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   If someone asked, in 2085 the first International Youth Year slogan? I think nine out
of ten young people do not know, among the youth in the know, there are nine tenths
of the people of the slogan that impression indifferent.
   August 5 is the slogan of the International Youth Year: Participation, Development,
   "Participation" - we have to phrase, the concept, the same as
bullet scored our hearts.
   Such a story: a study of Chinese American scholars, graduate students asked us: Do
you think that the main problem?
   Graduate answer was: cadres honest and upright.
   He asked: Do you not have the constitution, there is a republic it?
   Graduate at a loss.
   American scholar said: I think your main problem is that everyone there is no
constitutional point of view, there is no civic awareness.
   Bystander. Perhaps a bit extreme, but it is sharply!
   "Yellow Earth" in the rain with a soul-stirring scenes look
awesome in that the call of the Dragon King of the melody, I would think was born in
this land of deep Another song - "The East is Red."
   When we sang "The Internationale": "There never
was a savior, not by the emperor gods ... ..." with great emotion to meet the
great savior of our time, what more contrast than the more dramatic the it?
   However, those who lived through it all the Chinese people, no one will think this
is a comedy scene.
   No matter how we "look ahead", how long transcended, we
are always off no less than this historical tragedy of the costumes. Perhaps, it will
become the afterbirth of new students?
   "Five years must have the King Hing "---- what a great dream
ah! Two thousand years, deep in the hearts of every Chinese.
   If this is small-scale production of helplessness.
   We agree.
   If we say, "Five? 4" movement in Europe during the
Renaissance period and the same is a need to create a giant, giant, and the times.
   We agree.
   Well, today?
   When we repeated thousands of times with relish classic Engels "On
Authority", and Lenin on the masses, classes, political parties, leaders of
the famous relationship, we are not some pious, deep-sided? Is not forgotten by the
high degree of Marx praise, commune of Parisians demonstrated how the history of
the kind of initiative?
   "If I was mayor of Guangzhou" - so imagination, creativeness
Quan-Yong, heroic sense of responsibility, sense of achievement from moving in
   "If I was in Guangzhou people" mean? Is it possible that shit
and do nothing, throw garbage anywhere? Can "notice of him are
stupid," "no dead eyes look good"?
   When it comes to reform, only to think of long-wages, wages can not long
grumbled on the reform, whether it is the nation-wide change and survival. When it
comes to social ills, on the complaint, also took part in a clinical his own, it is called:
上梁不正下梁歪. Why can not "under the beam is not straight beam
correction"? Are we always wait for "mobilization",
waiting          for        "education",              waiting         for
"indoctrination" waiting "call"?
   "Motherland, ah, mother!" Tears, full of pathos.
   Why we can not roar soon as "the motherland ah, son!"
Confident generous REN masculine?
   "Rise and fall, everyone is responsible." This has always
been a good scholar of the WTO. The real depth of bone marrow is the Chinese
people, "not its position, did not do their government," the
official standard thinking. Government officials that "an officer did not
people make decisions, as home to sell sweet potatoes"; when people think
that "the train to run fast, depends on the locomotive,"
"the masses to see party members, cadres and party members to
see." As long as this mental set does not change, then reform can only be
empty words, Lu Xun's Call to do the kind of addition to steady the slave
and not a slave to do other than a third society, will never land in China appears.
   We are not has never participated. Our participation in the Great Leap Forward,
make iron and steel; we participate in the anti-rightist struggle, the
"Cultural Revolution"; but only emotional involvement, his
participation in the system he law. What we need is rational participation,
   The realization of the need for democratic self-conscious people. As long as we
hope, will never be the savior, just as long as Christians pray, God will never be the
same. Self-consciousness of the people while the production is dependent on social
democracy. For three decades, "movement" people run out of
enthusiasm among the masses.
   "Cause" and "fruit" is so intricately
intertwined. Economists, management scientists were material by a shout: workers
have lost their sense of ownership. Wuhan Diesel Engine Factory in West Germany
manager Gehrig vacation left, so that the workers go to work playing poker.
   A clear conclusion: the economic reforms of the arrow only ride on the bow of
political reforms in order to penetrate the history and reality of national inertia.
   Human history is a people and society, man and nature are two aspects to the
breadth and depth involved in the process. The reason why a society to modern
society, the first sign is the degree of democracy to achieve it. A person of modern
man, decided on his (her) own sense of participation. Today, politics, republican and
democratic elections; economy, collective decision-making and benefit sharing; art,
school co-existence and the emphasis on "Blanks" and let the
reader audience participation aesthetic creation. Active participation is increasingly
replacing passive obedience, a social existence. The spirit of community is growing,
and information. Can share information to its nature, a strong impact on the traditional
society of state of consciousness produced exclusively for the participation of the
broad roads and opportunities.
  ?"Phi Five Sacred Mountains of the map, know that mountain, one foot
better than Woodman; Tan Chong Ming extensive, that to know the sea, as guest of Jia
glance; sparse Bazhen of the spectrum, know that taste better than Chef Ding one
sip." This is epistemology and methodology of practice theory, personality
theory. We need participation, enthusiastic participation, involvement and
participation of the courage to. Participation in the political, social participation, part
of the process, participate in the reform, all the actions involved in the motherland.
The behavior of more to shock the world, less attitude of life smart plan. In this way,
history will not in our space-time coordinates on this subject: Blank.
   It is also a reflection it? Passed in 2085, I still say, 5 August International Youth
Year in the call: to participate.
   Note:     This     article     was   written    in     1987,    published     in     the
"hope" magazine first, and was named the first prize of the
national newspaper articles. Think of it is introspective, when really young,
"pointing country, Jiyangwenzi."
   After so many years, the social front, I have come to realize that people from their
own economic interests, to care for the change, which is understandable. Exactly
should people's economic interests, concerns for the people involved in
creating, maintaining, developing their own economic interests of the conditions, the
masses will be a huge burst of enthusiasm. In fact, this is a basic theory of Marxism,
but also a basic experience of the Chinese revolution. Any social change, if not for the
benefit of the majority, then eventually doomed to failure. Mao Zedong, had said in
Jinggangshan period:
   "We should pay attention to people living deeply, from the land, labor
issues, to the daily lives with the problem. Masses of women to learn Rake, looking
for someone to teach women? Children asked to study, played a primary school do not?
Opposite small wooden bridge will fall to pedestrians, or not to repair a little bit?
sores many people ill, about what to do? all these people in their daily life, it should
be mentioned in their agenda. should be discussed, should decide should be
implemented, should be checked. ... ... What we are made this way, the masses will
surely support us, as their lives to the revolution, the revolution as their supreme
honor of the flag. "
   No matter how simple.
   Recently, Chen Geng, General View Memorial centenary of the birth of television
documentary film "Heaven and Earth", the film's
historical footage meaningful:
   KMT troops around the battlefield is always watching, transfixed.
   Red Army soldiers are motivated, flexible and brave.
   This is due to their own immediate interests of those who voluntarily participate in
the revolution of the peasants. Reported on an article, according to official surveys,
and now the enthusiasm of the voters participate in elections is very low, not because
of its basic constituents of poor quality, but because the election did not truly reflect
the interests of voters.
   At the individual level, the re-reading this article, I think the article is also involved
in "personality" theory, can be considered a "clear
your heart", Zhizhirenxin inspiration.
   Over the years, dry eastern dry West, read more person-days, plus I like the
researchers found that no matter where, whether government departments,
state-owned private, most people live for their own units, are engaged in work lack of
enthusiasm, according to the traditional argument is the lack of
"ownership" culture, demonstrated that muddling along,
"做一天和尚撞一天钟" passive job done, test it irresponsibly
grumble, but not to those views into positive suggestions and action. This is inside the
environment factors, but fundamentally character 使然.
   Active participation of people, though may get into the nail, hot face to the cold
bottom, especially in the "iron rice bowl" system, but as long as
your starting point is good, and constantly enhance their ability to participate, the
Long Run, Time will tell, "East West, light does not shine, the black in the
south with the north", one can in different ways, express themselves in
different directions. A strong sense of participation, participation in impulsive people
will eventually live in their own way to find suitable ways and means of participation,
in comparison, his life is always lively and active, impressive and colorful. No matter
which corner on such people are living in the gem.
   If you own the honor of as a kind of "responsible" - for
something, a certain industry, the person responsible to others, ranging from Heads of
State, president, head of small to work, teachers parents, you should be responsible in
their own small environment, the effort to create a system to encourage everyone to
participate and atmosphere.
   Responsible person should understand that the active participation of people is your
greatest wealth. Bill? Gates use of modern computer technology, the Microsoft
internal promotion of a "flat structure", any staff, including
gatekeepers, can the computer platform directly to any comments he made, and in
comments to a straightforward avoid using those kind of greeting and jargon.

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