the Golden Age. Since the Song Dynasty love peace, to maintain the friendly
countries and international "strategic partner" relationship, not
only the history of the Sung dynasty of Youyun 16 state land does not recover, but
also to develop and the Liao, Jin, Western Xia, Mongolia, economic relations. Great
Song Dynasty's economists believe that economic relations between the
two countries closer, and gold, Mongolia, consumers relying on inexpensive
consumer goods, Song, Jin and Mongolia to help reduce domestic inflation, between
the two countries not war. In order to further strengthen the friendly relations and
chief economist Cao Andong great Comrade Song of "bribery
theory", that they do not raise chickens as long as the Song Dynasty,
continued to buy gold and Mongolia high value sub-high-price products, such as
grassland fly chicken, Daikin help promote the differentiation between countries and
Mongolia. The sake of economic interests, Daikin and Mongolia necessarily rushed to
the Song dynasty please curries favor in order to maintain world economic power and
economic relations of Song and trade. Cao Andong comrades further pointed out that
the Song dynasty in the state treasury could take gold and silver reserves, to invest in
the country, and Mongolia Daikin "Golden Wushu",
"Kublai Khan" two fund shares in listed companies, the two
Daikin States and Mongolia with the relationship between high-level government very
closely, investment which not only national reserves can increase in value can be
maintained with Daikin and Mongolia between senior's sense.
In theory, under the guidance of Comrade Cao Andong, large Song and Jin dynasty
China, Mongolia's foreign trade dependence between the rapid rise, not
only betraying the country, Mongolia senior year entirely on the Song dynasty silk
three million, three million of silver, "old money "living, with
Daikin country, ordinary people of Mongolia are highly dependent on the Song
dynasty of the ordinary consumer," Great Song manufacturing
"Worldwide, has become synonymous with affordable. Economists the
United States and the United States of Song: "The King said people love
aggression, I raise you up, you will not be so aggressive I had it."
Unexpectedly, to a certain year, Daikin State sudden natural disasters, sudden large
prairie snowstorm caused a large number of livestock deaths, Daikin State residents
make a living, relying on "old money" has been unable to meet
the survival needs, then south to robbery.
Huizong panic, quickly found Cao Andong comrades to discuss countermeasures:
how do? Cao Andong comrades learning and ability, stroke of the pen, easy to handle!
They do not have no money, no money not to rob Well, our old currency to double!
Not only to keep up high in Mongolia, the ordinary people of Mongolia have all
raised up! Our country's GDP and financial revenue so high, the
world's first, certainly not a problem. Huizong overjoyed: Cao Qing Jia
Song really is my superior attainment is also great, I'll do! Speed sent Cao
Andong Daikin States ambassador, Comrade!
Chinese farmers in Henan Tangyin Yue Fei was on working capital, heard
Manifestations of a hope, take the initiative to Huizong poster reads: "Jin
killed my intention, they incite Wei Qi Liu Yu of Shandong independent. I am with
nothing and die, than to rise World War I, the Kinbyo go back home. as long as the
court determined to fight, so I would like to Xiaosi father and his sons are.
Cao Andong heard, a panic, rushed to the Huizong into words: "They Yue
Fei, only an ignorant peasant, had gone to college, not to read the MBA, a few
characters do not know, how can beat the Kinbyo? I Caoan Dong Meng Majesty trust,
became Dean of the School of Economics and Management Beijing, had never heard
of this world to have beat the Manifestations of the. In my view, to the surrender.
Huizong heard, indeed justified. Think that Dr. Cao Andong childhood read, traverse
the return of overseas countries, double MBA, is rich Kazakhstan Daikin State
University Dr., Let's talk about the economy to clearly and logically, there
is not truth listless? Yue Fei was there, and illiterate, have neither been abroad, has not
read the MBA, do not understand the economy, how can he understand the national
issues? Current to drive out Yue Fei.
Who knows Cao Andong to the State paid the tribute, Daikin, Daikin country
Buyiburao, but also to play. Not only play, but also give women a large Song bonded.
Huizong panic, pro-big business to Kinbyo sum, behold King Wu Shu face changed,
and large hand strokes, the destruction of the Song! Huizong crying Road: I have
surrendered, why do you have to fight me?
Jin Wu Shu his back laughing, then face a panel, Chen Sheng Road: Why hit you?
Because you're cheap, because hello to play, because you should play. You
play so well, I do not bully who bullied you? Do call me to bully Yue Fei? I dare you,
I had a chance to see him run it! You bring me a bit more, how can I get over the
whole was enjoyable to use? This world, wolves and tigers have peace, wolves and
rabbits there is no peace; I and Yue Fei had peace, I and you do not have peace!